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Terrorism Review8)

Wrslwn He-iagc* La labancn: 2,


Tie series e/ ksdaipasgt and diupon'tncn ct(ebanonibe last week of March In aL aaooyiwr alien ouen.'jt.group* have claimed mvofveiTscat to thexidistiaags sincearch,eases Ihe claims ham overlapped Oiber recent devdopR.enu.the releaic of foul of iheave enabled us to begin totting cut various group* and

lARF Eaters Ihe Fray

Onarch, Gillcs Sidney Peyrolles. (he director of the French CulturalTripoli, disappeared. Oaarch,uterneet deliveredesternin Beirut, Ihc Ichanesc Aimed Revohtticeary Faction (LARF) claimedkidnaped Pcyiculcs and demanded that, in exchange for hu talc*J-

France release from poton Abd al-Qadr

LAR Fbelieved loelatively small group of fasuitieal Lebanese Chmi<a> MtnitU. ntosl from aenibcm Lcbaacat LARF has cUiiocd credit aad it behr-td to have bee* reaaaasaibh; tea the iniainifasssasstnancaiof* sevenl US and Israeli officii Is ia France aad Italy daring the last couple of yea it Lait October. French police arretted suspected LARF leader Georges Ibrahim Abrlallah in Lyon cat charge* of rvaaataton of false pa.ipcett and association with

Last year. Italian police arrested suspected LARFoaoa


Muhammadn Trieste in AugustAWu at the Rome airport in


ill com ine the group altons relet lie of these two comrade*thai other wise, "our future retaliation will be more severe andcatastrophe to Inhabitants of Pan* and Re-nr

pril, Peyioflea -is back Inrae aaaa whose ttory kadinlikely etpocu Publicly. Pey rolks said he had been abducted from has office aad uter histown cociheail of Tnetti Ha captors 'dee'if.edemben of LARF and told Peyrolle* ihat they rtgarded ihe United Slates ana* Israel at their enemies, aot Fiance, aad thai IN* reason ihey had kidnaped himonly to gei AbdalLah (whom they called Saadi) releaaen from prison.pril, two ol thetook himillage In ike Bckaa Valley, where all ihrec of

ihem allegedly were captured by suspicious Shia villagers According loPcyrolks's

ocal Amil leader ihen arranged for hime relets

Onarch, Alec Collelt,British journalist wit* the UNnd Works Agencywas lodrtaped Ln Khaldak, south of Beirut.raveling otth in Avstiiaa citiaen ineatarly marked UN iuT car when gnnnncn ibdnctod kUn Tie Airoran wts nee dtuinecL Onarch,eJ> voce to the Retiter KMunt, tbc Rooloiinniy OigiaicatMa ol SodaKil Muhau (ROSM) cl.imtd reanMuUlUv for bdonprng Cotkif ROSM owned II hid founcl "tome doaime*li icUtcd to ipyioe mius>ra In the Ki*ioc oS Monad (the Israeli intelligence service)American iotelUeenee- on CoHott, and that hit work with the United Nations wasovenip lor hii ipringOSM alto warnedoutd "continue to chaie and itiikeink with Britiih imparWInti wherever he mar be until our erganlMtloot demands for the Ube.uk*ulim freedom Athun from Britiih imperialist jaits are

fao far It bat bawled iu itlacas Bninh targets Last year. RCSkTcJ-ed .espcmsibnily tor tbe IdlingBritish ekptornals Kenneth Waitty (taot la deathhrirch) andeath in Bombay in '

lie kkln* pingis ouick and eflWsenl.Ihe terrorists have liken advwniagc of the anarchic lebanete environment lo keep their prisoner kddea. Given that the British Government has no intention of meeting Ms aVasancts, ROSM will be heard from again 10




Axil- larleWt

e.ea. lean-Claude Duwm andnattian. Iwe. French teachers.bducted in Wrai Beirut bui releaied two hows laid Ihc gunmta -bo had captured Ihem repoeieo'iy mk! ihey thought ihe. had kidnaped niircmof anoihec. umpccihed


I April, ihc bod, of Jetuil prieil Nicolai Kluilcri wai foundillage north of Baalabakk in Ihe Bckaa Valley Father Khsitert had disappeared onarch io ihe Bekat Valley; hit car had been found leveml dayt lalcryimPari,tuitert apparently had been uranglcd lodetih won after he disappeared. Thiiolitically motivated attack Jetuit ceflcamei said he had beenn or money when he diiappeared,is killing may haveriminal act. Another poailUliiythat he wa,edentitive area controlled by one of iheLebtnciead local leaaily peiioantl overreacted to nil presence. fJL


khaybar Bdgade'

Onarch, an aaonyiroui calleroreign new* atency ia Beirutike -Khaybar Brigades-Lebanesereviously unknownetteraer* who had been kidnaped In Writ BeirutMarcel Fontaine and Marcel Ceiten. Canoe'i daughter Uiaielletccittary at the Fteaeh EavhanyJ. British aetcntist Geoffrey Naih. andBnsathat it would toon re teste Peril. Nat*,Nash had beta bdaaped oaath aad Levck oa IS Marckbeta tktaaped oaarch, at had Carton and PetereparaKcallers had peevwly claimed rcsprobtitr for ehk-taaotngiaaasr of lilimx(3)

