Created: 1/1/1986

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Sese Seko

(Phonetic: moBOOloo)

Presidint fti'mv

Addressed as:

Mr, President or Citizen President

One of Africa's premier political tacticians, Mobutu Scse Seko has perfected an isnate ability

to overcome adversity Regarded by hiss trie aH-powcriul leader, he succeeded5 ination that had been split by violence since independencee believe Zairians fear that if he were to fall, the nation would return to the chaos of the. Mobutu is in bis third consecutive seven-year term. He is also the president-rounder of tbe Popular Movement of the Revolutiononly politicalole he values highly]

President plays an active role on selected African issues. In2 he reestablished diplomatic relations with Israel, becoming the first black African head of state to do so since most African countries severed diplomatic ties

_Jie acted with great boldness when be orderedroops 'ntbCnaflo support the government of President Hissein Habre, which has been under attack from Libyan-backed dissidents, and in5 he reaffirmed his support for France if it should intervene militarily in Chad. Mobutu hasid for regional leadership by proposing the formationeague of black Africanove most of his fellow African presidents believe would split the continent and undermine the Organization of African Unity. I


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