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Meanwhile the Salvacoran Legislative Assembly unaniatously condemned the kionapTung of to* president's daughter,lea to tbe perpetrators thatbe releasee! soon, boring Itr. ThurbOay plenaryhe congress alsoet extension ofday male ol siege throughout the country, because It feels that thethat motivated the wcasure in0 atill prevail in the country. Tne state of aiege specifically restricts freeflow of the press, tne right to mobilise or meet, and the inviolability of one's nail.

ME Speculates oc. Abductors

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llextj Managua.ep (AT?)The possibility that tbe kidnapping of the daughter of Salvadorat President Kanoleon Duarte was carrier: out by lorcescollapse" of tne Contadora Group's peacemaking efforts, vaa noted todayispatch of theKicaraguar. news agency- US*).

Tne kidnapping of Ines Guadalupeccurred last Tuesday as she was leaving the private Salvadocan University; no political group has claimed credit for the actios or announced tacsow demands thus far.

Citing,atin American diplossaticNN indicated that this action "nayrick by obscure forces that aovi under apparent reality Ibajo appareote realidad] to provide the government with no lives to allege that St is being, attacked."

According to tht dispatch, this would ptreit Duarte's government to refuse to resume dialogue vith the opposition FKLK, and thus torpedo peacemaking efforts by Mexico. Columsia, Veoeauela. and Pamaaaw, memoer; of tat Costaoora Grout.

Tne dispatch wu published today ia ao eight-column itex by the sorting, entitled "What Lies behind thendubhead v. itr vtmed that "It Kay Be fart of the Ccllapse of Contadora."

UBII Leaotrs Condemn Kidnapping

San SalvadorI0 DI BCT in Spanishap Si ppS

llncerpt] Yesterday tha political parties represented at the Lagislstivetneof Ines Guadalupe Duarte Curat, daughter cfDuarte.

[Katiecalis: fccputlitan Alliance] Deputy Arnancc' Ulccrct Sf. xtti tbatuusoae, entirely unreasonable atticr -as affiTtef thelife and thst it deserves coacemnzticn regardless cf nov cne sees is.said>ttj.ia:eaisugsies ant that the partv's

segrettryry-zlitlyvigerausly cencemnei it.

me gcverrsen: and President Duarte it this

regrettable situation. He also tais: ray tc Got tc give him the strength to overcoae this situtien, as

ht- nnlmcd oui: Th* abduction Is. th* resultresnerntmr. since rhev It-el they are renudiated by tne people. He said: t Salvadoran* arr- iec un with tnese azif. of violence and seek harmony, peace, and concord tc deal with our current economic criei*. Such actions are unreasonable and loathsome, even more so in thisecausc the victiDalvadoran worsar.."

Asked whether the guerrillas abducted Ihiarte's daughter to pressure tbe government into resuming the dialogue or to exchange her for captured terrorists, Caldcron said; "lit-have no reports on the guerrillas' contaet or demands. Perhaps tne terrorist* arc using the abductionorm of blackmail since we have seen that thev will po tc any extremes."


an Salvador Television Educative In0 CUTep 65

[TextJ Referringtatement by Niearaguan President lianicl Ortego, Salvadoran Foreign Minister Rodolfo Antonio Castillo Claramount reaffirmed that th* Sandinist leader is th* one who is blocking tbe Contadora Croup's efforts. Tne Salvadoran foreign nlnlster emphatically rejected the charges by Cormonder Daniel Ortega tnat Costa Rica, Honduras, and El Salvador are trying to manipulate the Contadora process.

[Begin Castillo Claramount recording) mphatically deny this because Salvaooran dignity and the respect that the Salvadoran people and our democratic government deserve canno: accept charges of this nature. Ue arc undoubtedly endorsed and supported by the absolutely ethical and civic moral act of the Salvadoran people. Ue are indebted to the Salvadoran people and their ethical, civic principles.

The Kicaraguans are the ones who have betrayed the Central Amerlean peace efforts. They have done this in several ways: by promoting actions to destabilize our goverrurrer.ts, by carrying out acts of aggressions against neighbor countries, end byolicy supporting the guerrillas in El Salvador, vhlch is aimed at overthrowing the government and seising power through violence In order toamiLeninist totalitarian regine ir.Salvador. They also obstructed and boycotted the Contadora Group meeting at which the most important issues of the Cor.todor* peace plan were to be discusses. Those issues inclpoed.csieslisr.inB control srie" restraining the ems race. This cjassiared cf getting ccnclticns cn the nunocr and type of arms, fercier. advisers, aoc so forth. Ueana control meshsr.isns for ivcr; indistinct] anc preventing the arms race arxsteace, is croer toffe.,=e_ that doese--s- f: fr.ii msae" oe tense Nicaraguaisproportionately larger amy then the rest of the Central Anerican ar-les.

Anotherssue isialogue which would include all ef the fcrtes opposed tc the regis*not just the political forces, but also the groups up it arcs ageinst the regime.


PAi^lSSS Ssr. Stlvaicr LAin Spanishep E5 pp1

[Tex:] poEesnes seic yesterday that theas cot said a: any tire chat its irrei prisoners actively psrritipaiei ir, rhellmgs.

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