Created: 2/7/1985

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INDIA-PAKISTAN: Major Military Exercises

Large Indian Army field training exercises in northwestern India are provoking protests by Pakistan.

^Pakistan is expressing TsTthe particlpaiion of major engineering units, and New Oelhis failure to give advance notification ol lhe exerdses. An Indian spokesman yesterday called the latest Pakistani objections baseless, insisting that India has not brokenoment to mform Islamabad about special iroop -ovemems

Comment: The exercisesne largest maneuvershe large number of armored, mechanized infantry, assault engineering, and bridging units involved underscores Ihe Army's growing offensive capability. *|

New Delhi's failure to notity Islamabad before lhe exercisesreak with its past practice. Il will sharpen Pakistani suspicions about Indian intentions and about the sincerity of Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi's stated desire to improve relations. Islamabad's decision to make an issue of the matter follows earlier efforts to get the US and other

jade India to provide the usual notification.



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