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lTilKES VOEK RBOCRAMan Salvador Radion Span

tha period granted expired, and In view of the FSUTe rejection, the undersigned voiced ouri.ion to continue filing togetherront, while Tim granting priorityolitical solution that would. our people iron Suffl-'ng In solidarity with our fellow citizens' dexocr.tle aspirations, reacting^ tn. upport

our alliance,

the undersized .greed that as of today,vill become the Nicaragua Opposition the organisation lr, charge of conducting the efforts by democraticall front* of

u. reiterate before our people and the vorld that our demands to th. FAX stem fromh.storicsl corsalr-ent to obtain the reconciliation of RicraiuVs children aid Cnuln, imae*wythe country's moral

Vt runraarise our three commitments as follows:

^clonal reeoncillatioat Thisriority task, and itased ca entotal pardon for political and related crimes, which will be applicabl. to everyto strengthen judicial branch, the abolition ofoade inepecclonj, the .bolitico of the death penalty, the inallesabl.self-defense, the denilitsritation of society; restitution for arbitrary andeoccitted, and the enhancement cf cures, sach as ourand cultural values. . '


the incTlenaMlity^of all fundamentalb*rUes7

- .

Transition toward desoctacy recuires the establishmenteoell*atioaackedetlve forces, waicrr-wSllhav. among Its basic teskj tV.

f free elections forconstituent assembly. The reconciliation government Should not extendcer.period during which the electoral processes vill be supervised by lnter-Amerlcaa organisations.

vVf^ls for national reconstruction: Tbe fundamental basis for nationalouldew social pact. This new *ociel pact will b. based on the .suitable responsibility and participationectors of the civil society In th. efforts as veil as equitable benefit*.


vill he la ha.TMty with social justice and political freedom

to generate trust Id all of th, country',

Ve stress that che right, cf peasant* .mi vo.ker. are amvtaacal elects of social peace and Eh.tth.ss element, together -fill bvUnesreen and professional. vlll ba t^ .


national .tenony, but eh. currant centralVoBIo be abolished. Theonciliatieo'. govarnmant vill reorganir. the sc.ee institutions ando th.o* all those productio. and trade activities andervices that sector can fc.adl. mors efficiently for the sax. of th.b,lnf.. ua vher. the civilian soci.iy willsoleossible and th. scace role will only be as large asecessary.

^^ne'otMrI loi.B"lc" The FSXJCtoIt Coata lh-Central America. a?2: murder of tvofee, that country, ia=i-

SMkt^nn' "m" T-a ask ctiv. force, and govertn.nts to join th. efforts to bring peace

and democracy te- Klcar.gu. vith specific .od eff.-tiee initiatives. Cod save Nicaragua.

.Signed] Cal.ro, Arturo Croi, Alfonso Pobclo

Bobelo Discuss Croup

an Salvador EL DIAWO DE BOX ia Spanishanp1

(Text] Despite th. .anouncemeaes ebout oev Saodiclst offensive..villov-rstruggl. until ve liberal.car.guam oppositionCa3.ro laid yesterday. Be added that the Kiearaguan Opposition Unity lUNOiand dew racy la Vicaragus and that it hopes that thevlll

support then vith specific initiatives. Asked if UTO villcvcrra.at In exile Alfonsolies that suchgovernment is ore necessary becausa tbey hov. .lr.adyritory ln Kicaragua.

Be stated emphatically that th. opposition dees notamps ia Eoodurea or Costa Aica. All the forces that are fighting are in Kicaragua. he stressed.

Ee said that the Sandinist gov.rca.at ba. not kept the ccr=Imeats it mad. at the IScb moating of OAS foreign ministers in Washington Jt ha. notovernment thathe opposition forces and ii bas oot stopped violating fcaaunaer.cognlr. that thelccs vere . farce,d.

Regardingsaid that he vas Invited to sign theirstatement but CSO seeks national eo=aclleatloo and enfortvaabely, Pastora's record shov. that ha lose, important elllea. Besr.cn vho likes to voik alonehink that the liberation of Klcarago*ask that belongs to all democratic Mcstaguans. Bobelo said.

Bobelo said rhat be. Arturodolfo Calero, struggled against Somoaa, vera imprisoned, snd are nov struggling together for their country's; libcracloo. Calero said thst Pastor, has. aid snd has even sought it. Pastora Sc nov ln Washington.


The aid thee theyfrom the Baited States or ft or any organise! icr or groupchanneled aad distributed through the UNO,added

vould have liked it If Pastor* tad signedose document. UNO vill respect whatever Faecora decides io do aod lt vill cc.tlnuc its struggle.

R*gan:ing.ie blockade against the SaoClnlst goverr-eni, Robelo explained lhat this. decision. The fact that Ortega requested aid from cocaunlst countries above that Nicaragua Is vlthin the Soviet orbit. The world sees itoviet satellite, he said. . embargo, he added, has not weakened the Sandinist* because they obtained European aid.

Calero said that some countries did not view. attituderad* embargo. Nevertheless, Spain cut off the eoraierclal credits to Kleeragua, Venezuela is not supplying it vith petroleum, and Havieo suspended petroleum shiprents. Tht Central American countries have practically no trade vith Nicaragua.

If tha United States establishes ao embargo and the Europeans help Ortega, those are sovereign decisions and on* muse raspect them. Ve will carry out our struggle to achieve peace and democracy. We must respect whatever other countries decide vith icgerd to economic relatione vith Sandinism, Rob*lo explained.

Regarding the Sandinist attack on the la Penca base, they explained that Pastor* is the one vho should comment on thla. The base vas on the banks cf the San Juan River.

Caleroeneral overview of the ellltary situation is Nicaragua as far ss the Nicsraguan Democratic Force IFDK] la concerned. Re said thatlashes he* beer, waged iXsansly and Sandinist garrisons have been destroyed. The biggest blow vas in El Castro, inarge amount cf. supplies vas seised. The FDN haa taken the var to the southern half of Nicaragua. It has cut off roads and plans to take the action to the heart of the country, Kanegua.

ARDE Criticize UNO

anama City ACAN la8 OTTia F5

(Text) San Salvador,un (ACAN-EFE)Tha Nlcaraguan Democratic Revolutionary Allianceeaded by Eden Pastors, criticisedciay tht creation of tbt

Wictraguao Opposition Union (UW)^yMchyont'ct- scisiicn 'io Ul Nlcaraguan conflict

rranclscoiPP^rleuer; ASDE's number tvo political official, told ACAN-EFE thatfelt thst the creation of UNO ves "preeature." Rodriguez describedt "top-level" organization, since not all of the forces tr-at eppeje tt*wort Inforaed. Be added that not even ARDE's secretary general,Edeo Pasiora (Ccrmnander*aa informed about tht creation' cf "UNO."

This new organization "should have begun by Ironing out the existing differences between the fcrcet that are struggling against.th* Niearsguanodriguez said. However, Rodriguez said, on behalf of ARDE "ve approve of tte creation of UNO, because It seeks an end to the situation the Nlcaraguan people arc ensuring."

AlfonsoArturo Crve, and Adolfo Calero. leadersxposition to the Sandinist government, tcncimced today in this capital that USO comprises at leastrganizations that will fight in tht political arena.

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