Naih -at reJested onarch. Lcvick oaMarch, and Ikuei onarch Ntth eatcribed hi* captors as -simple Shia" angry over the mnticaimeni of Shist by Other Ltbsaetr groans and Itraci: he taid hit eapton inilatlly. aoeuted him


Levick was

beea held by the Khaybar Brigade*

..mikJmlomei franitaukHawt

nuatatMaaaal *n

i Altai -M- IMma



|ii appears moil

likely tlat "the" Khaybarne ol the nooiciccindependent Sbla fandaraentallitthat prowl ihc mem of Wat Beirut. The group soc em to be distinct fiom the Htiballah, which asualiy takes creditfor in actions ia ihc nameihad. I





Mm th* Hoifagr*

H seemi reatonableonclude lhal radical Shiai. ai oopoicd io any ofoiber confenionil factieni operating in Lcbaaon. are hoktiag Ihediptcenatt. akoc wiih AP ovreipoodcni Terry Anekooc. who ?

abdaetcd in West Bdrul eaarch But whack

One plauiiblc theory it ibat ana or more of lie newest hostages are now ia the handiof ibe Hiabafiah, even though Uicy may have been kidnaped by ihe Khaybar Brigade! or -in Ihe rase of Anderson some olher independent Shia tt'eel gang Under this theory. Nish and Ltvkk were abducted because they were miiukan for Americans and released once ildetermined ibry were British. Ptrhim Perei ni released because dirrci it'idu against nomeniolation of Islamic prinot*es The valuablehovever. oere rvrncd rwet to tbe lliiballsti. perhaps in return feci material reward There is some evidence to tnpport thisoe rumple the tcterbcoe (all) cliimini credithese kidaapinas in tbe name of lilamic Jihad. The callers asserted thai the kidnaping! were part of con tin ling optraiiont against ihe Untied Slates and in agents, and igiinn "French Imperialism'Tbi| is the typical HUballah incdui or


the Khiybnr Brigades may Still be holding Canon and(since Ihr Khaybar Brigades nr-er elai-nod in have himlsoenegang of raCscal Sbias nay be befchng Andersen. Lendingto lha iSesn is that fact that an II March prominent HiabaHahMuhammad Huiayn ridlalUh pubbdyhe kidnapingIn Beirut, adding ihai inch acts serve Isriet and itshethai the presence of foreign diplomau and (ourniliiu in Beirut ii useful even 'as ha put ii. there are some spies among them. Me asserted thai uiily, rathei kidnaping, is ihe way to flghl their spies, and alkgrd thai he is trying lo |the release of [be kidnaped

Iadlalak mamiari dose hnksliaosan oftcub in Lebanon andigniBonl portion of ibe pro llirballah movementknosl cctlaial) imolved wiih the Hilbtllah elemeati which hare lane been holding the four American

7 3 8

audi hostage, in the Bckaa Valley, so his speech reeks of sanctimony. Nevertheless. In this case it is conceivable he was idling the truth. An article attributedJjbaUsh source that recently appearedocal newspaper suf tcited thai Ihc moreOtgsnited radical Shut intended to begin focusing their activities on Israel sad southern Lebanon, If the lliihallab was not involved, then It is most likely that renegade Shiai are holding the hostages. And. if Fadlallih meant what be tatd about trying to get ihem released, the renegades may be forced to give some or all of tbera up in the coming wee


are disinclined to believe Fadlallah. We think it more likely thai, whoever kidnaped them, the Hizballah has the hostages now and has no intention of releasing any of Ihem any time soon. Al thit point, however, the only Arm conclusion that can be drawn, from these recent incidents is thai no Westerner ts safe In anarchic Lebanon. {0




frwn intv HlitalU*

A ritual



pJonv** .


Ale* CotletkL. UK JwiiNUN


JtAA CUamaftwri

D MHtft 1MV Weil

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liiiiiNjivy MM


In Mir vfim id f. ihc jaue^

liCiAj Mitl Ivy lllll>>tJUi


Beirut. The article reiterated that the "Islamic Resistance" would not accept the presence of "anyn LebincM territory for any reason, intruding "economic aid or toetalnd warned the United States to wrtheWgLthe 'small number of American personnel* who remain ia thetufJ^aV'


Key Indlciton

IRA Murdrrs Alleged Police Informer

Onarch, Ihe body of John Corcoran,year-old father of eighi children, wat foundirmer'* held outside Coil:ong search. Corcoran had disappeared onarch. Elimination of the body revealed be had been tortured and then murdered withsingle shoi to the head.ommunique issued in Belfast, the Provisional IRA dalmed responsibility for the murder, alleging thai Corcoran bad been an informer of the lib* Special Branch for more than seven years. Asserting that the Irish police have now adopted the same tactics of "intimidation and blackmail" used by ihe Royal Uster Constabulary (RUC| to recruit infoimcn, the Provisional IRA offered other alleged police informers anayfter which, the implies tic* wis dear, more such informal would be killed In Ireli


isrlgade* Return to Action

The assassination of Rome University Professor Eiun Tarantelli onarch appears to mark the return of the Red> to sciive operations after atear's hiatus. The choice ofn eminent labor economist involved with iheieoied Confederation of Italian labor rCISLj and an active pirticipani in rccr.nl disesoions on tbe politically sensitive topic of revising cosl-of-living wage adjustments, indicates that the Red Br continue to target primarily domestic rather ihna US or NATO target!

that the liR mcciivlty was due in part to scrabbling between factions representing the aetivia "firat position"(generally the younger generatron) and ihe somewhat more ideological "lecood position" (generally Ihe older genera tionX which resulted in the eapulsion of the latter, smaller faction lasi October >nd wbsoaueat efforts to consolidate ibe vieSory and reabsorb lbate expelled members now willing to go along with the majoeiiy Th^rthe Taraatclli aiuck may indicate that internal disarray no longer impedes tenorist action and thai, consequently, moie such BR attacks areoreover, defiant adherents of ihc second posit

may feel compelled to conduct macks erf their ownTrfflri effort to demeeotraie' their opeiaiiortil credibility and miliiance in protecting workers' rights.


