Created: 11/12/1985

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MEMORANDUM FOR: National foreign Intelligence Board -Interagency Conriittee on Vietnam MlA's/POW's-

I hereby establish an Interagency Committee on Vietnam KIA's/POW's under the chairmanship of Brigadier General James Shufelt fDIA). The purpose of the Committee fs to exhaust all intelligence within the Community regarding the location and identification of Americans who might De held or interned in Southeast Asia.

I request that the appropriate NFIB agencies nominate representatives to serve on the Committee under Brigadier General Shufelt's"chairmanship. Representatives will also be responsible for ensuring that any intelligence information presently held within the Intelligence Community is preferred to the Committee.

I am asking Lieutenant General Leonard Perroots, Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, to oversee this activity on my behalf.

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