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Prioe Minister Rajiv Gandhi has Introduced sweeping economic reforms that promise to encourage imports of sophisticated western technology and boost India's ability to manufacture its own high-tech products. esult, India will offer an increasingly attractive target for

Indiaigh Technology Target

After decades of slow and uneven growth, India has developedizable heavy industrial sector and an impressive economic Infrastructure, and Is poised for an unprecedented expansion into high-tech areas such as electronics and computers. We believe the scope for such growth is vast-Indiaroad range of scientific activityarge reservoir of highly educated and technically-trained manpower. MB

Gandhi has already liberalized key aspects of India's over-regulatedrules on foreign collaboration and import/export policiesto fuel efforts to acquire new technology. He is eager to make Indiangoods competitiveorld markets, and the development of computer

I'taare for exporteceiving particular emphasj!

_oners of high

technology oy several ptner Western countries will help pave the way to modernization. S

New technology will make India an Increasingly attractive target to the Soviets andouble challenge to the International control regime on technology transfer. On the one hand. Increased Imports of controlled technologies will offer expanded opportunities for diversion. On the other, India's ability to produce high-technology Items of interest to the Soviets Is likely to grow significantly during the next decade.J

Q|doctors combine to makearticular technology transfer target:

New Delhi's close and long-standing relations with Moscow.

India's large, active, and capable scientific cotmtunity. [ndo-Soviet Ties

The close Indo-*

For the Soviets, India's growing Interestxpanded ties with the West and its quest for advanced technology presenthallenge and an opportunity.

isciplines enables Soviet scientists to profit from access to their Indian counterparts. We have no evidence that formal trade agreements themselves promote illegal technology transfer.

scientists in India informal contacts with collea technolo

were trained in the US and have retained

Indian Security Practices

officials believe their security procedures are adequate to deny the Soviets access to Western technology within the government, the raili-and public sector enterprises.

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