Pear*Volunteers Targeted La MlittiM

pril la MarbcL aa dafipi to lull cat ot more Peace Corp* vcttaiern fcy

Peace Corps vehicleienade (ailed *hea ihc device

trull* net ioned. Peace COryi pfrsomiel hid no* previously been <irgcu.of lethal thicks in ihe PWlappines. Sach laciici went* availaiafor policy tklft on ike ran of ettaer of* ihe iwo iwaargcaaactive ia theCommtaaa Ne* People't Amy (NPAj aad the Miatllm More National Liberaboii From (MNIfajfl^

Uatfhliaied indiwduib or mcmbert of ettarr a'oapactlna viihoeiordeiterniMcd the altackare fairly readily available iamotivatedecent local (treat articleeace Carpsibe CIA. In response lo the attack, and rendeter mina inntmlinaiag threat, Iheatty hat removed elrnosl ah ofboth American aad Fihpiao, laocitird with the Peace Cores Iraavng ,in ihe province

WesternUnder Siege by

Onuch, ihe Jordanian Airline* office* in Athena, Rome, and Nicosia were. Ihe tar-eta of grenade attacks that injured ave persons.alestinian was arrested by Rome police after the US-made light antitank rocket he fired narrowly missed the Jordanian Roibassy oflices on the fifth floor of an office btilMlnlocket Bredordanian aliliaer as It was taking off from Athens airport punctured the fuselage but did not exptodc. In telephone calls lo press agencies, aa anonymous spokesman cUimod rapcoiibUity for the incidents in the name of the "Black September Or equation" (BSO)4ataar


nime Black September cntrutiensorates the month0 whendrove the Palestinian fedayeen out of Jordan. The original BSO, aof Fatah thatumber of noioriow terrorists, has been defunct for moreecade, however. Instead.Palestinian radicals probably were responsible for these attacks. Use ofBSO probably is intended both to provide caver and to heighlcn the<hci<

Being Kidnaped,

Six Jewish Lebanesencludingson. the leader of Lebanoncommunity, which numbers fewerersons,archpril. Lastewish businessman was ibductedanother Lebanese Jew has been missing since last August. No groupresponsibility for any of the

Th* Right Sril.es Back

Obarco. Ihe bodies of throe men -ho had been kidnapedndarch were found nearly decapitated outside Santiago- Four other men who had been kidnaped onarch were released oaarch, after atlceedly having been interrogated and tortured by their unidentified captors. All but one of the victims were membersommoinM-dc-ruMted teachers" union; tbe otheru Communist sociologist connectatholic Church -elf/ate and ham ights organiration.*

They nrobabty were reacting to recent lerrorisl bombing's byatremiw iroups. the Movement of the Revolutionary Left (MIRI and the Manuel RcdriEuei Patriotic Frontarge demonstration protesting Ihe kidnaping* and mordcrsdisrupted the traditional Palm Sunday mats bangy the Archbishop of Santiago that the mass had to beot investigation of ihc crimes is under

Meanwhile, onarch, co.abincrwealfaaaafalkilled two brothers, slleeedly members of theired sSootoui in which one carabinetO was wounded. The neatoman alto assodnied wiih the MIRwhen she shot Bl earabinero* raidinga omen, suspected of being, safe house..

Soviet MpHennt Murdrrrd

The victim, economics officer Valentin Khilriehenko. was shol while stoppedew Delhi midsection in his car. The twoas Asian infrom and fledotortike. Although the unknown -Ukrainian Nationalist Front" claimed crceSl (or the ait seat, elements of ihc Afghan or Iranian communitieslikely to have been responsible If so. ihu uck may be followed by cnhers.aaaanV-



Wild. Wild wcsi Beirut

continuing civil war in Lebanon hai transformed Wait Beirut-ayir commercial, iniellcciual. and tourist center of the Araba lawless miliiarited rone contested by eonrotional and ideological fictloci Turf battlet. ter reran, rampantcrinc. and tan lack of central authority ham made the cny cilremely danaeroua for both loeal residents and foreigners. The Lebanese Gewernmcai probably -ill be ruble to rennet! centre*en Bom; for tbc ferrsocable fat art Th* area ia graduallytrc-ajhoM of tbe radical Sana HI. bet lab ranvcanent and could eventually become the center for Shu findarneotiuii iramian In3

Tbe dcclina of Wot Beirut began -iib the heavy influi oT Palestinian tighten during the. The guerrillas and the large Palestinian refugee population look over Urge section* of the city and tisniformtd themc facto PLOcapital. The civil warevastated the clly. but much ol ihe damage wai repaired daring ihe yeanhe WU.jf ^3

