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International Broadcasting

Cubaotal of eight shortwave transmitters in its international shortwave broadcast serviceW and fourK transmitters. Two additional transmitters are used to broadcast Radio Moscow's Worldwide English service to North Americaussian Domestic Service, Radio Mayak, to Cubarequency in the Tropical Broadcast Band.

Publications of the International Telecommunication Union show:the shortwave station located in the vicinity of Havana.' igh frequency transmitting station has been identified at Bejucal, near Havana, which has curtain and. rhombicicrowave link to Havana and threeW Soviet type transmitters. There is some indication this station is being expanded.

Cuba broadcasts in English, French, Creole, Guaranl, Quechua, Portuguese, Arabic and Spanish to Europe, the Mediterranean and North Africa, North America, South America anrt Central America. Radio Havanaransmitter in the Soviet Union to relay its programs to Europe and the Mediterranean and North Africa area. These programs are probably transmitted to the Soviet Union by satellite for relay, as the Soviet Union transmits its programs by satellite to Cuba for relay.

Jamming Capabilities

This memorandum does notredict at what level Cuba will jam Marti broadcasts or whether it will engage In counter-broadcasting to.

A. Medium Wave


ii mm


B. Short Wave

Cuha has nevererious attempt to jam the VOA shortwave broadcasts to Cuha. During the Cuban2 there was some jarming reported on one shortwave frequency but it was Ineffective in Cuba. To jaa successfully VOA shortwave broadcasts would require groundwave janners located in the najor population centers. There is no indication that they have such jamners.


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