Created: 3/26/1986

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r, Childress

Director of Political/Military Affairs National Security council

Deceased Air America Pilot

In reference to yourx^ting Air America files confirmedan Air Anerica employee, circumstances of his death.

the fact that and the date and

There have been two other recent cases involving similar requests for recognition of the contributions made by Air America employees in the Indochina conflict. Theseeview and discussion of what could and should be done to recognize contributions and sacrifices of not only Air America, but other civilian contractors as well. The conclusion was that since existing records are incomplete -both as to the identity of Air America employees killed or presumed dead in the line of duty, as well as the circumstances surrounding theirny individualized commemorations would be incomplete and thus inequitable. Substantially the same reasons precluded individualized honors for OSS members who were killed in the line of duty. The CIA's Office of Legislative Liaison, in response to inquiries on the two other recent cases, wrote that the Agency is consideringemorial plaque in the new Headquarters building that would recognize the contributions of these exceptional people. This plaque would be dedicated immediately after we occupy the new building.

uggest that the White House may wish to respond to the inquirytHBia^Halong these linos.



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