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[Place of publication unknown] NASSALAH AL-MAFTL'HAH ALLATI WAJJAHAHAA AL- MUSTAD' AFIN FI LUBNAN KAAM in Arabic datedeb

[Text of Open Letter Addressed by Hizballah to Downtrodden in Lebanon and World]




Who Ara Ue and What Is Our Identity

Arrogant World Is in Agreement on Fighting Us

America Behind All Our Catastrophe*

Ue Have Ho Alternative to Confrontation


Our Basic 5

Our Objectives in 6


Ua Are Committed to Islam But We Do Not Irapeee It by 7

Our Minimum Aspiration in 8



Koran: ive perfected your rolt&fon for you,ave cu.*plvttd My. blessing upon youave approved Islam."

Therefore, what befalls the Muslins In Afghanistan, Iraq, the Philippines or olse-here befalls the body of our Islamic nation of -hlch we arc an indivisible part and we move to confront lt outeligious duty primarily and In the lighteneral political visualization decided by the leader jurisprudent.

The win sources of our culture are the venerable Koran, thc infallible Sunna and the decisions and religious opinions Bade by the jurisprudent who is the authority on tradition among us. These sources are clear, uncomplicated and accessible to all without exception and they need no theoriiaiion or philoso'phy. All they need is abidance and application.

As to our ollitary power, nobody can imagine its dimensions because we do notilitary agency separate from the other parts of our body. Each of usonbat soldier when the call of Jihad demands it and each of us undertakes his task In the battle in accordance with his lawful assignment within the framework of action under the guardianship of the leader jurisprudent. Cod Is behind us, supporting us vlth His care, putting fear In our enemies' hearts end giving us His dear and resounding victory against then.

Arrogant World Is in Agreement on Fighting Us

Free downtrodden men.

The countries of the tyrannical arrogant world in the west and the east have agreed to fight us and have been instigating their agents against us, trying to distort our reputation and to fabricate lies against usalicious attempt toedge between ui and good jand downtrodden men and In an endeavor to dwarf and deface the Important major accomplishments we have made at tha level of our confrontation with the United States and its allies.

Through its local agents, the United States has tried to give people thethat those who have put an end to ita arrogance in Lebanon, who drovehumiliated and frustrated, and who crushed Its plot against thethis oountry are no moreandful of fanatics and terrorists whoconcerned with blowing up drinking, ganbling and entertainment spotssuch

Rut we were confident that such insiouationl'will never deceive our nation because the entire world knows that whoever thinks of confronting the United States and world arrogance do not resort to such peripheral acta whichthem with the tail and sake thee forget the head.

America Behind All Our Catastrophes

We are moving in the direction of fighting the*Toots of vice and the first root of vice is America. All the endeevorr-to drag us into marginal action will be futile when compared with the confrontation against the United States.

Imam Khorteyni, the leader, has repeatedly stressed that iberic* ia theor oil our catastrophe* and the source of all real ice. By fighting lt, we-are only exercising our legitimate right to defend our Islam and the dignity of our nation.

We declare frankly and clearly that weation that fears only Cod and that docs not accept tyranny, aggression and humiliation. Aoerica and Its alllea in and the Zionist entity that has usurped tho sacred Islamic land of Palestine have engaged and continue to engage in constant aggression against us and are working to constantly humiliate us. Therefore, we aretate of constant and escalating preparedness to repel the aggression and to defend our religion, existence and dignity.

They have attacked our country, destroyed our villages, massacred our children, violated our sanctities and installed over our heada criminal henchmen who have perpetrated terrible massacres against our nation. They are still supporting these butchers who are Israel's allies and preventing us fromour destiny with our free will.

Their bombs fell on our kinsmen like rain during the Zionist invasion ofand the Beirut blockade. Their planes raided our civilians,and wounded day and night whereas the areas of the agent Pttalangistssafe from the enemy's bombardmententer for directing andenemy

Ue appealed to the world's conscience but heard nothing from it and found no trace of lt.

This conscience which we missed the days of tribulation is the same conscience that was mobilized and alerted when the criminal Phalangists were blockaded In the city of Zahlah in al-Biqa' and when the allies of Israel in Dayr al-Qamar, in al-Shuf, were besieged. We were horrified and then realized that this world conscience atirs only at the request of the strong and in response to the interests of arrogance.

The Israelis and Phalangists massacred several thousands of our fathers, children* women and brothers in Sabra and Shatilaingle night but no practical renunciation or condemnation was expressed by any international organization or authority against this heinous-massacre which was perpetrated in coordination with the NATO forces who,ew days, rather hours,had departed from the camps which the'defea'ted' [Palestinians] agreed to put under the protection of the wolf in response to the maneuver of Philip Kablb,. fox.

