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Terrorism Review


Focuk Prospects for PakMiman Terrorism |


The Coniinuing Scndcro LuminosoCaalleneefc

I'marKm Diaiy for June 1


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Review J


for Palestinian Terrorism

Palevti -li.ni terrorists were responsible for aboutercent of the international terrorist incidents of Middle Bail origin we recorded during ihe past year

Terrorist operations inside Israel and the occupied territories increasedwi the level observedith virtually every Palestinian group claiming credit for at least one attack.

Terrorist attacks by Syrian-sponsored Palestinian groups in Europe also were up: Jordanian interests were the primary target.

Infra-Palestinian conflicts, particularly the split within the PI.O. continued to generate sporadic terrorist violence.

Palestinian terrorism involving these targets is unlikely to subside in the near term.

US facilities and personnel have not been targeted by any PLO group,or anil-Arafat, in recent years. Two Palestinian groups outside theAbu Nidi! Group and the Iraq-based I5 May OrganizationUS interests4 and continue toangerous threat

operations wouldikely factor in any

decision by Arafat or ami-Arafat groups to expand their terrorist operations in an effort to force the international community to deal with their grievances |

Fatah's Restraint

The supporters of PLO Chairman Yasir Arafat continue to adhere to the PLO's decadelong ban on international terrorism, although they stilt carry out attacks against civilian and military targets in Israel and the occupied territories Palestinians refer to these attacks as the "armed struggle to liberate the homeland" and do not consider them to be terrorism Virtually all Arab nations endorse the so-called armed

Palestinian groups launched more thanttacks in Israel or the occupied territoriesatah or other pro-Arafat cells inside the occupied territories probably were responsible for at least some of these attacks. In most cases, however, we have been unable to determine the exact perpetrators. Sometimes, several Palestinian groups claim responsibility for the same incident in an effort to demonstrate their dedication to tbe anti-Zionisi cause and their continued capability lo operate inside Israeli territory. At timet the tree perpetrators will not

claim responsibility, so as not to reveal their operational infrastructure or prompt

Israeli reprisals against iheir bases outside Israel. |

The assassinations last December of two PLODarwish in Rome and Fahd al-Qawasmch incertainly conducted by Syrian-backed

Palestinian opponents of Arafat, raised the possibility of retaliatory attacks by

Fatah against radical Palestinian targets in El


All the ami-Arafat PLO groups are based in Syria or Syrian-con trolled territory in Lebanon, from these locations they can infiltrate teams into Israel or the West Bank, either directly or through Jordan, and provide support to terrorist cells already in place. We believe that most of the Palestinian terrorist incidents in Israeli-controlled territory were the work of these radical Palestinians.^

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) claimed credit for two of the most notable attacks. The firstrenade attackerusalem store last February thathen, in April, three DFLP terrorists attacked shoppersrowded street in Jerusalem with automatic weapons and handgrcnades. Forty-eight persons were wounded before the terrorists were overpowered.


Most of ihe Palestinian attack* against Israel were like ihe February incident bombs or grenades left in places where Israeli civilians congrcgalc. In the Usi year there wasesurgenceype of attack common before the Israeli invasion of Lebanon: Katyusha rockets fired at Israeli border settlements At leastech attacks occurredhe lastonths. The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) and tbe Popular Struggle Front iPSFi claimed credit for some of them ^

IW Paleslme National Salvation fret

Untilhe Syrian-based Palestinians were divided into two loose coalitions, the Democratic Alliance composed of the PFLP. the DI LP. the Front for the Liberation of Pjlcstine lILPi. and the Palestinian Communist Party; and the National Alliance composed of Abu Musa's Fatah splinter group, theeneral Command, the PSF. and Saiqa. The Democratic Allianceeturnollective leadership of the PLO in which Arafat agreed to act only on the basiseneral consensus of leaders It opposed the demands of Ihe mme estrcme National Alliance to remove Arafat as head of the PLO and to continue the armed struggletah The Hussein-Arafat agreement tooint PLO-Jordanian peace initiative was opposed both by Syna and by the two radical Palestinian coalitions, and led to the formationew grouping called the Palestine National Salvauon I'roni iPNSFv'JI

Created at the urging of Damascus, the PNSF proposes to undermine the Arafat-Hussein accord. The new grouping is widely viewed among Palestinians outside Syriayrian proxy without an independent base of support among the Palestinian people. The decision of the PFLP- after Fatah, the most influential plojoin the pnsf lends the coalition only limited additional credibility. With the PFLP's abandonment ofthe Democratic Alliance. Arafat may redouble hts efforts to reconcile with the DFLP. tbe only important PLO group that remains uncommitted on the split within tbe PLO. |

FlbKII FlbHll IS)

Outside the PLO

Of the three radical Palestinian groups that are not members of the Pl.Olaftdconstrained by Arafat's baa on iniernaiioaal terronsmL the Abu Nidalthe most dangerous because of its tightly knit organization, its infrastructureits long record ofand itsattack US interests The group has been based in Syria since its capebtonin the fallhe group's goals arc consistent wuh those of the

: group's independent status, however, may have been weakened by ihe continuing serious illness of its rounder. Sabri al-Banna (Abund Syria may now exercise considerable influence over ihe group's operational decision making. For example, the Abu Nidal Group is the leading suspect in the murderordanian diplomat in Romania last December, which was the firsteries of anti-Jordanian attacks in Europe following the meeting of the Palestinian National Congress in Amman last November.!

