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ine Indonesian Aimv is upgrading itsi warfare itw]apabilities through increased training, attempts to procure Cw oe'ense equipment, and constructionew laboratory and training 'acuity T

Officers and noneomrriss oned off.eeis (NCOsl mho have received formal training at the Pusnuo-ke center for nuelaer. ac-ogicai. and cftemicet (NBC) warfare) activities bi Jakarta, now conduct fa rung 'or theircorps eoanterpati a* the district lose quarters where tiey are ass-gned n. many officer* ard rfCOi at the NBC center are workirvgIOOV. ana meteorology at local unlvefimex |

Pusnubika willew CW training laboratory being established near Ftogor. West Java lh# laboratory which mayenovation ot an twitting analytical chemical laboratory ratherompletely nc* facility, will nave ell now, high-technology equipment This equipment will be purchased from Japan by Ihe chief ol NtVC warfare activities when ne visits Japan6 (while on the trip ha will visit the Japanese NSC

hen operational, the laboratory will offerW

laboratory procedures to both chemical and medical corps personnel

-equests to purefme sueftd<

marketquipment.will not

Indonesia has approached trance. West Germany, and South Korea--although -eportedty dissatisfied wUI tna Quality ot South Korean equ-pment- -with

Although spec ihc requirementsis"shopping"eatencan estattash Ustei i program


needs modern CW defense equipment to increase Its operational capability and augment training. The establishmentw laboratory and Indonesia needs modern CW defense equipment to Inciease Its operational capaoiiity and augment training naming facility is an important step In Indonesia's CW defense modermration efforta Tins new facility prooably

/6 SW1

could enable Indonesia to conduct small- seals. basic ana appliedhowever, na judge it unlikely lhat Indonesia will altompi tolaboratory tor CW agont production in the near term, even ifplans to Develop an offensive capability.

Current favorable relations with Japan apparently wi'l benefit Indonosia's modermranon DiOfl'sm. Indonesia's ehief ot NBC warfare activities, who ia his country's representative to the UN-iponsorod Conlerence on Disarmamentose association with Japan's CD representative. This relationship, an Invitation to visit Japan's NBC school and planned purchases of laboratory equipment from Japan indicate that Indonesia is seeking and receiving unofficial Japanese support for Indonesia's efforts to upgreoe its CW defense

By decentrtlirlng CW defense training, local Indonesian military districtsbenefit via an increase In tne number ol nonchemical officers and NCOs with basic CW stills Unn/erslty graduates will provide the armypra of indhiiduakspecialized skills applicable to CW defense


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