Created: 6/1/1986

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rsier oi tmenor rw timeo inai luiure opciaiiani im slowed or cantered il eradication teami cannot be proteeted.


TheGotm-mM reacted recently to increasing ta-issssnai ia Simk* State and to oppositionf dr^-retated ccmptem Acting oa UM orders of rVssyefeat de laCC fcefcril and state police aad entitary raemnad cesdsscted starches

Staaloa for ukgs!tcfraAccordant to reu reports, luiiutional Rcvi^oeasarv Partj Waders forced three seiuor sute ornelali lo reaigri met prior to the cceraaoa, tppartajUt bccausi of alleged iircercrneni with drugmalea is one of Meaicai meal lonpor.ani opium rchnini snd growing regions aad bu thr highest crime rate in the country


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