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Terrorism Review

Terrorhio R



published evert other week by the Direetomie at Intelligence.

Approprla.it articles produced by other element af ikt CIA as well es by other aeeneies of ihe US Intelligence Community will be considered forre welCQgu and br dirtetrd in ihr tjrrutlve td/ior

Combatant Celli

Bcliian policefour key memberi o! ihe Commiinat

,CCO .errom. gruup onince then .hey haveeeSrSin their Invc^uon, ofLtiof an imporuni additional PHDCGl and Ihe dbcovery of three

I wu-er creation, abwi the CCC andome .ntjthijnw -no.be. tmup.eroluiionary Front for Proletarian Action (FRAT

ai Bruueii' Zaveniem Airport badfor illciaJ arrna pcawaaioa and3 had bseam%%>

Although iba arreaiad Arab* haw not beea linked lo any iBrroriWhestore ma> mm servedafebMK tor Fatah Force IT. vmm

inmmm^lmm^t" PLO ofAoetForce BM mbahit those arrested were planning an allaei agaknu the Brnaiah airport. I



often overshadowed by violence 'lorn ihe left, righim terrorismroblem for Italian authorities. Since the train burn bins in4 that killedassengers and wounded more. most activity by rightwing groups hat consisted ol" low-level armed and incendiary attacks against domestic targets. Wc expect this trend to continue6umber of exiled rightist terrorists return towe have no indication that they wilt In the past-we have detected no particular pattern tc periodic upsurges in Italian rightwing terrorism, although in some cases these appear to have been in response to intensified leftist -activity, r


Rightist violence in Italyong history dating beck toh century and exemplified by the activities of Mussolini* Stack Stuns In the. The most recent resurgence began in theesponseeftward national political drift and escalated to the point thai rightwing violence was responsible for the majority of dcalhrand Injuries attributed to terrorism In Italy during. Although rightwing terrorism Is not a* active today as ithe last decade, iterious threat to Italian society. Itah'aa cfikiaB recently listedightist terrorists silt! at tart

Since rightwing terrorism rcemerged in the, six groups apparently neve been responsible for most of the violence; the New Order, the National Vanguard, the Black Order, the Third Position, the Armed Revolutionary Nuclei .NARJ. and the Popular Revolutionaryeet of these rightwing groups borrow their symbols from Roman and Fascist mythoiogy aad history and daioi to represent

't lt< itracvr ihfWfS rj.wufc scf^jvittl

mi**akh uit iv d'ntiiJ otonwIiuKufuti fiaaw.mils llir Via

irromiin iraiedK-lm 'Hvnoiini:

Uk BLkV (Ma.nv Annl

RnJ.(MUt) Vfclo.fp to*nSalrfiji mWi ihf miwttvidliiiovur*

The Aftermath ofRlthnrlag Terrorism


The unsolved /PS" Bologna railway station massacre thai killed XS people isensitive topic In Italian polities five years after the event. Inhousands of people attended an annual demonstration In Bologna lo protest the unsuccessful policelthough there Is no solid evidence In recent years linking Italian security services to righlwing terrorists, two former military intelligence servicemen are now under Indictment for obstructing the Judicial Investigation Into the bombing. Similar accusations by politicians and nrwspaperj have furled ike Italian people's frustratitws.f

nationalism, anticemmuniipi, sntieapitalisat, and rigid order. Just as Italian Fascists did In the past, these new groups seek to create an aimcapbcre of tension in order to make the government appear impotent and thus provoke popular demand) for tbe restoration of law and order.*

L milhe targeting and lectio, of rightist icrrori*ts have been neither as selective nor as sor-hinicatcd as those of their toftisl couBierpans. The


helium KigknHm, Ttrrmia Oe%aaistalem


ulkmary Ah.ft* (Nuclei Armaii Riroluiionari)

Third Poailoni ronel

Pomulftom*rj Hovrmn Popotare Rrvc-uUonario)

Black Order (Ordine Nero,

Jri* NaexM

Vaatuard (Avanuirdia Nariwule)

W Revolutionary Mtwmrnt (Movimeoto Armaio Rrvtfenooarioi

ora-(Reu del Venii)

National From (Fronte Nezionale)

Mussolini Anion Sauads (Squidrc d'Azlonc bJawjaM"

