Created: 2/9/1985

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india-Shi LANKA: Cabinet-Level Meetings

Private talk* between S'i Lanka'i Minister for National Security Atnutathmudaii and Prime Minister Ganchi in New Delhi yesterday were the first at tne Caometbetween tne two countries since Gandhi'secember Sn Lankan officiati say President Jayewardene nas insisted the meetings be he'd without Gandhi's principal adviser on Tamil affairs

Comment: Press and diplomatic accounts of the meeilng's agenda differ, but lhe talks may lay the groundwork tor meetings between Gandhi and Jayewardene soon. Colombo may hope to encourage Gandhi to'esh assessment of wca's involvement with tne Tamil insurgents Gandhi would be receptive to participating in political negotiations between Colombo and the Tamil militants again, ojt he probably will continue to aeny thai India is extending suppori to separatists based in India's Tamil Nadu Slate Me win continue to urge Colombo toettlement with the Tamils ang to ease ita harsh miliiary program in the north |


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