Fimni FibSI

Abu Nidal Groupirect threat lo US interests. It claimed creditbomb that wounded two US citizens in the square located betweenHotel and the LS Embassy in Amman onsfor two bombs defused near Brcish facilities or. the same day.

Abu Nidal Group's interest in attacking I' SiargeUwnTnintemew wiihrench journalist in February, an individual claiming to bc Sabri al-Banna threatened io conduct new attacks on US

In Irbmary. Abu Muu's Fatah splinter group and tbe Abu Nidal Group announced the formationoint command, the ultimate goal of which is toerger of the two groups by midyear. Given Ihe ideological and personal differences between Itiem, however, werue merger will take place JJ

The Baghdad-baseday Organization remains of concern because of Ihe sophistication and lethality of iu previous operations. After the failure of several attempts to place bombs on commercial airliners flying to or from Israel in the firs: halfhe group apparently stopped trying. The group's operations may have been constrained by Baghdad outesire to avoid being charged wiih

There is no evidence to indicate ihat the PFLP-Spccial Command (PFLP-SC) has carried out any terrorisi operations since1 car bombynagogue in Antwerp The group remains based in South Yemen, where il probably still maintains several training facilities. Occasional reports that group members arc receiving training for unspecified terrorist operations have not been corroborated. Inaki Hilalu. the PFLP-SC military chief, was woundedby unidentified gunmen in Spain. Wc do nol know why he was in Spain.

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lr.linian Groups




Arafai (Abu Amman. Tani.

ll-Klt -

M.t-i lo secure Paltilm .an polllxal demands la-fely

iH.OM fishicri *ttl-tried ihimi(boM the MiddW


tOOO fttbtcn (aoiad aa


liberation of FlkWiM (DM Pi Diwaitai

intup ikiwsi liflM "lib USSR

UWDLtOiJitcnvai. (tied (Hrv-nigbool tor rcpon

Pilniimtn Nalwnal Savanna Front



r.i. Da maw in

. MtraihaiAb. Mwi Abu Knalid alAnLj.

PFLP-General Command (PFLPGCi





Facta* .rfI* Hit Libera- Taafat VWb

Grouat Omm* PIO

rmetu. committed lotaiiur ot oamen-am ArabmMn i.tmtal

edto eliminate Itraai

Laehi clearly defined polmcal .iiriiliitv. rmpOuiK* armed0 eliminate Uiael _

Caniiollad by Syria

ilOOftfhieiiract bov! the

Mi*nd LfbaWB

MOOOO lighter*yni and Lebanon

oTdoom Syria" aad

O taftirnir*e repeal

th anand let-ncn

tan-Revolutionary Covncil IAIju SiaJlGriiupi

ai Orian.iai.cm

Sabr>al> Banna lAbu MOaU DamiHua

alt manAba Ibnici,

I cidit omuic* Nn-AiaDiii and Maraiit-Lcniniii ideoio.y. cnmnuiiod lo tlimintiiion cf Arab retime* ai til ai brarl


Ft"tiail> in Syria ind Lebanon


Swat Comma*Cl




M; rejeto pgUii <al nNum. Hprom araacd


1tkan tOOu Va<>







6 Mav m;


Military Facilities Inder Surveillance?

US milUary facilities in Gieece have reported three separate instances of possible surveillance by unknown "dark-complected" individuals. Greek gate guards at the Nea Makri Naval Communications Station reported two menoman photographed the installationpril On the same day. three men photographed JUSMAAG personnel as they left ibe Athens headquarters. On the evening ofpril, three menotorcycle were observed apparently watching

Ihe home of the US defense

picked up Ihe slory.

s^wing stalked by three unidentified killers.





of Leaders Set Back Insurgents

Guerrilla plans io intensify terrorism in San Salvador have been bur: by

capture of key urban commanders

those captured include the chief ofForces <of the two largest guerrillatoull-time operatives in the capital The rebel leaderwith code books for communicating wiih insurgent headquartersThe Metro Prom's chief of logistics also was arrcsic-'it arrests have prom pled the rebels to move up planning for a

the US Embassy I

In addition, the National Guardocal labor leader said toebel agent in an agricultural union In another blow, ihe guerrillas have publicly admittedcmae rcxl jgjdcrcaptured in central El Salvador.

