Created: 10/2/1986

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President Pinochet will flol 'ef up against his opoonenfs In the wake of latt month's attempt on his lite, but ha will taca Increasing terrorism and growing resistance to his hardline


Security forces continue lo search the slums and claim lo have dismantled some terrorist ceils. Pinochet maintains heopular mandate for the ha'Sh measures, but |

ot the public in the southtraomonai gTTveTrTmeTTr"skeptical ol his motives and tears that government repression is further polarizing the country J-

opposition leaders have condemned both leftist violence and the state ot siege, while repeating their willingness to talk with the governmentemocratic transition. They have endorsed the decision by moderate student groups to snunwith the Communistsseveral major universities. J

Comment Pmochoi will continue to suppress both tho moderate and radical opposition, at least until the Chileanime o; poin-tal -lactlv-ty-begins inagging credibility in the south, however, md'caies he win taceincreas<ng drtficultyip'Oiling terrorism to regain support

Moderates will pressut'ogue with the government to offset Pinochet's ettorts to portray them as Oe tacto Communist allies. They wis also try to organize their own peaceful anti-Pinoctvei protests to avoid losing supporters to Ihe tar te't and lo maintain credibility as an opposilion force P


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