Created: 9/9/1985

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Tne Comrnunlaf Partj la planning another me/or protest Wednesday, but President Pinochet 'a threatening herah reprisals and /ne lata he arlW not field to preaaure from eltherthe let lott or moderates lot aa early return to civilian iute |

_[lh# Comrnuntsi-organized

demonstrations last weeic were the best organized and most violent ol tne past two years. Santiago has generally returned lo normal, but security forces and protesters clashed lor three nights In some slums, and numerous looting Incidents occurred, as did scattered demonstrations In other cities. Eleven people were hilled androtesters were arre5:uJ

Blaming tha far left for the violence, tha government Is Issuing criminal indictments against moreeople, including leaders ol the main opposllion labor organisation and the Communist Party's principal front group. Pinochet has publicly ruled out talks with opposition political parties and charged (hat the leader ot Ihe Catholic Church, who brokered Ihe recent national accord among opposition elements, has been duped by politicians The President reiterated on Thursday lhat henot step down before Ns term ends In IMS ando:emajj

tne Communists ptan daily protests mg tne oemonstrations Wednesday. Meanwhile, moderate opposition leaders are concerned that Pinochet will cite the violence lo discredit the national accord. The security services have already arrested several dozennticipation ol protests Wis week.

The Communists" success appears to have surprtsed both Ihe regime and Its moderate opponents. Although moderate leaders oppose the Communists' plana lor violence, some may now be tempted to collaborate more actively In organizing Wednesday's demons (rations |

Pinochet's actions will be tempered by moralehe ponce, opposition Irom some senior military officers to refmposing tha slate ol siege, growing popular support for tne national accord, and concern lhat negative world opinion might jeopardize Chile's recently negotiated debt relief package, it violence continues to mount in coming weeks, however, he may yield lo his instincts and teimpose the atate ot sieger

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