Created: 9/10/1985

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TEXT; i. in lateRESIDENT NKERDERED THE MINISTER Op JUSTICE jutO LAUNCH AN IMMEDIATE INVESTIGATION OF NEW INFORMATION OBTAINED by DUARTE ABOUT THE MURDER OF archbishop OF san salvador oscar ARNULFO (IRuMEROJl. DUARTE instructed SaMAYOa to EMPLOY THE special investicative unit (SIU) and its oversight COMMISSION TO COMPLETE THE investigation BY THE END OF OCTOBER5 ANDTO arrest ANY SUSPECTS implicated BY THE NEW EVIDENCE. fjBfJA 1MENT NO INFORMATION is AVAILABLE ON the CONTENT OF tnbbmbf evidence. THE SIU was OR[GINALLY established to investigate THEUNE zona rosa massacre BUT WAS eventually to assume other responsibilities.)

ON the new information obtained byinfluential salvadoran citizens are implicated

in the romero murder case. the new evidence does not appear to incriminate nationalist republican alliance (arena) presidentbrieta, but several of his associates abe possible suspects. samayoa. who heads the siu oversight commission which consists of private secretary to the president ALVaRO

renes and vice-minister of interior carmen amalia barahona pantojaxpressed concern for his personal safety and that of the other commission members, samayoa indicated thai "powerful

people" in the SALVADORaN society would be investigated

and that this could lead to threats against the lives of commission membebs.

enthusiasm following the arrestmembers of the terrorist group whichzona rosa massacre led to HIS DECISION toA SIMILAR investigation of ROMERO'Sis CONFIDENT THAT the information whichTO SAMAYOA WILL LEAD to the arrest of ONESUSPECTS IN THE ROMERO murder case. his goalMAINTAIN THE MOMENTUM of public support generatedzona ROSA investigation byimilarOF THE SIU'S findings in the romero CASE.

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