Created: 4/5/1986

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Tensions in Kosovo

tehe southern Yugoslav Province ot Knsovo- an eirtononvw's erbian rapubncenh ot" tv Albanian nationalists.elay ol ncveral months.ainly Albanian authCties have arrested lwo local Scb organizersetition prole-sting ethnic Atbaman rule ol Ihe province. According to Yugoslav press accounts the potrtion has been signed by tens ol ihouannds ol Kosovo Serbs and has ihe support ot prominent inteliecluals in Serbia. By Friday. ccording lo Belgrade media,osovo Sorbs had gathered In the towrnrvherethe petition drive started lo demonstrate against the arrests

t^BLaaHBaVBn-ie arrests relied the Kosovo authorities' growing concern over Sorb protests as well as their Increasing defiance ol Serbia's ellorts lo regain control o' the province. Serbian leaders may now be forcedew conlrontalion with Kosovo by ihe nationalistic Serbian public. Kosovo Serbs are likely to continue theirawith securltv forces. Foderai

demonstratlons. risking clashes with security forces. Federal authorities probobjvwll|heijnat>teosfi the strainsmmediate future j|


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