Created: 10/12/1985

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National Intelligence Dairy

LEBANON: Soviet Hostages

Sunni Muslim hjndarnentallsts inare unakery totnetr three surviving Soviet hostages.

1 says that tactions in Wast Beirut believe the Soviets are in me

rrenos-ol the militia commanded by Sfiayhh Maher Hamurj. an outspoken mombo' olUrion ot islamic Ulama. whicn hashe fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood. Shia Amai andMiaa have mounted an Intensive search for the dlplomats.f-

Comment: Shayhh Hamudkeiy si-sped In the kidnaping because ol his deep sympathy for Shaykh Shaban, leader of the Sunni fundamentalist group embroiled In the Tripoli fighting. Moreover, Hamud.ower base In Beirut, has ihe means to carry out such an operation. He is likely to hold the hostages as leverage against further Syrian attacks on Tripoli and lis inhabnams. Amal and Ouze

efforts to find tha hostages come as both rrutrtlse are looking

increasingly to the USSR tor military supfjtes and training.

-Tnp -nrril


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