Created: 3/27/1986

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intelligence Agency rector. Office of General Counsel

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Vou are probably aware of the recent, diaclosures about former United itions Secretary General Kurt Waldheim's past association with the Nazi irty and possible knowledge or involvement with Nazi War Crimes.

etter to-Mr. Stansfield Turner, Director of theIntelligence Agency, inquiring about allegationaossible izt past of the Secretary General. Frederick Hitz, Legialatlve Counselhe CIA responded to meecember,0 letter that "We believeWaldheim wasember of the Nazi Youth Movement, nor was he ivolved in anti-Jewish activities."

In light of the obvious conflicts of these reports and thenature of0 reaponse to me,espectfully requeat .at you reopen the investigation into Mr. Waldheim's past. ould also ipreciate the chance to review any files you may have accumulated about ;m, including any results of your earlier investigation.

servedember of heee files,elieve the war. ould alao ask ar attention to such lie on War Crimes. To my ning of this file and itember of the War leo would be helpful to the to similar files from other a.


rora sources that have been elieve it ia imperative that rmation through the

Because of rumors that Mr. Waldheim may hGerman Abwehr, you may want toe CIA gained custody of at the conclusion of iat in your investigation you devote particul jnfidential documents as the Unitedowledge, no nation has yet requested the ope auld seem appropriate for the United States, rimes Commission, to make this request. estigation if you were able to gain access suntries, where they exist, such aa Yugoslav!

With'the discovery of this newen to the public for nearly fortye CIA provide us with any supplementary info xamination of comparable confidential files.

I look forward to your expeditious reply.


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