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The Honorable Michaelarnes Chairman, Subcommittee on Uestern

Hemisphere Affairs Cwrnittee on Foreign Affairs U. S. House of Representatives Washington,

Dear Mr. Barnes:

I welcome the opportunity to brief the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Western Hemisphere Affairs concerning developments in Central America as requested in your letter of However, before scheduling thisould like to meet with you and Mr. Fascell to discuss an issue of concern to me. Following that discussion, we can then schedule the briefing.

This information is also being provided to Hr. Fascell.








of the United States

Gommirrurrigri atTairs


Souse of Uqracirwtrarj IJJashingroii,icyiy

Hr. Casey:

I am writing to -Agencyemisphere Affai armed opposition efforts. The pri progress toward policy that are assistance to th provided, as youof

confirm my request th

closed briefing for rs on the current sit and the status of it ncipal purpose of thi the achievement of ce intended to bepposition. Such as know, pursuant to le the Committee of Fore

at the Central Intelligence the -Subcommittee* on Western uation of theilitary andriefing is to assess rtain objectives. red by the provision, slstance is currently glslation under the ign Affairs.

Agency is specifically requested to provide/the subcommittee ^vith information on the following:

a review and assessment of the sise and caoablllties of the various opposition military forces, tbe'aUlltary situation and the military outlook for the oomosition, current prospects that the "opposition could defeat the Sandinistas militarily, and the capabilities that would be required for the opposition to achieve chat objective;

the current representation of former members of the Soraoza government and national guard in the ranks of the opposition military and political leadership;

opposition violations of human rights or the laws of war inside or outside of Nicaragua, and any measures taken by the opposition leadership to punish or prevent such violations;

the current political program of the opposition groups;

/The Honorable Williamasey Page Two

November 5

impact to date of the opposition efforts,assistance for them, on* Sandinista willingnessa dialogue with the opposition, to move towardopening and decreased repression, and toagreement that would implement the, 21


the nature and depth of support for the opposition forces within Nicaragua;

current Honduran government and popular attitudes toward the opposition forces;

the effects to date of. trade embargo against Nicaragua;

the final disposition and usesupplied "humanitarian assistance" to the1 opposition/ including any misuse or diversion of such assistance; and

he nature, sources and extent of other* Government) assistance, including military assistance, available to the opposition.

If there are any questions, oc if thereeed to coordinate -security details, please have your staff coordinate detailsoberttaff Consultant of the subcommittee,-


Subcommittee on Western Hemisphere Affairs

* Sincerely,








2 December5

SUBJECT: Talking Points/Background Information for. DCI's

Meeting with Chairman Fascell and Congressman Barnes

The following provides background information for vour use in your meeting with Chairman Fascell and Congressman Barnes:

. Beginning ine received several indications that' the Nicaraguan Government had sources in ^ashinccon who were providing them with inside information. ooascv deliberations regarding Kicacacua. Tor example:

tne Nicaraguan Embassy -

ington received an account of ?r,tiu lorn

Washington received an account of anuneHouse meeting for Congressional leaders onthe Nicaraguan resistance andopy ofletter to Congressmen hcCurdyandthe House

ensitive source has provided usclassified document prepared jointly by the FSLN Relations Directorate and thedatedhich indicatesvictor Johnson, Staff-Director of the Sub-CommitteeACfairs, provided the Nicaraguan

Nicaragua. The text of the

regaramg document follows:

Washington with inside information and advice Administration plans Nicaraguan

A '

"United States

"Conversation with Johnson, irector of the Hemispheric Affairs Sub-Committee, who travelled through Salvador and Costa

"Source: Embassy of Nicaragua (Washington) 'Upon his return to Washington, [Johnson) expressed:

"The Costa Ricans justify their lack of disposition toward dialogue with Nicaragua by saying chat they would draw attention away from Contadora and delay the necessity for reaching an overall agreement.

"(He) suggested that he does not sec any progress in Contadora and that Nicaragua is going to have to be tenoreble in ordsr to oblige the countries of Central America toraft treaty, even if they do it out of shame.

"The Administration will not ask for military aid for the 'Contras' over the short term. The :sost probable timing would be after

"He believes thac the Administration could obtain the three disbursements of S9 million each without having to renew talks in Manianillo. This will depend on the political atmosphere.

. is keeping Manzanillo as an ace-in-the-hole to be used when they need it to ootainunds for ther. political atmosphere calls for it."



Congressmen- Dante"Fascell and Michael Barnes )

Executive- 9


MEMORANDUM FOR: Deputy Director of Central intelligence Oeputy Director for Intelligence Deputy Director for Operations

of Central Intelligence

with Congressmen Fascell and5

went up to see Danny Fascell and Mike Barnes. Tbey both took our concerns seriously. Fascell pushed Barnes to limit the staff for the hearing to one from the Minority and one from the Majority.

Barnesretty fair case that therought up did not necessarily indicate that the staffer was acting improperly. He said that both members and staff of his committee routinely talk to Ambassadorser officials of Latin American governments. It is to be expected that these conversations will be reported back to the government and wind up in their files. Thea Indicated that the staffer had pressed the Hicaraguan government to improve its behavior, saying they are going to have to do ten times as well toroper relationship with the US. He also said US policy was not to ask for more money until March. ? out that thatatter of conversation which many people pass back andround Washington. In short, there certainly seemed to beng gun and nothing to investigate here with any likelihood that anything wouldhinkood talkood way to get their attention regarding the importance of handling our material carefully.

William J. Casey

ddresseeDO v-R


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