Hshc represented one the five rebelibe first round of peace talks in October.

The arrests suggest that gCT^rmncnjrccs arc hecomiig more adept

penetrating insurgent

guerrilla faction responsible (or fomenting insurrection within worker and student (SI groups in the capital have been warned io restrict their movements and to improve security. The arrests also tend to support previous reporting that the guerrillas may have infiltratederrorists into the capital over the last few monihs |

Significant DotltiprrK-nti

France-West Germany Cofounder of FRG Neo-Nazi Terrorist Croup Arrested

Onpril in Paris, authorities arrested leadingterrorist Odfricd Hepp. Hcpp had been associated with the banned West German extreme rightwing Hoffman Military Spore Group.long with Walther Kexel (who committed suicide in prison lasteppmall rightwing terrorist group that came to be known as the Kexcl-Hcpp Group. In addition to robbing banks, it conducted several bombing attacks against US military personnel in West Germany. It also advocated joining forces wilh lefiwing extremists to eradicate tS influence in West Germany, rive of its six members were arrestednd only Hcpp hadd at large. Hepp is being held in Paris pending extradition proceedings. I



IsraelSentences Handed Down Against Jewish Terrorists

Onpril, David Bcn-Shimol was sentenced to life imprisonment for murder

and auemp,ed murder. This is the stillest sentence givenewish terrorist io

date.ormer sergeant in the Israeli Defense Forces, was convicted ofocket into an Arab bus last October and ofrenade into an Arab cafe in Jerusalem last September. One Arab passenger was killed in the rocket attack ^

Onpril, three other convicted Jewish terrorists received sentences of imprisonment ranging between two and three years for participation in the attempt to blow up the Dome of the Rock mosque in Jerusalem inhe Jerusalem District Court sentenced Dan Been to five years in prison, with two years suspended, for planning the attack and for possessing and transporting weapons. Yosef Edri was sentenced toonths in jail, withonths suspended, for helping toelony and for possessing arms and explosives. Finally. Uri Maiermonth prison term, with six months suspended, for belongingerrorist organization, attempting to cause serious damage, and possessing and transporting arms.


Rbllil ntiim







CoutI Justice Assassinated in Medellin

Justice Alvaro Medina Ochoa was sunned down outside his residence on the nightpril by two menotorcycle. Medina had been repeatedly threatened by reputed narcotics traffickers because of his investigations into the drug trade. Medina was the eighth judicial official killed in the pastonths. Most of the victims were prosecutors ar judges and almost all were shot by assassins on motorcycles


Dressed as Government Soldiers Attach Hamlet

pril,uerrillas dressed in-uniform* of the El SaKadoran Armed Forces entered the small village of Santa Cruz Loma and executed off-duty members of the civil defenseotal ofeople were killed or missing, including four children who were burned to death. Leaflets and graffiti left at the scene indicate thai the Popular Liberation Forces of the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front conducted the attack in order to neutralize theman civil defense unit. The auack was probably also intendedarning io other villages in the area not to cooperate with government troops.^


Murdered by Tamil Terrorists

pril. Tamil insurgents killed three members of ihe Muslim minority suspected of cooperating with government security forces. Two were killed while prayingosque. This incident, and mmors of further violence againsi members of the Muslim community, sparked riots that left betweenndamils dead and more0 homeless. Sinhalese youths reportedly helped organize the Muslim riots. Security forces did little to prevent anti-Tamil violence and may have actually aided the


AfUt Coup

|Libya has begun to infiltrate Sudanese dissidents and money into Sudan and has activated agents in place in preparation tor subversive and possibly terrorist activity. Although some Libyan agents were picked Lp while trying to infiltrate through Egypt the day after the coup, others who reportedly plan to enter on flights from Syria may have greater success

vulnerability of US interests has increased,

jtfi because Sudan's internal security organization is in disarray, and because large numbers of Sudanese dissidents formerly backed by Libya were released from sail along with other political prisoners of the old regime Some of these dissidents targeted US interests in the past.1


Finn ii Ft nn 3i


African Rebel Croup Suffers Seriots Setbacks

Tbe arrestigh-ranking Pan Afncamtt Congress tPACi leader inin March and the forced retreat of many of the group's membersin early April have further diminished the already weak capabilities of

[Neither Botswana normi however, will allow the group to run operations out of their countries.i


Lebanese Armed Revolutionary Faction il.ARFi it among Ihe most lethal terrorist organizations operating in Europe. Its virulent ami-American, arm-Zionist orientation has made the group Ihe scourge of American and Israeli diplomats in France. The LARF probably has been responsible for at least eight allacU againsi US and Israeli targets on ihe continent sinceilling rive persons and Mounding four

