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South Africa la emergingotential transshipment area for Illicit narcotics from Southwest Asia and South America to Europe and the United States.trafficking operations ccTtro^neroTnano^ocalne flows through Cape Town as wellarge percentage of marijuana exports to European markets, particularly the United Kingdom. vidence suggests that cocaine traffickers in South Africa are selling discounted trial-size "lines" of cocaine to expand tholr market. Stniliarly, smuggling groups in adjoining countries are supplementing domestically grown marijuana supplies and moving large quantities or nandrax Uethaqualone)ynthetic depressant Imported primarily from India into South Africa torowing abuser population. Currently, we have no Information on illicit oplun poppy and cocaeporting confiras the presence of Connerical-sized marijuana fields in the Eastern region of South Africa and warns of South Africa's hashish production potential.

Official concern over South Africa's Increased Involvement In the Illicit narcotics business and growing drug abuse problem will most likely result ln continued governmental support for drug prevention programs, interdiction operations, and joint aarljuana eradication efforts with Swaziland. Despite the relative lack of International assistance, the South African government devotes considerable resources to combat illicit drug use, trafficking and related criminal activities.


Intimated thathrough illicit narcotic activities. ANC leaders are also reportedly concerned about security personnel's unsanctioned Involveaent in snuggling synthetic drugs to South Africa and marijuana and alcohol abuse among ANC members. These activities arc most likely duo to inactivity in southern African guerrilla camps.


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