Created: 1/15/1985

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INDIA-SRI LANKA: Relations al New Low

India and Sri Lanka are trading accusations following tne moans seizure on Fridayri Lankan snip,ndian waters New Delhi claims ihe ship allacke :we lhanndian fishing ooais and stole iheir nets and catch Colombo has protested thai ihe mcian Coast Guard attacked witrout provocaiion and forced the Sn Lankan ship io go to itu |

Comment: Prime Minister Gandhi wants to improve reiaiions with India's neighbors, but he is under increasing pressure from Tamil Nadu fishermen to protect them Irom Sn Lankan harassmentn effort lo intercept Tamil insurgents moving between Ihe iwo countries, has ordered ils patrol boals lo iry to keep boats out of ailarrow zone oi the Paik Strait. The coniroversy over Friday's seizure probably will ruleroposed meeting between Indian and Sri Lankan leaders

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