PhornLt (La Fen-eel

rigands (Brigonti delta Totfa)

llaliant' Proiecilon Association iAuociaiione Protczlone Italia nit

-ir.o" oVotnerAoutliPtaiellania Arlana)

f-miiwi Of" rWBT> tGitoitzieri d'ltarta)

Fairtll Revolutionary Nuclei(Nidei Fascial! Riv-oludoDarit

Fibular Rnoluiionaft Oppojttion (Opposliionc are Rtvolu/Kxui pa*

moat spectacular rlghtbl leirorlit opcniiioni during thaeca**lbe ia^-rrmiauie aae of cxpluaix cenec* in pablic placet aad on publK CMwryancta. Hn Mfh-cainltylUlioasiit Milanrasiliand Bolognand ciprcu traina4 and Decemberattributed lo Ihc hafcL although neither police investigations nor judicial precedam have tweracded in postitvaJ* fcfcmifyuig or puniahint ihe peipeirstori. Rjghitta groups In Italy have not bcenknown to target US pcrsoni or intcresu

Dioiaoaa Proapacn

la lanjc meajgre. the new wave of Italianerroriau eoaittu mainly of youths who ara fascinated *tth the doctrine sad trappings of lbe FaaciH rnoremeitt aad are retpoodina; to the perceived cultural and political challenge posod by their more radicalired-aad pablKixcd-kfttat pecn. Tab younger genervlron. however,evere blow in May -be- SI nahtiaa-noauybrirsentence* ofonih* toears In "tj*|

Morehe potcniial threat that could come from "old guard" rifhlisuole active in tbendof whom ara now Irving abroad asfolder generationrecently been reported Ia France. Ecuador, and Paraguay. If the old guard were u> return to acilon aad assume kadenaip of ihc new revrant. rhe tempo


Otmm ftighlmlat Exrrrmiiu

. IMkr ike siliratkm im halt.kyeil German, has been utmost mmexUrrm im reeemt month* -m>vand threw ega/mst foreign uvea oHkr> Marndirect threat to the West German Government or US interestsndeed, matt af the prompte be concerned that aalghiwfna terrorism could create am mil-Sen baeklatk. Tie lastttacks Imvohiut US/aHllttet and pertonaellnGermany occurred I* IttJJ ihe prtvatel, owme4 vehicles of US servicemen.




ismeat recent European victim,ekaowii persons have cjmcdoeshiaasi egtian deeaertk targets. The attacks have cauied omly minor Injuria ind no fatalities, but in several cases substantial propertyea -Ji( resolled. So far. US or NATO tatvemu have not been targeted, bat faiore attacks canoot be ruled oai- Crtwanmem official* are I

Terrontra rJaerffS

Tbei indication of nascent terrorism ie ajerohcwieriaa tsf thefu c/ capfcxivci froa quarries that took place le earlya several separate uicidenu, thteves stolekarans of and related matenal.

Tee erst two born ban were againstupportintt powtrUnea and wera thoaaht to be part of au eitcnioo campaign directed against the state-owned cseciric compear Ae unknown-Fighting Ecologicalresponsibility (or the si tacks, but

I eot coMadar the ctsirns te be karHlrnate.




X Septemberovember

Cknaetetr ofBemhiutslaiMiMni, IMS Target

EitCt'irol pylon,

Elecirlcol pylons Gindormerlt building Eleetrteol pyttm* Natural goi line Telephone mMm Newspaper office Folic* poll

Department af Bridget and Highways garage

Summing pool complex Palace of Justice

Ground control approach tfutpmeut. Flndrl airport


this rrwdeat beapanmj. however. the bombers haveariety of targets, including the telephoneea geixrating

plant.and polkawimming pool. and tk*whereas tbe initial attacks generally were carried out during lights aritk fall ciooruj and against unprotccttd targets, tbe most recent bornbinas have been against occupied targets deiing daylight hours. the attackecember eeer the earopeeo common merket hefldingeeting of european chiefs of stale was iathat tne bombers are growing bolder and are capable of siriaegtwce in tbe face of maximum security measure* ibb

who Anoy*?