The Lanatcy of ibe Israeli i

Afle** of ihe rammer3 shelling Weil Dcirui. ihe Uriel. Array finally entered tbc my in September Tbe combination of artillery barrages aadighting left many sections of Ihc city iaost of the PLO Cghsen were forced to lean, ban dement, ofrnre.and Caantian Bwitins rraaained In fore* in vanova neighbeeneodi afj

Wow llmrut was fairly ilabk for the neai year, tllhcanh factional mililiat were armingh weapons from PLO eavahes thronghoBi the city. In rairihftwUr. Ihe Shta Amal militia, -hieh controllnd Beirul'i sprawling louthern suburbs, was preparinginand lit icirltory. Amal's Use of support in the city had iwcltcdesult of the influx or thousands of Shin from the south fleeing ihc Israeli-Paleslinian

Wealgain erupted In street fighting inJ. afiei the Lebanese Army attemptedove atainst ihc Amal nuTiiia. Five days of fighiing and heavy shelling left the majority Shia popatition in the touihrrn part of the clly angry aad bitter. The Shin rtaanttd lb* fact Ihai Yebanon'i Christ ia* and Dmie communities had esiablishednorth of Bcirut and in lha Sbuf. respectively, while the Shins left withoutiece of the

pie. Tensions ia Wesi Beirut rentinned loenonni bel -ee.] and Frbruirr

as relation* between ihe Diau/Mola ccnhlion and the LebaneseMor dcienmied. ft

The deeisiv* batik for Wen Bearot ocenrred during the ant Iwo week* ofby unni of Ihe Drric Progressive SoeialiSI Party rr.ilnii succeeded in d'iving llic LebanesegfJ*

ChrmiaB tan BeirutirwiMiM ia ike battle, including Pahaunsanlacnburns, ibe oroSynani Party, elements of Ihe Lebanesend the Comrnanisl Action O. ijfi-ii: ancl radical Shins belonging lo theMiabalUS movement Follow ma ibe takeover of West Be Inn. these groups0 Make individaal cUieosartsctilar

During lha pail rear, uarcal and lawlessness increased tieadilv I" West Beirutoint ipprosehing chaos. Random violence hit become as areata ihreal as politically motivated attacks. The implementation oratent security plan, which assigned theof policing the city to the pieckscisioanily Muslim Lebanese Intemal Security Force and ihe Lebanese Araty 4th Brigade, has railed lo establish any central authority in the city, fft

Tnrf Bain**

Wai Beirniatchwork el lorfs loosely coauolled b. confessiowal andcal factions The Shia Amal. Druir PSP.urabiua minusesgkexxfcoods ia wheh ibeir leantcirre concessional come.uoit.ei ere tnedenrtinant. Smaller, won eatrcanrtt gronpt areiOt ngiag Ike authority of tbe major i

hc largest of any group ia Ibe city, but Anul leader Nabihreke. only nominal roniiol over moil of ihii territory. Radical Shia andrcmin elements operate freely ihioughouihe Shia arcai of West Beirut and have heavil


other aiuenslM groups are rapidly gaining ground ihe moderate mililias ire losing control

infiliiated ihr Amal movement itself.*

Checkpoints, the iradnioaal Lebanese symboli of a

factions tarrltorlal cUiros, appeal and disappeai

almcni at raadotn from day to day throughout the

rsty Travd from one section of West Beirut

another mcntibiyf-saing throngh seroal

permanent and temporary factional

edit* become Basneoinis for armed cxaJkt.tV J)

VkwM toff bellies, wflia iparkcd by only minor inddeniv have becomeest Beirut. Amalurabitun. for eaample. encagedchcd biiile for two days In late Janasry afver an Amal memberurabnon eJSeekpoi.nl Amal has also fought over mrf wlih Ihe Druren elemenUofiheHUbolloh.ifJk

The Lebanese elril nil more ofien takes ibe form of urban guerilla warfare than of conventional warfare. The comWI among Ihe confessional group* in Weal Beirut often manifeiti luelf dt anonymous ear bombingi,andearly all of ihe major faction* target individual members ofoom for lerroriitilyh! violence. Each of the mayor lailnlii. forelievede holding several hundred hosligci from enlior confessional group. AM )


A Hobbrilin Society

hu vecomrway of life in Weil Beirutbaitlcs between militias are eeangeundedtrowing trine wave Ihai hai Sour ished lacnvironeneal Both rcgabu militumenarmed gunmen roam ihe urecu ofbehaving more like meet thug*A

representatives of Icgiilmatc movement!-sfm y

Joutna.iiu ia West Beirut report thai armed bandievery aelgrbcebocd force local reside milo pay protection mooey. Thoae whopay ire targeted for bombing) oragainst their lamllics

Robbery and vandam.ro have becomeMiibatlah gunmer. in particulararnceicai for harauiagnd raiding ban and roianrants thaiMost citizens of Weil Beirut carry itthey leave lheir hornet; even aqjhoy nolonger dare leave iheir homes at night.

stly eUacribedest asstraggle for ekanininc*there are no rules aad ihe strongIhe advantage ovev ihe weaker moderates 'be come aslace lo live for bystanderscombatantsempt from iheand schools arc victimized nearly as oltenand commercial cntablishmcMi.are kidnaped SI frequently as

Tbe siieci violence in West Beirut isadgmentrd by thr dinger from artillery duels In ihe mouniams. which periodically spill over Inio lite ciiy. Evan within West Beirut, the use in luif billies of car bombs, mortars, and ihe evcr-pecnilir tcekd^caacllcd grenades keicbtens the lisk^tf acevdcntalamong


West Bcirui his earned ihe reputation of bring the most dangerouicily in ihc world for foreigners.

aaauhaalaaaaja! atand ahi a* ml "


especially Amencansropcans Violence against Wnnrner. in rccenl year* has included:

Car bombingshe forsncr US Embassy and the US ind French Mu1iintnor.il Force IMNT, beadovanen. claimingt

Frequem incideau ofgiinsi MM troop* ihroughoui ihecity

Theormer preside ni of thein University ia llriial and atunlnalion of

his sncCCSM>

A setae* of kickepinws of US citizenshe beginningncluding an Ernbasi) orlicer. several journalists, andChristian clergymen.