Those criminal attacks came only to reaffirm our firm belief that "you will find thlt those most hostile to the faithful are the Jew and the ldolators."

We Have No Alternative To Confrontation

Thus, we have seen that aggression can be repelled only with sacrifices and dignity gained only with thc sacrifice of blood and that freedom is not given but regained with the sacrifice of both heart and soul.

ve ind constantand Its allies and to Zionismthole Ptwilanslsthaveliberate our country, to drive tha imperialists and theoutand to determine our fate by our own hands.

We could not endure more than we have endured. Our tragedy is sure thanears old and all we have seen so far are the covetous, hypocritical and

Zionist-Phalange Coordination

s the number of the victims of the crimes perpetrated agalntfC" us by America, Israel and the Phalange.

Nearly one half Billion Muslims have been displaced and their quarters of al-Nab'ah, Burj Hamaud, al-Dlkwanah, TallSibnlyah, al-Chawarinah and in Jubayl have been almost totally destroyed. Our kinsnon staying In Ju>ayl are still exposed to the tragedyingle internationalmoving to rescue them.

The Zionist occupation continues to usurp the lands of the Muslims, extending over more than one third of Lebanon's area in prior coordination and full agraeaent with the Phslsngt, who have denounced the attempts to confront the invading -forces and have taken part in implementing some of Israel's schemes so as to complete Israel's plan and to give It what lt wishes in return for Its leading then to power.

Thus, butcher Bashir al-Juaayyll had attained the presidency with the help of Israel, of the Arab oil countries and of the Muslim deputies who areto the Phalange. He gained this presidency In the wakekillfull maneuver to beautify his imageurgery room called the salvationcommittee which is no more than an American-Israeli bridge over

which the Phalange crossed.to oppress the downtrodden.

But our people were not willing to endure this humiliation and they wiped out the dreams of the Zionists and their allies. But America persisted in its rashness #nd brought Amln al-Juraayyil to succeed his burled brother. Amln'e first accomplishsent was to destroy the homes of. Che evacuees, to attack the Muslim's mosques, to order the army to demolish the quarters of theon the heads of their occupants, to enlist the help of NATO forces against us and to conclude the ill-fateday accord when turned Lebanon into an Israeli protectorate and an American colony.

Our Basic Enemies

Our people could not withstand all this treason and decided to confront the imams of infidelity of America, France and Israel. The first punishmene against these forces was carried out onpr*H' and the second on By thateal war had started-egalnM the Israeli occupation forces, rising to the level of destroying two main centers of the enemy's military rulers. Our people also escalated their popular and military Islamic

resistance to the point vhura Lhcy forced thett> mike its dueis ion on hased withdrawala decision which Isr.icl vns conpclled lo aJopt forirst tine in the history of the so-called Arab-Israeli conflict.

For the sake of the truth, wo declare that tho eons of Hizballah's nitK'n hive cone to know well their basic enemies in the area: Israel, America, France and the Phalange.

Our Objectives in Lebanon

Our sons are nowtate of ever-escalating confrontation against these enemies until the following objectives are achieved:

Israel's final departure from Lebanonrelude to its final obliteration from existence and the liberation of venerable Jerusalem from the talons of occupation.

The final de arture of America, France and their allies from Lebanon and the termination of the influence of any imperialist power in the country.

Submission by the Phalange to just rule and their trial for the crimes they have committed against both Muslims and Christians with'the encouragement of America and Israel.

Giving all our people the opportunity to determine their fate and to choose with full freedom the system of government they want, Weeping in mind that we do not hide our commitment to the rule of Islam and that ve urge to choose the Islamic system which alone guarantees justice and dignity for all and prevents any new imperialist attempt to infiltrate our country.


These are our objectives in Lebanon and these our.enemies. As for our friends, they are all thc world's downtrodden peoples and all those who fight our enemies and who are eager not to harm us, be they individuals, parties or organizations. We especially address this letter to then to say:

0 partisans and organized people, wherever you are in Lebanon and whatever your Ideas, we agree with you on major and Important goals embodied in the need to topple the American domination of the country, to expel the Zionist occupation that bears down heavily on the people's lives and to strike all the Phalangist endeavors to control government and administrative affairs, even though we may disagree with you on the methods and level of confrontation.

Come, let us rise above quarreling over minor issues and let us open vide the doors of competition for achieving the major goals.

It is not importantertain party control the street. What isIs that the masses interact with this'party. *

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