Thr compoMiion and orgamaiioa ofRT remained largely unknown ur.nlher Italian and French security forces arrested three members of the;

Although these counter terrorist successes would seem to have impaired the LARFs ability lo conduct operations in Europe, itsit-American, arth-/1 posture makesontinuing threat to I'S and Israeli interests there and in the Middle East. Moreover, because of their arrests of LARFtaly and France have also been threatened by ihe


RF Record

Thenown orxrauons in Europe to dale have consisted of firearm and bomb attacks against LS and Israeli diplomatic targets The organ it alion first came to lighi in France when the "Lebanese Armed Rcvolulionaryal-Masri grojp" claimed responsibility for the attempted assassination of US Charge Christian Chapman in Paris onttackers using the same nom de guerre claimed credit for the murder of US assistant defense attache Charles Ray, who was shotans .treel onince then, the LARF has claimed responsibility for the folio* .fig attack*:

J2 insraeli diplomat Yaacov Bar Simantov was murderedemale assailantandgun in ihe lobby of his apartmetii housc.

2 in Pans. US Commercial Counselor Roderick Gram was the laigct of an attempted car bombing. The bomb was spottedasserby who called police Two membersrench bomb disposal unitkilled as they tried to disarm the device

II2 in Para. Amosember of the Israeli Defense Purchasing Mission, and two other menseriously woundedomb attached to their vehicle exploded

4 in Rome, Leamon R. Hum. Director General of ihe Mulu-Naiional Observer Force for the Camp David Accords, was shoi and killed ouisidc his home.'

4 in Strasbourg. US Consul General Robert Homme was woundedanistol ai him as he sat in his vehicle H

On JI2 in Paris, three masked men fired automatic weapons a: the Israeli Consulate No casualties resulted, and damage was minimal

We know neither where nor whenRF was founded Prior to iis attack on Chapman int was noi known to any US or European security or intelligenceFLP-SC

carried out bombings against Jewish and moderate Arab targets in widely separated countries, but never attacked an American target. Moreover, the group appears lo have been in some disarray for the past several years The LARF. conversely, hold* the United States responsible for Israeli intervention in Lebanon, and has focused primarily on American diplomatic targets throughout its existence.


WhenRF surfaced in Europeany observers suspected it was an orl'shool of one of the many Palestinian terrorist organizations. The group does have some Palestinian connccti

European Ties

The LARF may also bc linked to European terrorists who share its Marxist-Leninist ideology.


Intalian police arrested Josephine Abdu at the Rome airport. She probably was traveling through Europe closing down LARF safchouses in several locations. Abdu remains under arrest in Italy, and the Italians have announced plans to try her and Mansuri beginning in May. Firyal Dahir and Jacqueline Esber will be tried in absentia at the same time. |

In response to these arrests, the LARF earlier this year threatened "bloody reprisals" againsi France and Italy if ihc ihrcc "armed strugglers" were not released. Onarch the director of the French Cultural Center in Tripoli wasandwritten communique deliveredews agency office In Beirut claimed thai members of the LARF had "arrested" ihc diplomat and "would not be responsible for his safety" unless France released iheir comrade Abdallah. The director was unharmed.!

ie evidence that commiued crimes in France was weak, and pressure was mounting for his release in any case

pril, however. French police achieved thebreak lon their investigations

wereans salehouscuscdDy ihc group. In the house theyajor armsthe

on information provided by the Italians. French police in Lyon arrested "Sa'di" in October, iniilally charging him with carrying forged passports

weapon; according"'0 ballistic lesls, lhal had been usedill both Ray and Bar SimantoyJ-

ie new evidence has the trench to charge Abdallah with complicity in several of the LARF attacks in France. His fate, like that of Mansuri and Abdu in Italy, now rests in the hands of judicial authorities.|

Many questions remain io be answered aboui Ihe LARF.

The recent arresis probably reduce ihe immediate threat of violence from the LARF. Most, if not all, of lhe hardcore members probably have now returned to Lebanon. If Ihey wish to resume operations in Western Europe, they will need toew base there. Even after its losses, however, the LARFangerous foe of US, Israeli, and Jewish interests in the Mediterranean littoral. The French and Italians also remain at risk as long as they continue to hold LARF members, and their diplomats in Lebanon are especially vulnerable.

The above article is



Scndero Luminosonsurgents have expanded <hcir aica* of operation over the past year or to and are carrying out ac active terrorist campaign in the south-central emergency /one. but the overall level ,ind effectiveness of their activity declined Lu, year Improved performance of the Peruvian security forces und growing revulsion among Peruvians over the insurgents' wanton violence appear to be constraining the group Nevertheless, the guerrillasormidable challenge for ihe government, and their prospects may improve if tbe next administration, which takes office in July, faib to deal successfully wilh major economic difficulties

Ayacucbo: The Sendcru luminoui Heartland

In recent months the security forces have begun to make progress in combating Scndero Luminoso in iu original base area io Ayacucho and ehewhere ia the south-central highlands. The improvement is due in partecision by the Army last May to establish someounter!nsurgency bases, from which units of upen have engaged in aggressive patrolling. Early last year the Army began forming peasani defense groups Although poorly armed, ihese organisations have frequently stymied Ihe insurgents In addition, the government is trying to win lhe confidence of peasants in lhe south-central emergency zone through small-scale development projects, although lack of funding has hampered ihese efforts.