The shooting of several aiembers of the French otaervei force

The kidnaping of the Swiss Charge ltd of tonedoniats. and aomerous public ihrtais made igtinu other Europein *nd American diplomats.

The kidnapingi of two Briliili civilians. taj^

5 I

The, locreaitngly bold Hiihellah, which (spouses Iraai fundamentals ideology.Ihe greatest threat io Westerned. Other group* bow ova. dure ihc radical Shiai' hostility toward Ihc United States, iocladitc several PalestinianeitrcreiM groupsbaaoo't two Coaamarjst aiilnitt. al of whichtgmftetM praeoet ia West Beout

The Lebanese (invernment probably will be unableuthority in West Beitut in the near future The Lebanese Army (cnerally ipliti alone confessional lines when confronted ailh tentc interItcttonal situations. Moreover, osost Christian units of ibe Army, which sad led Muslim neighbor buods repeatedly but year, would not dare

efist West

OcVul government faeces refrsautlng In Wett Karat will bt incapable of enforctaghe Internal Security Fotcct and the Lebanese Army's predominantly Muslim 6th Brigade, which stayed in West Beirut aflet the battle for the city list February, generally take orders from Shia leader Barri

Thr strength of Ihc ttirbstlih fundiis is in Weil Boirat it likely lo grow. The chaotic security Situation and depressed ecoximicconditions, which Isav* left many young men aheaaied aad out of work, boost th* appeal of fundament* tarn and swell ihe ranta of pctcnlitl Hiiballah recruits West B's graduallyadical Shia strong Mag and ccald eventaally beiome the center for undist Shia activism inj_


Sallies between militias and the overalllawlessness In the1 continue. Anhat giown up acensiomed to violenceBeirut. Many of the yoorig streetao other way of life; CgMiag hat became

7 5?

The aairrannts almost eertiialy will tcavtukv* lo gain at tbc capente of the modenta Mstitaaey. particularly In the Shiaikely to spread at Iht polilieal and ecoooraie crisisodeiite Muslim leaders probablyrenitin af'eirf to denounce thehe recent example nf form" Prime Ministerombed after he ciifkiied the eatrcmlitt, will discourage others from speaking ouia^j^

Tbc African National Cone rest, in Dinarra


African National Congressbc mijof Sou lb Aim in insurgent group, kai beca struggling aiacc tht MoiambiCans capcllrd iu militaryear ego TbcuBenag Irotn ckstrawaiing rclaiioni with icanc baack Africa* (laica at act hern Afnca and from lateraalyavpsam of tbclightoon thekeha* la ANC atta.itwa treall boa* logs liac* hut September. Theilitary campaign k> haaty to continue to sputteresult of Pretoria'i success ini1'. states to clamp dowa on the group.

IxstHke. The recent tha" in rdatiOri between Lesotho and South Africa does' act sugar well far the ANC. South AfricanrrtTaCtics in recent years have forced the Jonathan government io abandon Its preferred policy oflind eye toward the ANC and to adoptomewhat




The South Africans, who we believe ate nottlt the Lesotho Gowerament'* eflorll. wsnl Maseni tocufitv pact, ff the la tensity of South African pressure increases.ikely toBotswana) example by cracking down on the ANC la the bopt af satisfying Pretona aadormal

Swj.Umd. Retatkoas bet-een SwanUad sad the ANCtteierierated steediit,ccerity agreement between Mbabaneetona in IM2:

iyear, tecarlty personnel engaged in several gun baiilc* wiih ANCgaeriillas who poured into Swaziland follow^ the crackdownMoraK

Last December, ao ANC asembtrwaii police official tuspected of ooi la bora tint; wiih

ojjih^fitcans satinet

Iimiary, tcveral armed ANC guerrillasail in Mbabane and ideated three members of Ibea- areap who were being hekl on imrvuntion char




Pio.pot. for ulta bet-eco is- ANC aadeenpublicued Inmenthi undoubtedly eitnlribuiiag toks of Ihc Orrsrunlicev' The ANC haslure contingent of *|

woeld be strongly opj>wed la tspuiing any

coavmaakiiMa wiih Pretoria al Ihil tinve- Seme who

alio aie member! of Ihe outlawed South African

Cnmmuaiil Party judge, probably correctly, Ikai ikey

wouM boi be Indeoec' in any government amneiiy

offer io Ihe ANC in ihe feeeaeeabta fulura.

