Created: 9/10/1986

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CHIIE: Pinochet Tijhfen. Control

overnment nas moved swiltty since imposing ibe stale ot siege on Sunday to aires! opposition figures, dose six opposmon magazines, restrict opposition radio Stations,oreignservice, and conduct sweep*m areas tor terrorists end weapons One of inoseteitw-ng magacneeporiedty died yesterday President Pinochet has announced that he

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nochet appears determineddditional emergency power* to Srfence most Of the oppovt.on mnd.ahas become inc.ees.nsly openol the government wx* the iasi statee wasune tgflsoabfy eiso expects to harass moderate oppositiono lorestan any new protests or strikes by them TheIs giving tree rein to hardliners In Ihe security services to searcn out terrorists and underground Commun-sl Pa-ty leaders out ne remains vulnerable to another assaswaton attempt Treurderedeain souadl"

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