The mobility of ibe guerrillas and lhe wcll-cntrcnched support network they have developed over the lastears have prevented the armed forces from dealingrippling blow Nevertheless, ihc insurgents no longer dominate the region ihe way the) dsd0nstead, the shift in the military's approach has pui Sendcro Luminoso increasingly on lhe defensi'

In addition. Scndero Luminoso has increased its use ofoccasionally wiping oul entirein nn attempt to deler villagers from cooperating with tbe government Members of the Peruvian security forces have been accused -both by Scndero Luminoso and by several human rightsalso committing atrocities against villagers in contested areas Lending support io such allegaisons. mass graves containing dozens of corpses of peasant* bearing marks of torture have been discovered in various parts of the emergency zones. The culpability of the military in these deaths has noi been firmly established, nevctthelcss. entire highland communities, fearing violence on the pari of the security forcevas well as the insurgents, reportedly have been abandoning their ancestral homes for the relative safety of Lima and other citie

Upper lluallaKa Region

In an apparent attempt to reduce military pressure against its forces in lhe south-central emergency zone. Ser.dero Luminoso began operation* in lhe upper Huallaga river valleyear ago. The openingecond insurgent from contributed to the impression that the movement was rapidly growing, bai HJlllVBJHBJHBHBHHJHHHflhc failed toecure foothold there. Unlike in soma-central Peru, where the insurgents over the years built an extensive grassroots network, they have been hampered in the upper Huullaga valleyack of advance picparations.


guerrilla* found such low receptivity is thai the inhabit jnis of this traditional coca-growing region believe that an SL presence would threaten iheir drug-trafficking income by attracting lhe attention of ihc security forces. ^

In addition,apid response by ibe military has been crucial in deterring tbeast July the armed forcesew emergency zone for


ihc upper lluullagN region. By calling up reserve uniis. DM Army was ableeal wuh the threat in the norlh-ccoual highlands without reducing pressure on the insurgents in theajor offensive last September (ailed in its mission of encircling SI units, but il prevented the guerrfllasfrorn solidifying their presence in the upper Huallaga. Subsequent military operations have forced the guerrillas to lice inlo adjacent areas where they have been reducedonducting sporadic attacks against government forces. On the negative side, however, the military's fear of jeopardizing its countcrinsurgcncy campaign by alienating local cocagrowers led it to lemporanly blocfc vigorous policeorts earlier this year.

Terrorism In Lima

The SL infrastructure in Lima, which had been crippled by the arrest of several urban commanders inesumed operations early this year by bombing Ihc headquarters of two major political parties and assassinating several police officers The complicated nature of many of these attacks, alongew willingnessonduct daytime operations, suggests lhal tbe insurgents probably haveeir terrorist network ia (he capital The cost to the movef resuming operations there remains high, however, because the security forces continue io identify and arresi SL members.j

Nevertheless. Scndero Luminoso benefit* inbyampaign of urbanguerrilla actions in lhe remoteoften go unnoticed by theattacks in the capital receivethereby enhancing the insurgents' imagemajor revolutionary force. During the vuii ofPaul II in February, various SI. operationsunderscored the movement's fljii for

terrorism is potentially destabilizing because it tends to undermine public confidence in lhe ability of ihc civilian authorities to mainuin order.

Flection Offenslse

In early March. Scndero Luminoso began an offensive reportedly designed to disrupt the national election* onpril.imilar atiempt to undermine municipal elections in3

generally failed to achieve iu objective, it did result in the cancellation of voting in part of the south-central emergency zone. The evident goal of the latest insurgents to force voters 'especially those in rural aiea* where SLtrongest -to boycott the elections. To prevent Ibis from occurring, the military used0 troops to provide security utolling places throughout the

'consequence, the SL effortonce again largcl unsuccessful. |


Despite ils setbacks over the past year, the dispersion, mobility, and self-sufficiency of Scnderoalong with an intelligent reluctance to engage lhe miliiary ino deny the armedecisive victory. For the mosi part, guerrilla attacks have been directed against isolated Civil Guard posts, peasant self-defense groups, and vulnerable policemen in the cities The cyclical nature of SLby alternating periods of vigorous action and relativeenabled lhe guerrillas not only io regroup and replenish their supply of arms, bui alio to rest and recuperate after sustained offensives. The group's continuing independence from foreign support or d: reel ion. |

practice of obtainingHer by iheft or attacks on security forces also have contributed io ihc movement's durability by making it virtually invulnerable lo interdiction efforts.|