lautcmboorg oflkiab believe the perpetrators arc indigenous terrorists,o ieitrnatioaal movemenu or other european terrorist groups, but they arc by no means cerlate that all use bombings woe eceaiacied by the aaane pervqna one view la thai (he bombers are disgruntled ejvfl servaau who hold deep-seated grudges against tbe government. some have ipeoslaied that the culprits are rightists, whose purpose ia to harass sad embarrass the goveramenl test view is ba led on the lack of claims ia these bombings, coupledheory that leftists typically issue politicalor communiques at tempting to justify their use of violeece. while rightists tend to remain silent. also brought forward ea oreo maun ml evidence for the rightists* case is the choke of targets: ii la argued that, if the terrorists were leftists, they would have attacked nato targets or estt wished contact with their idcotogkal counterpe ru in belgium. fiance, or west germany^ bp

thethey arc or whatever political persuasion they repreaeethave ex tenant tralauig in eaptalves gained from either service in the military cn the police forces, because their de-rices have bees coast ructedrofessional mssusar andof them have gone oft* as planned. moreover, the bombersigh degree of sophistication in psadng the devices in tbe precise positions where the maiimum damage could be ceased or the eeest effects cmtrolled. in the stuck on the swimnung pool, for example, the bomb could have collapsed the eot ire presi reased roof had it not been purposely lowered by cable to reduce the mast effect- in placing tha bomb, the perpetratordemonstrated athletic skills and climbing ability. atsame time, the terrorists

appear to have been cooick-oslysuempting to avoid serious injury to the public.

coanterterrorixt response

the governments previous complscent approach to terrorism has given way to serious efforts to improve its counierterrofist capabilities, j

raccsur* oh of Earope'i mi tranquubow COBaing io grip* wiihpcnisletM oornaiic terrorism. Willi link wlasiag or

to start with, iu aeoerity swrrieaaoon onabU to cop* with tbepiocinic. Unices tbe cooiut^errorist forces achieve some Mccaaa la their efforts, we would eapect tbe teanbings to continue. So far there are no indicationi that the terrorists are interested in attacking US or NATOlthough there ere maar US batineaseathe country ami the upcooung Reforger military ei.cn.ses coa Id preside them with atlractire largels. The irivernaent is cerning aader iacrcesieg in




tbe tftrorisni diary for march

Btlowompendiumof known or

tcnrjii around lAe worfrf. 0b/ rarfassuiare or mm ihtmld ma b) mrlf or coral ruedugprtt thai we expta orommenurralhtmi Wmf

odi lfTJ

i Mart* IMJ










I-dependence Day.

Morocco, Independence Day (terminal km of Treat? of FeU. Elt People's Revolutionary Armyibya. Establishment of People*areeea. Accession of Xing Haaaaa to throe*.

CMambia. Vailedffective due ofreaty aimed at

l Impendence Dty.

Kurdish rrjlons. Algerian Accord bclwcea Iraa and Iraq abandoning soppon to lbe Kurds.

Kmrdit* retDeath of Knrdath leader Malta Mustafa Barrani. Imdamttia.ukarno turns ower power to Socharto. tarkey. Birthday of Ataiurk. Gabon. Nationalndependence Day.

Gremmda.by Maurice Bashop (national day}.

Japan. Cbukako-be (Nucleus (action) Secretsry General Honda aaijusiaaicd by rml radical groups.

Founding of Naiioaal Frool for ihe liberation ofN LA I

Armeaiemi. Serning of Sewiea-Turkish beedcr treaty thai ended Armenian hopes ofeparate rvaepeodent lute.

St. Patricks Da, (national dayi






6are* JPMMarc* ITI9 JS Mawr* MM

JJ Mere*

31$ IS9



arch /ft*

Inde pcndcncc Day.

Colombia. Death9 teerorHl Canu.aia umdooorLa Chignl ;

urdish New Year.

rWmiajaw. "lauraalional Day of Sohdamy With the iimtile of ihc Arab People of PalealhM Agaiml Uracil Aggro-ao-a"

South Africa. "Sherpevilk Massacre' of blach dcmornuaion by iccarily forces.

Arab Umaaa. Founding of Arab League (originalgypt. Iraq. Jordan. Lebanon. Libya. Siadi Arabia, and Syria).

FahJuaa. Pakistan Day (founding of Warn*

ArttMim* President Isabel Peron ousted by Gen. Jarre Rafael Videla.

ElArchbiihop Oscar Amulfo Romero auaasinated by rightists.

tVartbtrm Irtlamd.in* of direct rule by the hViish Govern meee.

El Sattadar. US Embassy iiiac.ee by Popular Liberation Forcesesponse to assaiiinatioa of ArchbHhop Oscar Arnalfo Romero lha previous day. Since than. FPL attacks have bean relatively more frequent betweenarchpril than during rest of year.

