Created: 9/3/1985

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ProteaU Eipected

Tfi* prmc'pt. political perila. ranging from far left' .rudenl groups are panning large-scale entireolm* orcrests tomorrow, thehilean election day

main moderate coalition, basking in the

country to full democracy. Is calling on, CbOeanj to turn ou tosupporting the document:"

Violence. The Communis, Party

preludelcT^Lattacks on public places duringrotest.

Comment: Tomorrow', demonstrationsbe more substantial and violent than any sinceesult in some rioting In urban centers and slum areavand areiiri niLmnrnui Inlurles and someassive turnoutnCrw bVwuM moderate political leaders are reluctant To aopeithe Communis so soon afterSr national Accord, Irom which the far left Is

ir?anv event there probably wil' be several terrorist ESSE. "pSbTling ^acko^fcenuai Chile, and perhaps attacks against police stations^

If Pinochet orders the security forces toc-ownjon demonstrators not involved In violence, he risks provokngj^der support for future protests. Such actions, coming on the heels ol his


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