Ne-wihelew. Ihe ANC leadership hai indicated

hai il -auk] ecmkle* opervnad.akiuc

Pretoria if liectiain ipod- ^%

link mmn sicfa ai ihei*

imceitcncd ANC PrelkHrHvdeti


Soalh Africa hat torn tout hi economic tnd teurily accords wiih neighboring states toegioaal hegemony and break out of ill diptomilic OOiiboo. Sloe* Botswana's decision to eipal thf gt.err.llai. Preiori* pobtody hat backed iwsy from ittoo*|granon pact. Pretoria b)tta Gaborone ind otbei neighbOrM* ajtweriimenti to ug* formal Mloicialacwettllyovemmtoit prove unable ot aewillniooirol ih* ANC Sooth African covertaiainit ANC largeii cir likely lon while Pretoria move* forward on thefront with iu poliey ofetente 1

ANCt-Wdahi have indicated publicly ihat ibeyollapse of the Nkooailmmintai. Even if .etaiiona between Pretoria and Maputo eonliaae toe believe Moaamba-u* itbkely to aomit targe aonsberi of ANC mflkary peroettaael to ret are. beca use this would virtully

ranteei letumptionof Sooth African eroai-bo.ee-ilrilet into MomtnbHjue I

Conteouently. ihe ANC probably will not be able to rebound from III tetbaekl last year and mount an effective mlliiatyy time too* Theear-old ANC, however, has Survived against tough odd* in Ih* pail aad it likely lo cooiimie to chose problem! lor Pretoria in the yean ahead. Whrhrthe ANC* aetr-ituB probably will remainow level



because of ihc growing regional cceuirainis, themilitary wing win itlll be capable or citrying out some heiri line grabbing bombingi djgTgatl

A change in the status of ktnpriioned ANC PresidentMandela might titer theirIT Mandela wereewe bef-eve is unlikelyoverwhelming populirily amongncti whites would assmc himmi yea roleblackI he were so leavenaively resume kit pcutvM as head of theyoung blackikm to fight ander Icade

A rclnvigorited ANC with Mandela il Ihe helm might evenhift ia aiihudn imong leaders or neighboring btacat ttales They currently arc foBowine.policy of cautious deieaie withut iheir haired of apanlieid could overcome rear of South African reiribnOon If ihey believed the ANCs military campaign hadreasonable clunce of , -

The Teiromni Diary for Mm)

ttlow Iiat May data ot known ot eonerlvablr signlfieanet to


Utro'litl around ike world Our Inflationoir or event ikovld not by luelf br eonjlrutd to luggeiiepett or antltipairlOmmemorativt lerroriit



V fim week ot May eontuiui teveral oaici of importance to kfl-ing o> neMwat clementx coeueouenily. poliixil "tokoee lends io pa'<hi< iwno.1



world. May Day.

Pern. Deiiruciton of electoral maieritl in Chmolil, Langallo Province. marks beginning of areied struggle by Scnucro Luminoso. Aonivetiary it commemorated

throughout May.


Jera-am. Kitg Hirsse.-

COnM.iattonal power


Ithiopla. Liberation Day.

Setherlw Libeiation Day.

Paraguay Coup Vol byAlfredo St.oejinei Matitauda overthrows ceded govarnmenl nf Creudeoi Fcoerna Chevct.


Wnt Cevemay. Tie federal Republic becomes member nf NATO

northern Ireland. Dentil of iaprttoned Provissonnt IRA member Bobbr Sands hunger tuike

i MarLiberation Day.

East Germany. West Grrmaay. Cspitubbon of Third Reich. Celebrated in Eati Germany at Liberation Day.

8 MaySahador. Police fire into crowd of dentootuaton on ttcpa of San Salvador

cathedral. kilting atemceutraiion was in solidarity with left wing activitii who had occupied the French and Costa Rictn Embattlesay.

9 MayIndependence Day.

Poland. Sarin Unioa, Ymgosliria. Victory Day.

'. AfarGermany. Suicide in prison of Ulrikc Mcinhol. founding member of Ked

Army Faction (RaFI.

Arab Resistance Day.

fl MayAnti-Pinochet protests put down forcefully byfoveenmeni.

Wave of bombings against genernmem targeU-

IJ MayAtlcinpl on life of Pope John Pad II by Mettmei Ati Age*.

ayIndependence Day.

ayDeclaration of Independence. Celebrated as Republic Day.

Middle East. Beginning of first Arah-liraeli war

'5 End of UN Mandate. Celebrated at Ptlcsiine Day. Theay

Organic at ion. founded9 from remnant of PFL? Special Operations Group, takes iu name from this event.

ayConstitution Day independence day1.





ta, CivilUn wprrtint iniMi miliury rule Usually intrkcd by student demomtraticvov

et and Dearth of impmoncd Pwitioaal IRA rncjnfccr Raymond McCreihunger strike.

rUiaam. Birih of Ho Cli Minh

Death of toe Marti

Saudi Arakio* Indcpcwiott Day.

QQtL Dedaraikm of republic. WVwmoliwio begira armed struct. tMatlimRamadan [month of fast tog) tecirii 5f' iUajto. Republic Dij

H'Wr Gtrmany.f federal republic.

CJrfM TOrt China nweru swerei*My over Tibei.

csmnlrtt of revolution apairiM Spain.

Yu$atlavia Birth of Joiip Bro* Tito.

Jordan. taoVpcndcr.ce Day.

Jo-rdaa. Cononal morvarchycd

P^ablishmtwi of Oteaniiatioo of African Uaiiy (OAUl. Celebrated vafioufJy as African Freeoom Day. Day of Africa.