Grreee. Greek Revolution Memorial Day (commemorating independence from Tartert

/raf. Independence Day.

Saudi Arabia. Auaisinalion of King Faisal and accession ofdndcpredcacc Day. Jit'. lirmaL Peace agreement ratified.

II Sahmdor. Government expropriates plantations; Salvation Movearchakes iu name from this event.

Four memben of Red Brigades die in shootout with Carabinleri in Genoa. rattitiaiaat. National Day.

fhiliaaian Founding of Newrmy, militar) arm of CooimuaiU Party of the Philippine-.




merid. taster ssobay.

Turkey. death of terrorist mahir cay an. member of turkish people's liberation party.

FatoiimiaMs. day of the hemdanet

Piaiil. presiocei oculari ousted by military coup.

marts. nalieaval day.




assailants kill minister nnd ley workerro. The victim, pencenited Church of Christ church, bed received deathm. No one hoi cinin.ci credit foe the murder,thenumbered aboutmembers of the Newrmy.


folic* arrestember. two other mew In arson attempt. The three badimed incendiary deviceonstruction companyn Tokyo and were arrested for rkytallng an explosive devices control Uw and obUfucting pol'ce officers. The consiniclionhe Ncnta

: Irrigation System of the New Tokyo International




Fire suspected Slhn ertremlstt hill one constable, wound anotherban. The taafeno eseapoi after robhieg the rwaad taking

nWxw: iTersw separatists hillerson. Injureothers la ferryboat attack. Tut Inland Walcrwiyi Trsasport Corporation ferry was bit by rebel Art whileegular rue from Moalmeio to Kya-iB Seftkyi. The Karen eihnic mhsorit; has been lighting for an Itvdepentknt nate since Barme gained IrtdepewJove* from


i January

Bomb blast iaills fawr mm la Khyber Past tribal area. The bombing one afier Pakistani iroop*hc region' again) drtwdeor iribrancB whocccmag anna from lb* Afghan Cemtt- imllhongh no one has dJimed credit for lb*ocal aatbotiiie* suspect that tin agcal uf Khed. ilw Alglmn security service, was rcsponsibklW

Tima bomb found im Aiaa Cinema ia Peskamue. The de. ice -as ser to detonate sho.Ur afier laitrmawoo, -bea ihc iheaier would beed *uh moviegoers. An Afghan suspect has beenheJB

Philippines- Body efkidnaped Australian businessman feaad aaar 'Wage of riguupeloaa He had been abducted onecember, probably by members of ibe Newrmy (NPAJ. near the Oty of Cagayaa del Ore. Aastraban aid workers were withdrawn from Samar lilaadlast year afterengifcj "lecture" by armed members of the NPA. tBM

Paliae 'Kief, two other partem hilled ia Punjabeparata Sikh state in Punjab arc iiiipected.

are* armed men heldwo border petrel rnembtn ia Lnebeeh The ajsailaaii took two subenactnaefuae, two pestcaa.olka radio. PoUce have confUcting evidence as to responsibility I

to mid Jaruary

Ammwitits cmrdmet brief campaignay ail arpieomatle eemeket. The gcnernmcni. reaetingeport that the terrortu group Al-Zalnhar planned in smuggle weapons into the eournryiplomatic pouch, carried out tbe pfocedere for about twohe practice sparred sharp protests from foreignut theaid it Mi ihe biaea tinea: was nsore defensintc iban Jtternptiog io urgei only theae pouches betongia, to Ub>athebcraiion> most Inudy uupecidBB

Sntetted Slkk extremist guam Saarrwr Cnmtnet No oac ba* ctaiened mi suuee peneus near bat troy* ia RbitA> for theJJ

7 Juuaary

rv- account.

South Africa: Police kill inspected African National Congress member nearAccordion, io prrssaecounla.Urge bei unspecified Quantity ofwcaponi




South Africa: Police kill member of African National Congress in abeetire grenade attack In^gnW. They reportedlyriety of weapons in Ihe deed man's poxsessioTj


Bank: Ramallah M'Hilary Court sentences Palestinian terrorist te nine-year arisen term for inceediery attacks. Tbeember of ihe Democratic From for Ihe Liberation of Palestine, bad attacked, anions Otherourist bos and an army reservist MBW

Landmine kills IS, Injuresfghan refugees in Netth-Wesl frontier Preiiuee. The min* exploded under their vehide as tbey were reluming to camp from Sadda. No one has daimed respcnsibilil:

Pakistan: Bomb explodes near movie theater, injuring four persons ia Peshawar.

