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The Egyptian airliner, hijacked by unldentii'ed Arabic-speaking gunmen on Saturday afternoon with three Americans aboard renains on the ground at Malta arid report* that seven persons are dead and an equal number are Mounded. The Cairo-bound aircraft had just left Athens Saturday afternoon when the three terrorist* took it over and forced It to land in Malta. The Initial reports of six dead apparently stemmedrobable rirurtght that occurred when the plane waa hijacked. One hijacker and ono Egyptian sky marshal died, and the hospital in Valetta confirms the deathausaslan woman. Ve cannot yet confln the Identities of theon the tarmac late last night. Another passenger probably us killed0 EST. The pilot sold this body was underneath the plane.

The Aaerloan Citizens

Tho airline imnlfwt indicates that there are three us cUlaona aboard. The only Aaerican eale waa slightly wounded, and allowed to go to the hospital,j was treated and released. One American woman Is wounded and in the hospital. She believes that the second Americanoivllian employs* of tho Airthe Caucasian woman confirmed dead. An unconfirmed press report olaiaed the hijackers said they would begin singling out tho Americans; one peasenger was to be killed every hour^m

The Hijackers

gnly^ demand so far has been for fuel,

location whoreircraft forced down tho plane carrying tho AchUle Lauro hijackers. They have repeatedly threatened to begin executing passengers on the half hour or every hour, but there has been only one reported execution slnoe the airorart landedBH

The terrorist* called theoaelves "Egyptianame siailar to that ueedroup that killed an Israeli diplcmat In Cairo throe sooths ago.nsufficient information to determine if the hijackers belong to this group. The "Egyptian Revolution" or "Egypt Liberation" also claimed it was responsibleuicide car bomb attack In southern Lebanon laat September. The Israelis believe the group wasgo,eftist Nesserlte orientation and may have tig: Lo


PLC's Malta rat been oalled in.

at the airport laat

If the hijackers do belong to the "Egyptheir moat likely target lelariel and the government of egypt. Theretrong possibility that the hljaokere may be Palestinian, In which case the motive Is almost certainly retribution or revenge for the Interception of the Achille Uuro hljaokere. |

Halteee Reactions

The Maltese have been increasingly sensitive to suggestions fron US officials that MalU couldransit point or Lurget for Libyan Inepired terrorism. Maltese officials have expressed concern over US warnings that they could find themselves accused of guilt by association.

the Cabinet's decision to refuse the demand to refuel probablyhasommercial ties with

governing labor Party say be disouMlnfTinanoiai support from Tripoli for the upcominglection. "

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