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of Slate of Siege

hardliners, ledhe Justice Fnerafs closeresident Pinochet, prevailed In the debate on extending tha atata ot slegaay.

Regime spokesmen claim ihe renewal, which was announced last week, is necessaryorneal terrorism, prevent organugd protests and to soDer tha political opposn hardliners want to slow theT'

Although moderate military officers reportedly support tough measures against terrorists, they are concerned about the strain tne state ol siege ptaces on the armed forces. They aJso fear that aniimiliiary sentiment will increase tBPfJSJSJ

Meanwhile, security forces have resumed sweeps ot poor

ne onborhoods and have raided the national journalist union to halt

publicationewsletter Intended to bypass censorship, ffBaajj

Comment: Pinochet evidently believes that extending the state ot siege will enable tha government to maintain security, keep political opponents of balance, and return the transition process to the slower constitutional timetable. Tha new actions against slumdwellers and the journalist union, along with the recent arrests ol latitat political figures and hundreds ot students, emphasize theetermination to limit protests planned for next month.

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