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OhkESTaAT: HI lacking Update

There hava been ran significant desvsjiopaents In the hostage situation since early thla aornlng. Shia aaal lander Kabyi Barrl, however, haa reiterated hla threat to aharidnn his -VAle la tha hijacking. If the Shia detainees In Israel are not released.

Tha Tehran press reports that Leoanese Hizballah leader, Shejrkh Fedielleh,peech in Beirut this earning In which ha apoke against the practice of taking hostages, but he mmm the OS for asking alllUry threats. Padlal.ah also crltlctxed tha US for reaainlng silent on Israel's detention of

according toreporta froa Beirut, thousands of Shias chantingaerlean slogana aarchad to tha airport todayhov of aoildarlty with the hijackers. Surjnl leaderstrike In Balrut today to protest lawlessness in tha city, and Shia Baal gunsen roaaed tha atraats trying to provont shopkeepers froa closing their shops. r"

Israeli Cowernoant appears to beoncerted effort to get back in itrp with tha us position on not negotiating elth terrorists,

praise for tha stance taken bya in titration.

[Ob two occasions, Pries Minister fires t>

aaarging Israeli stsnro oecoupung tne release or tha Btllt prlacnere froa tha hijacking. Pares, Deputy Prlae Minister

Shaalr, Md Deranae Hlnlater Rabin all atatad that tha release la related] eolely to ateurlty conditions ln South Lebanon.

ITtt ralatlva oala there ataccent could pave the aa* for soaa early releases, but to preserve doaaatlo capability tha governaent probably will proceed deliberately and ln stages over an attended par lad. In releasing Shlas held at atllt. J

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