Police reportedly suspect agents of Khad, ihe Afghan security servlc

0 January

Three cuttle ranchers kitted In Hulta aad Samander Departments The

e reDortedl

first victim was tailed when he related guerrillas of the Revoluiionary Armed Forces of Colombia who were attempting to kidnap him. Tbe two other ranches were reportedly killed for refusing loillion pesos in kidnap protection mone

Four suspected Sikh militants kill opponent in Kaputthela District. Al the lime of the attack, the victim had been speakingampaign by the isdi All-India Sikh Students Federation. Police chased tbe attackers and killed on


Terra Uiure claims re'peniibility for bomb attacks in Barcelona and Situate. The blasts caused considerable damage, but no injurie


Bombing af French Peugeot auto showroom in See Sebastian causes damage but no injuries. The Basuuc terrorist group Fatherland and Liberty (ETAL which has attacked other French busjr^ss concerns, is suspected M

Bomb destroys French truckun. Police removed andsecond bomb found unckr another truck. Police suspect the Basque icrroriu group HTA. 4*


Three suspected members of BTA-Milirary Win* killed near Samivil guard patrol observed two menomanrench-registered "ock. When the aitackcrs rctiiicd arrest, the patrol telumd fire and killed all Ihr


Kiatdom: Uaidearified taenia* wounds prominent member ofmumt>>tmtiide bis west London home. The victim was shot in the rig hi eye and eat .

Amsterdam police seite lane ermi cache and arteii three aula tiahtd ta Provisional Irish Republican Army. One of the men, Brendan MeFarUne, reportedly was behind tbe IRA's Mace Prison escape in !

United Arab Emirates: Small expiation damages Abu Dhabi building housing airline offices of Pan Am, Syrian, and South Yemeni airlines. No injuries were reported and no group claimed rape risibility]


US-Chilean Cultural Institute, train station, and bet terminal In Vine del Mar damaged by explotioat. No organization claimed resrjonsibiliiy for these dyiiamiieaiiaeks, but in December the Manuel Rodriguez Patriotic From claimed responsibility Tor three similar attacks, one of which caused tbe deathuard.


Ireland: Mortar attack on headoaa-ters of Ulster Defease Regiment in Dungannon injures twohe Provisional IRA claimed responsibility. BJj

Northern Ireland: Provisional Irish Republican Army attacks British Army border patrol near Croismeglea in tooth Armagh. The Army denied ihe rovisional IRA's cisim that several soldiers were wounded in the attackJflp

Spain: Grenade arrack oa civil guard convey near San Sebastian seriously injures rue guardsmen. The attack took place on ihc same highway where three suspected members of the Bosque terrorist group Fatherland and Liberty-Military Wing were killed onanuary.1

Lebanon: Car bomb explodes aear Phalange Party office la East Beirut, hillimgad Wounding more. Tire unclaimed bombing may be the work of either Lebanese forces loyal io Elic Hobcyka. who supported the Syrian-sponsored Lcbuxcsc peace agreement, or Mt he Syrian Social Nations list Party.

etter borne explodes at Athens Public Power Company in Athens; another defused at the Federation of Greek Industries. The terrorist grouptionary People's Struggle elelmedsitnlity.


Ireland; Bomb explodes us police iarestigate aetiratti burglar alarm at terrier station Iu Ornagh. Five police officer* were Ire* led for shock. No group claimed responsibility. fJJ


Police seize large euuntity of arms in three raids in Stigo and Poicommon Counties. According topresi reports,policebelieve thegunsand ammunition belong to the Proviiional Irish Republican Army.l

Bomb explodes near outdoor market In Haifa frequented by Arab day laborers. The blast caused no casualtiesroup claimed responsibility^


Vina del Mar resort town hit by more bomb attacks. Two downtown movie theaters were damaged, but there were no casualties. Several dynamite snd incendiary bomb attacks had destroyed three buses within the previous three days in Valparaiso and Vina del Mar. No group has claimed responsibility for theselacks WM


Bank: Father aad daughter shot outside their home near Hebron by unknownerusalem radiobroadcast said tbe victims, presumably Arabs, may have been targeted because they were suspected of cooperating with Israeli authoritics.^fajB

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