Created: 6/23/1986

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university student strike that began onjuna haa produced vioiani daily clashes with tne -ecuritv services, rat hundredand consider atle propertyest and reported torture ot seven atudfhas strengthened tne Hand of radical leaders and may cause greater violence over the next lev. days

Ihe Communist* ere to build support tor the national strike called byivic Assembly opposition group.

Comment The government's harsh actions agelnst the students and its dete-mnattoneneral strike, combined Mat Pvnochet's obdurete stance on poetical Uberellration. probably ere causing concernrowing number of military officers. The longer student agitation goes unchecked, the greeter are crtancesuccessful nettonaltrike, particularly aone. mlgntelorlty of senior officers met Pinochet's pollctos" irreversible polarliation within the country.)

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