The spread of the insurgency to new regions and its entrenched strength in the south-central emergency zone indicate that the government will be forced to continue to devoic sizable numbers of soldiers to the counierinsurgency effort in coming months. If Peru's new guerrilla group, the Revolutionary Movement-Tupac Amaru, were to begin sustained operations, this would further lax the security forces and probably provide more breathing room for Scndero Luminoso. (There is little evidence that Tupac Amaru u, planning any such offensive, however 11

The SL goaluccessful nationwide revolution appears illusory,leasi in the near term, but



the government may need five toears to suppress the guerrillas. Although the group seems to have lost Ihe momentum it demonstrated early in President Bclaunde'* administration, SL leaders probably arc buoyed by Peru's deepening economic difficulties. They may reason that these difficulties will present new revolutionary opportunities in Ihe years ahead.











Terrorism Diary for June J

Belowompendium of June dales of known or conceivable significance to terrorists around the world. Our inclusionate or event should not by itself be construed to suggest that we expeci orommemorative terrorist event. |

Palestinians. During this month. Syria entered the civil conflict in Lebanon on the side of the Christian Phalange and against the Palestinians and their Muslim allies. In response. Palestinian renegade Abu Nidal renamed his terrorist group (then based in Iraq) the Black June Organization and began attacking Syrian targets.

Kenya, Beginning of self-government. Celebrated as Madaraka Day. Cameroon. Proclamation of the republic. Greece. Proclamation of ihe republic.

Italy. Dale of the referendum in which Italian votersepublican form of government.

Wen Germany. Leftist student Benno Ohnesorg killed during demonstration in West Berlin. The terroristune Movement (remnants of which eventually joined the Red Army Faction) look its name from this incident.

Tonga. Independence Day.

Ghana, Jerry Rawlings takes power for the first time. Israel. Lebanon. First Israeli bombing of Beirut. Honduras. Constitutional republic reestablished. Middle East. Beginning of Six-Day Wur. Egypt- Reopening of Sue? Canal.

Seychelles. Overthrow of President Mancham by Albert Rene. Celebrated as Liberation Day.

Israel. Lebanon. Israeli forces invade Lebanon.

India. Army storms Sikh Golden Temple in Amritsar. ending most radical Sikh terrorism. This act considered "desecration" even by mainstream Sikhs. Sikh Akali Dal political party has designated first week of June "Genocide Week."








88 I!4








Republican constitution adopted

Chad, Hissene Habrc seize* N'djamena.

Palestinians. Founding ot* icrroriit (roup Savqa (Thunderbolt I.

Oman. Popular From for the Liberation of Oman (PFLOl begins armed struggle.

Sudan. ProcUmation of southern autonomy.

Samih Africa. Three African National Congress (ANC) terrorists hanged.

Argemtina, Unitedte from which Argentina claims sovereignly over Falkland Islands (Islaselebrated in Argentina as Vlalvinas Day.

IJtya. Transfer of US bases to Libyan control. Celebratedaeuaiion Day.

Philippinti- Proclamation of Ihe republic. Celebrated as Independence Day

Hungary. Founding of Hungarian Socialist Workers'"Pany

North Yemen. Coup by Col Ibrahim al-Hamidi (accession of Second Corrective Movementj.

.YnWi Arabia. Death of King Khalid and accession of King Fahd.

FA Salvador. Founding of Armed Forces of National Resistance (FARM.

i led Kingdom. Argentine surrender ends Falkland Islands conflict.

Japan, limited Stain. Signing of Japan-US Security Treaty. Violent protests by-leftist opponents of the treaty were common on this date through.

tl Salvador. Communist Party, under Soviet and Cuban pressure, adopts policy of armed struggle; its fighting elements are called Armed Forces of Liberation


Nicaragua. Somoza regime National Guardnsurrectionists near US bmbauy.

South .Africa. Riots in Socio

Icelamd. Anniversary of tbe republic. Celebrated as Independence Day. East mud West Germany. Berlin uprising.

France. Mysterious disappearance of Guy Orsoni, leader of Corsican separatist group National Front for ihe Liberation of Corsica (FLNCl.

JuneProclamation of the republic. Celebrated at Evacuation Day.

JuneIndependence Day.

S Overthrow or Ahmed Ben Bella. Celebrated a* Revolutionary Recovery


2ti Juneworld. Id al-Fltramadan,

JuneYemen. Coup by National Liberauoe Front.

Current grand duke's birthday. Celebrated as National Day.

King's Day.

Juneand South Korea. North Korea invades South Korea, beginning Korean


Founding of the Front for the Liberation of Mozambique

(FRELIMOl. Celebrated5 as Independence Day.

