Created: 11/27/1984

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CHIl t: Prospects for Protests

Leaders of the democratic and radical leftist politicalthe antlregfme demonstrations today andover theturnout end whether to ampnaslreor armed

fecferitions, transport and commercialganTralkxa. and professional associations support the protests and - areseeking tonified command Meanwhile. B|

extensive sweeps and arrests In poor neighborhoods security rorces over the weekend wfll intimidate protesters but cobaoiy also win" Increase the kkelihood ol

Comment: Opposition groupsoss of credibility Ir they fall to mobile atnoderatety heavy turnout. Despite Wear continuing disunity, they app-ar committed to challenging the state of siege.1 President Pinochet is determined io crush protest activity, and even ft Chileans fail to demonstrate in large numbers, violent clashessecurity forces fxobaCXy wm result, producing numerous Injuries and fatalities, aaaaaaaaaaaseaaaaaaar

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