JS MayFounding of Communist Parly ofaisi-Unimsi

be now defunct patent organization of the insurgent/ierroiist gre Peoples UberatJOn Army (EPL).

IS MarConMnUitoii idopted. Celebrated as Lternruda Day.

IS MayThe "May Revolution" (coup by General Nltnelri and Revolutionary


MayIndependence Day.

Mayworld. Birthday of Gautama Buddha.

Mayfreact Carihbtaa. Formation of Caribbean Revolutionary Alliance


SO MayIndependence from Great Britain achieved.

JO MayRepublic. Assassination of Gen. Raphael Trujillo. Celebrated as

Liberty Day.

ayDeclaration of Independence by Biafra.

SO MayMassacre ai Led Airport by members of Japanese Red Army.

MayAssnssinmior. of Ziaor Rahman.

MayAfrica. British colonies merged to form twrnraorrnealth. Celebrated as


ayAfrica. Proclamation of republic.



Below a'e described not fuorthv foreign and iWnaiionel tmorltt event* aad munlerltrroriitn development! that have occurred 0'to light liner our Ionrnu and developnieiitS ihot hove already been deiC'Ibcd elsewhere In >hn publication are not tncludedi


Terroriin killed ia Tehran. pftMHlLaVtX onekilKCI in Tehrana limit gientde he was hoMinfupecond was killed by Islamic Rcvolulionaiy Gunid* Batf men aaaaSW$ha

ci'iied several band gtcntdes. Kalashnikov-iypt assault rifles, other small arms, and cyan idcutbkisV )




Africa: White couple killed in vestrrm Jremiaal. AK 41 dC roundruck on iht (aim ol HieAllien,etaway vehicle -as discovered near she Botswana border Sotnii African aiittoi.ties believe lb: ihree black gunmenmembers of the ANC kaf s^ /gj


Bank: Bomb eiplodet intide Jewish settlement of Emaauel. Non> claimed icsponsibility (oi planting the small chugclodcdaUwaaL Ii was the first bombinc auoekest Brink Jewish iciilcincm we


Suicide bomb attack 'fn Presidentanomb st-jpr-il lo his body detonated ilehran rruuqucrayer ser.rce led by Khamenei The regime blames ihc opwititinhnla for die aiiack


ormaa thMKtet bombed ay mnkaema titallaatt., -lotion*irin-ii dentate lo ibe citeriors of churches In Pudihuel and Nunoa. Lail r. five Mormon diuichet in Chile were bombed dirlng ihe penod March-May a



arrying eifloiirt material arretted at border. Alio

in ihelt potieition acre found ftoor plant of vailoui tmbaiiyi la Boioia "^

documentation from tevcial Colombian miliuryar*

trie it reportedly killed by SflA. The government tayi the rebel*hurchfled after tome of then number were hilledrcnaMihe otilitoryMh


jtetanoa Amal

India- Trial ml Itt Jiifcr begiaiK,eharin ofacu committed prior lo ihe ttormint of the Goldenatiiuartroop* ia Juaehe trial,eld laapocied to tevcial monttn


wrt" On f

vu kadto Tehran

h*-wad A'm- .misttd

ont r- Utahnn arcf-eLhc Nm"*er,w


Wnor.bed tbc pianocd hir.

proto.orihai announced Iba.as. pan ofnclion-cm

S STonc clmmulfoe thewni tho flrit dclibcrnie,ninthin/

J-UirrMhntfr. AI Wast on. man


tIU.cO when Ai anchoredwo robber boali unng rWOilletl rite and heavy

he homci^ No one ha. ebientfatXSnO-enee ,heff

(Mn rw.cr


AUumimmm yUml"Vabi*a for the attack. Ihe mo" ien

will be oni nf opeiailon for at 'call





by tIA. There waitoihe ba.lilma hot no


Africa: Hani trrnede attacks ia Soweto damage aottamtit building and: home tat coast ao injuries. The. incident*ay after police aredarching crowd, killing at kaillack* and wounding many others. Tbc

march was head to oijrk the anniversary of the Sharrcvilk mas**cre in which 69

blacks were killed



assassinates industrialist al Inlet nailrade Fair.ell-pumicd attack,embers ofhot Aletandie^outo because of fait alleged reapomibility for Ihe deathear

risoner sprang from Lisbon jalL Two suspected memberseld prison guards at gunpoint while Maria Sitieie Cooes IvesS meter prison wall and escaped.

Rita: Floor plant of USesidence a* i leftist ii Republic Movement tafehause.

possible involvement of two recently dismissed residence guards;

Salrador: Unknown gunmen kill retired General Medreno, former heedGuard and founder efdisbanded rigkrWaggroup.Democratic Organisationllegedly used by the government harass and murder suspected leftists, was outlawed bv the-"'



Police kill two tuipeeied lereorlstt and capture iwo others following gun botlle In Alessandria. An anonymous telephone caller claimed the terrorists betonged to the nec-Feseitt group Armed Revolutionary Nueki. #JT>

Boobytrap bomb planted by MIR kills Iwo security agents. They were drtmintllag equipmentotel room thai had been used by the Mtr-ensenl of Ihe Rcvolatlonary Leftommunique thai hadrime-lime television transmission of the Academy Awards. {Jf

Gorernmem office in Caariti Strip bombed. The eiptosion. which occurred during olfice hours, insured three people in addition to causing heavy damage to the buthhag. No groop claimed credit for the attack, but SWAPO was probably responsible. I




26Two Spanish Bateuts and several bystanders wounded in gun and grenade

allack an bar ia Si. Jean de Lux. Pi miff lo Ihe premises wai alsohe Anti-Terrorist Liberation Croup (GALl is believed tesponsibk.

