Created: 10/7/1985

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Ii knocking on all acton lo obtain tha release ol Ihe remaining three Soviot hostages, bul tha grouporn now tay$ It will not lat them go.

The Soviei Charge In Beirut met Saturday with Pima readerAmal chief Barri,

aller who said he represented the group noidlng the hostagesestern news agency yesterday thai the terrorists *ouM not release the hostages despite ihe cease-fire Ine said the diplomats would not be treed untilUS and the USSH agreed to end the Lebanese civil war. The caller appealed to tha terrorists holding the Anerican and French hostages not release their captives either.

Comment: General Secretary Gorbachev's purposefully vague responseuestion about the situation during his news conference in Paris on Friday was consistent with the Soviet line since the crisis began ot avoiding pubic threats ot retaliation. The new demands, ttpwever. wt'l ado to Moscow's frustration wilh the Lebanese problem, r

Despite the cease-fire in Tripoli, the terrorists' demand lorof Syria and its surrogates has not been met.mat Syrian troops are disarming the militias in Tripoliwill reinforce the Kidnapers' unwillingness to releaseIn any event, the extremists ere aware thai. If they werethe Soviets, they would oe open toA. CUA


Soviets have also approached Iraq anc Iran 'or help.

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