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TO- Hr- Richard Gi2a

Permanent Select Comnittee on IntelHqence House of Representatives.


Per your request, please find the enclosed.





6 CR'E T

SUBJECT: Status Report re Investigation into AllegedHunan Rights

Honduran/FDN hunan rights abuai


the highest priority to this Investigation, while the Agency will not sacrifice quality to tleellnese> all available resources are being devoted to this effort In order to respond as accurately and promptly as possible.

A thorough search of relevant Headquarter* conducted in order to furnis^JJie^Cojijiittee vi reqardin*

The most laborious and'tlM-consumlng aspect of this investigation is deterainlog the scope and validity of TTieH human rights allegations. Sines tha majority of the cM. are general, they cannot readily be confirmed or refuted.

o define tha extent and legitimacy of the accusations by surfacing as aany specific

eeental basis

mittee on aurface.

g?"lble- "if.11

furniahed to the Coi substantive details

what proportion ofllegation. 1. fact or fiction,oncerted effort eing -ade to ascertain who. if not the Bonduran government or the

FDS, in responsible for these huonn rights violations. For instance, is onnection between elcncnts of the Honduran arned forces or the FDN and Solvadoran or Guotenolen right-wing extrenists? To ehia end, we have exaalned the possibilityink between Ricardo (El Chino) Louoberto D'Aubuieson and have found no connection.

Responding to the quention of. possible hunan right*

fttinc- said-January, hae reportediiile we cannot assure the CoaBittee that no atrocity hae ever been committed by any Individual member of tho FDN or of the Honduran arnede believe the followingi

have no evidence ofoaplicity in alleged Honduran human rights violation*. For the root part, the-excesses cited in the press occurred prior to the establishment of the PDbT Directorate in The civil crises of which we are aware occurred prior1 and aainly consisted of robbery and cattle rustling.

FDN has clear, stated policies against mistreatment of civilians and enemy fo'rces alike. As demonstrated in the cose of 6ulclda, Krill, and Ca'ra de Ma jo, whose criminal acts were coaaltted against fellow aeabera of thend Bonduran civilians, when the FDB does obtain information about punishable acta by any of ita members. It acta swiftly and appropriately.

frustration with Honduras* archaic legalwhich aakes the prosecution and conviction of subversive's, kidnappers, guerrillas, etc. alaostundoubtedly caused some individuals within the "Honduran ailltary and aecur3Jx^servlces to disregard tha principles of respect forcontained in the Bonduran constitution.

with the Statehat "allegations of human rights-related abuses are fewer than in previous years and the Bonduran Government shows enhanced sensitivity to these coaplainte".

The fifth portion ofrequeet concerna providing inforaation on the Agency'a relationehlp (or lack thereof) withindividual*. Since thie question deala with sources and aethods, the inforaation surfaced-through our research will be processedecision on its releaae. The DCI reserves the option to peas this information only to ths Chairaan of UPSCI.


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