JuneIndependence Day.

Independence DayemJuneIndependence Day

JuneIndependence Day

JuneIndependence Day.

Chronology of

Below art described noteworthy foreign and international lerrorisi eventt and counirrterrorism developments ihai have occurred or come to light ttnee our tan Issue Events and developments that have already been deicribed elsewhere In this publication are not Included.

Homes af PACaadASC members attacked The grenade, and small-arms tire wounded one person stifhUy. The attacks may have been unofficial retaliation by Lesotho's security forces for the mistaken killing of one of their members by ANC rccruits.B


Bank: Israeli deputy mayor killed in al-Birah. /alman Abulnik was shotm handgun. The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine claimed credit in the name of its "Martyr Abu al-Ghadab Forces" and pledged to carry out further such operations.


Government claims SWAPO abducted eight civilians in two incidents in Cham bo. One of theather of two whose children were also abducted, was reportedly killed shortly afterward


Explosion kills one man, wounds five others in central Tehran. An Iranian official indicated ihc dead man may have beenomb that blew up prematurely. H


ambushes traffic on road north of Maputo. Tbe attack, carried out with machinegunsocket launcher, left sevcncrviliaos-including three provincialand five wounded. I


Kurdish guerrillas kidnap two employees of Japanese computer company.

The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan reportedly kidnaped the two engineers to protest Japanese involvement in Iraq's economic development H

J> sjoo*

Hay mt

Wen Germany: Attempt lo enter military supply depot thwarted near yeukirchen. Three men in Bundcswchr (Army) uniforms approached ihc entranceerman Army jeep, but departed white The guard was checking ihc access roster. The driver was initially identifiedember of lhe Red Army Faction, but German authorities now doubt lhal the RAF was involved. |

Ivory Coast: Burkinabe distidem residing in Abidjan hilled. Therominent businessman, wasriend of the Ivorian President. The Ivorian Government has publicly accused the Burkinabe regime of sponsoring the shooting.M

BoIMa: Ex-Army captain assassinated on his farm, apparently by MIR. The late Carlos Hclguero Larrcn was believed io have been involved in the murder of eight leaders of the Movement of the Revolutionary Left (MIR)l|

Chile: Two bombs cause minor damage in Santiago mall housing US banking facilities. Il is not known whether the Chase Manhattan or First National City Bank offices were ihe intended targets.

Portugal:obs bank in Fao. sets off bomb in Oporto. The blast, ai the offices of the Secretary of State, caused extensive damage, but no injuries. Shortly afterward, anember was killedhootout with police and two others were wounded and arrested.

Sri Lanka: Train bombed on eve ofrisli by British Prime Minitter. The explosionoman and injured ihree other persons as the train pulled inio the station at Colombo's Katunayake Airport. Sri Lankan officials believe the Tamil insurgents probably were trying to embarrass the government before the arrival of Mrs. Thulcher the following day.|

Chile: Rath of bombings causes minor injuries to three persons. The targets, nine in Santiago and seven in the provinces, were lampposts, high-tension lines, and buses. The Manuel Rodriguez Patriotic From, which has conducted such attacks in the past, probably was responsible I

Peru: Sendero Luminoso unii raids National Commerce School. An armed group ofoung men cnicrcd ihc school in Cerro deilometers southeast of Lima. Two teachers who refused lo shout subversive slogans were brutally beaten and left in critical condition.!

Spain: French warehouse destroyed in San Sebastian fire. Three other buildings were also damaged in an arson attack by suspected Basque Fatherland and Liberty Il'.'i'Amembers

Portugal: Industrialist in Oporto killed by bomb planted in car. No croup has claimed responsibility, but the terrorist grouphich has frequently targeted landowners and businessmen, is

Chile: Two members of Manuel Rodriguez Patriotic Front apprehended. The two men were charged with bombing the offices of the newpapcr La Naciort onarch. ^

Nicaragua: Catholic bishop survives rocket grenade attack on car. No group claimed credit for the attack on US citizen Salvador Schlaefer, who serves as bishop for Nicaragua's Atlantic coast

Mozambique: RENAMO deliberately targeting international reliefNICEF relief project was attacked and destroyed and the sole official present atortuguese agricultural expert was abductedeparate attack on the same day


Tupac Amaru detonates four bombs, airs subversive message in Lima. The extent of bomb damage is unknown. The group had alsoadio address by President Belaunde tominule statement denouncing the middle class.H


Bomb damages power transformer near Toulouse. The explosionomentary loss of electricity at Aerospatiale. France's largest aerospace complex. Although no group claimed responsibility, antifascist slogans were scrawled on nearby walls

Two bombs damage homes in Ajaccio. No group has claimed credit, but Corsican separatists were probably responsible.^


Several policemen in Pamplona founded when boobytrapped car explodes. No group has claimed responsibility. I

ljuge ETA arms cache discovered at private villa iuA Basque separatist sympathizer tipped off police to Ihe location ofthe long-buried cache and then committed suicide.ons of explosives, along with antitank rockets and other munitions, were recovered.


