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Top Secret

Special Analysis

an Evenhended Foreign Policy


Mat* Delhi's willingness to play down potentially serious differences with the US. France, snd Pakistan underscores the new balance Prime Minister Ra/lv Gandhi Is Infecting into Indian foreign policy. To Moscow* conitemafion. his low-key style ll easing tensions those nations and is opening acquisition, and technology tranater.

>uOiiC C'lUCl!

lhe US by the Corgi ess Party and the Engi-sh-language press has dwindled since November. Gandni has also avoided public diatribes againsi the US-Pakistani security relationship aaBaBaa|

Diecreel Handling of Spy

New Delhi's handling ot the Current soy scandal so lar has been characterized by as much hyntjcarance toward Pakistan and France

as '

opportunity lo turn Ih^owTeveTpakisiani^pyno Incidentays agoublic issue. Heasked Paris, and may ask Moscow, lo recall implicated < ope ol avoiding public embarrassment.

Moacow't Concerns

Moscow endorsed Rajiv's eieciion in hope he would continue his mother's lorolgn policy and probably expects Ihat close US-Pakislani relations will prevent any significant downturn in Soviet relations with India. Nonetheless, numerous sources report tne Soviets are concerned aboul Rajiv'sdvanced technology and tear it will lead lo economic liberalization in India, improved relations wiih ihe West, and reduced dependence on tne USSR lor irade and military sales |


Top Secret

p Secret

The Soviel Ambassador in India, moreover, has urged his Communist alliesmonopolize" Rajiv and other senior officialsteady stream ot delegations to keep their atlenlion on the Soviet economic model. New Delhi is indeed lo be deluged with visitors trom the Soviel Bloc in the coming months, and Rajiv and Olher high Indian officials are expected to visit Moscow, i

iandhi's decision to visit >re ne comes to the us in June probably is intended to underline lhe continuing importance India attaches to ils Soviel connection despite the changing tone ol relations with lhe West.

The reported involvement ot Snviel officials in the developing spy scandal probably already has umercut Soviet efforts to fan suspicions of the US vnihin lhe Indian Government, it Moscow's involvement is publicized, Soviel efforrs to stir up anti-American sentiments with the Indian public probably would be undercut as well.



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