Created: 1/18/1985

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PAKISTAN: Electoral Reitriclioni Eaned

President Zia announced on Wednesday that he is lilting restrictions barring former ministers, legislators, and officials ot most political parties from running in the elections set for the end of next month, and yesterday he extended the repeal tof those convicted of political abuses during the Bhutto years. The election commission can remove Muslim candidates if thoy fail to meet "IslamicJoaccsoor leader

win can off his boycott of tic elections il President Zia promises lo respect3 Constitution and waives the ban on someoliticians in Sind Province who remain disqualified. ff/M

Comment: Zla's move will enhance the credibility of tne elections and exacerbate differences among the opposition. The action also will seriously undermine opposition efforts tooycott, because many politicians are worried that they will lose influence in their districts if Ihey do not run for election.

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