Authorities expel Libyan carrying falseibyan who, together with his family, entered Belgium in February under the name Omar Ehmcida, claiming tooctor, has been expelled for possession and use of false documents. Under the name Omar al-Sudani, he was the press attache at the Libyan People's Bureau in London inhen the British policewoman was killed there.

Lebanon: Israeli Air force attacksase in Bekaa Valley. The raid near Barr llya* apparently was in retaliationrevious DFLP operation ^

tailed Kingdom: British amtkoritiet deport Libyan inspected afttirtiies. Mohammad Ah al-Ati had workedibyan Atab Airlines traffic caficer at Heathrow Airpon for Ihe previous rive years. |

Lebanon: four unidentified gunmen kidnap aad release acting rice president af

American University of Beirut. Georgesebanese Maronite Christian, was abducted from his apartment in West Bcirui and held for someours. He could not identify his captors, and no group has claimed responsibility for the kidnaping. |


Peru: Sendero Uminoto plunges Lima lata darkness omce mare, for tbe second time this year. Sendero Luminoso guerrilla* struck at Metropolitan Lima's electrical transmission pylons, blacking out ihc capital area, alongilomcter coastal strip foeagproximaiely one hour. This wash such attack by the group2

Peru: Terrorists rob restaurant and abduct tchoolgirls in Cerro de Pasco. The terrorists chanted subversive slogans and siole food before fleeing into the mountains with their hostages. B|

Mew Hank Explosion near bus trans port tag Israeli workers in Jerusalem. There were no casualties.adio broadcast from Baghdad. Fatah claimed responsibility for the attack |

Israel: Police defuse bomb in Ramai-EskoL Police detained several suspects, but all were later released. No group has yet claimed responsibility. ^

West Bank: Israeli and Arab cabdrivers murdered. .An Israeli cab driver was shot in the beadillage north oflaim of responsibility by the PLO prompted threat* of revenge from somend onpril an Arab cab-driscr wq* found shot dead on almost the same spot where the other bodv had

India: Assassination attempts against Sikh politicians in Punjab. In separate incidents, gunmen believed to be radical Sikhsikh general secretary of the ruling Congress III Party and the leaderikh group close to the party. The assailant* escaped and no group has claimed resporsibiliiy Both viciim* had been accused by radicals of collaborating with the Hindu central government |

Taiwan: former military intelligence chief sentenced in murder of Chinese-American journalist. Vice Adm. Wong Hsi-ling was sentenced lo life in prison for his pan in the murder. Two subordinates convicted with him received three-year terms. ^|

20Firebomb explodes in Dublin store selling South African products. The

device caused no casualties, because police had evacuated the storerish National Liberation Army, which has conducted anliapurtheid terrorist

acts before, claimed credit, equating apartheid with British rule in Northern Ireland. INLA does not usually slage attacks io the Irish Republic.


the device remain unknown.

22Tupac Amaru takes over radio station, broadcasts message. An MRTA

guerrilla band briefly look over Radio Inti at Colliquc,ilometers north of Lima and ordered the stalT ioaped appeal for armed struggle against ihe government. B

23Moderate newspaper editor wounded. Ahmad Jarallah was shot six times

Htillil Ftbim (CI

unman who escapedailing car. His published views were pro-Saudi, pro-Egyptian, and critical of Palestinian extremism, the Iranian regime, and Iraq's territorial ambitions in Kuwait. The Arab Revolutionary Br

credit for the attack.

24Suspected Sendero Lumiuoso terrorists seriously wound elections board

chief. The assailantsuitcase tilled with dynamite at his car and ihen sprayed the vehicle with machincgun fire. The official. Domingo Garcia Rada, was responsible for the official vote count of the first round of thepril presidential election.

26Bomb wounds Syrian diplomat. Dr. Ahmad Saker. plenipotentiary

minister to the United Nations in Geneva, and his wife were slightly woundedomb exploded under the hood of their car. Three passcrsby were also slightlyecond bomb was found and defused in another Syrian diplomatic vehicle. No one has claimed credit for the bombings. I

Switzerland: Libyan Airlines office bombed in Genera. There were apparently no casualties in the blast, but windows were shatteredards of the building. Swiss police are questioning two young Arabs, one of whom reportedly admitted placing the bombs. |

Israel: Police explosives expert wounded trying to defuse bomb. The bomb had been planted near some cooking gas cylinders in an apartment building in the lown of Kiryat Malachi,ilometers northeast of the Gaza strip. Israeli police detainedrabs for questioning. H

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