US consularar torched-kilt parked In from - -

Athens. No group has claimed credit for thisommon way Greekeg.!let disapprovalsflB

Police defuse letter bomb delivered to Bulgarian travel office iaew group calling itself Ihe Pan-Turk isli Organization claimed credit andid mote bombs wouldf

Spain; Two ETA memorch cosmetics company in Ibarra. Apparently. Hie otire was the compeay'i link* lo French interests. The fire dest toyed the building. mLm

France; Batgae refugee survives shooting in Cibourr bar. Tbe Ami-Terrorist "q3 Liberation Group (GAL) claimed respceisibiiity.


Taiwan; Intelligence chief indicted iu murder of Chinese-American Jouraalist. Adm. Wang llsi-ling and two subordinates were indicted in Taipei by Ihe military prosecutor in charge of ihe catcfl|

27Ireland: Commamd-deionated bomb hills British soldier in Belfast. The

bomb was plantedtorage building nearschool playground and cetcnaicd ain army patrol walked by. The Frovisioaal IRA claimed responsibility, djgy


ar bomb explosions in Tikeit, Saddamometown,njure L^ many mere- -chicle bomb Vflkauaaap explodedomen's Federation office and tbe other near theabor Federation office. No one has claimed ccedil for theut Iranian-hacked agents are the likely culprits. JM.

Syr-inn armed withnd explotlves briefly hijacks Lufthansa Jet he'Mfo* Athens. He demanded to be flown to Libya, but ihe plane landed in Istanbul. All passengers, and crew were released unharmed and ibemade no


28Bank; Bicycle bomb disarmed aear Jerusalem. The hllf-kilogram bomb

attachedicycleank in Tatpiat wat found by police. No group has rlaimed responsibility for planting ihe bomb.fJB

West Bank; Two bombs found in Bamatlah schools. One was disarmed and onewas eiplodcd by police. No group claimed responsibility,


nside ran, llaaaplt. Th* blast4 ihe Ilichmann CallersapoBiit-hly. bui none af Ike claims hit teen verified

Gaamanjtrei ill ihati into crowded bar ia Bayoaat. killlag oat. wooadiag ibtee. Patron* of Ihc bar pursued and captured ihc gunman,elievede an aged ofil Terrorist Libtitiien Group (GALl


ranee: Baroae Jonraaliit kllltd in Su Jean deGroup (GAL) la believed responsible.


frenck ear ikowraom damaged by bomb ia Son Sebaitiaa. Masquerotesting siiaeks on iheir comrades In France, ire suspected!

Iteaeb registered ear burned. Ktaoalt end femgeet showrooms attacked loe Spanish Basque separatist groap ETA claimed Ihe atiacks were la retaliate tot the JO March killing by GALisque ioiraalm In Si. Jean de ut. France


Guatemala: Ketlrtd gtaeral aad grandiaain Gaatemela Clip bp nabeonm onailaatt. Gen. Manuel Fraaasco Sosa Avils andas faauly -ere aaibashed as Ihey were drivingcssSealial arclioa ofeacralrot he* in-laws Monti

Maak: Israel, aetapariaa etficat aaanieatrd bp anideetsfied auailam 7alir-.auocal ge-eiumeoi cancatl who tesided la Ihc Jewish Kttknscni of lUhsdaiha. was shea in the headm potol. The murder closely resembles thai of an IDF rsaervisl Iwocnonifas ago. The DfLP claimed

lily, alihough orJj after news of ihe Harder was bread can peer ihr


Bomb damagei Syrian Arab Alrlioei oB.it It Home- Ihree peivans wc*

injured illghily In ihe caploaion. The bomb waslefi ai ihe tnirance io the closed

office Nogroui hai claimedtU


Israelii r

be mostly wanted pu southern Lebanon


la-baaoa: Skyjacking endi euickly,ebanese passenger claimingistol tried to commandeer an aircrall leaving Beirut bound for Jidda and demanded money for the "Lebanese National Resistance* surrendereduthorities when the plane cna.de its scheduled landing in Jidda He

for ihc Lebanese guerrilla* fighting the



1 April

w DATavmf awtr.nl> life lean-ret Che.MianMol.nLi.ptcon-tcied7 annrdcn of

Federil ProsecutorBubact. Dresner Bait CW Juetaen Ponio. and Employer's Aimiaiien hud Hanns-Martin ith int-ell at the attrmpi] lotuassjnale USAREl'R Comtnatidini Gen Freddie* Kroeten


I April

Fttatk ear ikamoom Ino Injurlcircpoiicd. The attack came In the -ike of four dan of protean aaainat thearch murder in Fiancepanish Batque jcwaaliu hi

Nartkrrn MM* Krmotr-drtonotra car torn, kills polietmoa amimnlit main caartktmst ia Niwry. Six oihet pobeeme* and three ciriliantounded The Proviilornl IRA claimed Cftdlt Vats"


Bomna* iamait twomaw an injuria in Bayonttf. No One

claimed icipon il I


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