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i October6

HCXdftXSDUH FOR: Vice Admiralo the President for

Nations', Security Affairs

c. AlienIntelligence Officer for Counterterrorisn Director, oci-Sostaqe Location TasV. Force


DCl-Hostage Location Task force Report

Attached is my report for the week6 on the status of US hostages in Lebanon. Key points in this week's report are:

Oslng the news media to appeal to the American public, the hostage captors have intensified their efforts to pressure the US Government. ctober* they Issued their second statement in less than three weeks. This was accompanied by videotaped appeals by David .Jacobsen and Terry Anderson, contrasting their long captivity with that of Nicholas Daniloff, interpreting his speedy release as evidence of US negotiations withand urging similar consideration.

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Kgv ts.Jiv Xjdnaoers ar.d Hostages

ndor transcripts.

y the Islamic Jihad Organisation (IJO) andc^ippealst&'yxlfs hostages David jacobsen and Terry Anderson, deltfegFg'on 3 international news agency in Beirut, clearly ver/^tojiceived and timed by the captots to take advantage of publicity generated by the Soviet detention of US nevsman. Nicholas Danlloff. (See

:he case^5Rc*he Jacobsen videotape ofeptember, which"jusf'.'its entirety (text at, the newlycpnTrastjthe hostages' continued captivity and plight,slJ^orpafaitively rapid release and question the Unitedto negotiateimilar manner for their release. Allstrongly condemned the US Covernoent (or allegedly failingfor the release of the hostages as well as its allianceof the Arabs in the Middle East, vie believe this new spateand hostage videotapesenewed attempt by the captorsmaximum pressure on the US Covernoent through media appeals to

The captors' statement reiterated that its demands are clear andto "everyone.' According to the statement, the release ofwill be thc captors' last act of mercy. All future actionsthe hostage situation, they state, are In Presidentwith the ultimate responsibilty for rectifying thisbelonging to the American

David Jacobsen, who looked better onctober videotape than on previous tapes,ell-written brief questioning why the Ai^inistration had acted so quickly in the Danilotl case and yet shows 'little or no concern* for the hostages in Lebanon. Jacobsen mentions that the President made his "first mistake" in the hostage crisis and 'Buckley died* and he asks "Hr. President, are you going to make another mistake at the cost of outoat^of Jacobsen's statement was an appeal to the American people toalf of the hostages. U j

Terry Anderson, making his first videotaped statement, also pleaded for the US Government and the Aaerlcan people to take steps to gain the release of the three hostages. Anderson blamed anti-American actions in the Middle Cast on Aaeriean Middle Cast policies and Intimated that the Aaerlcan people were unaware of this linkage, we believe the kidnapers may have been able to persuade Anderson that there were similarities between his captivity and that of Danlloff and thus convince him to make


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statements similar to those of Jacoosen. We do not know why there wasfrom Thomas Sutherland. Dean of Agriculture atBeirut. Q

Jacobsen videotape ofeptember disclaims any attempt at passing aj^rjr.J^ message in his letter ofeptember. The press, which described.-the"s containing misspellings and being poorly written,

:with the

fierefore an attempt tosecret* message.ml*takes "ere from 'dictation' and that he was emo^ljijn&iiy 'upset^uiV&e^ stress, andad psychological mood when heetter, we are not sure who was dictating to whom, however.statement, Jacobsen also attacks the OS Government forhe Daniloffits -indifference" over the


Onited^-States becawsih'it is allied with Israel.


Although the statements by both hostages appear to be fairly well-wtittenr'st'hete is reason to believe that the basic substance was drafted or dictated by the captors. The statements, however, may not have been deliveredobsen and Anderson.did not appear be unduly under duress on the latest videotapes. The two hostages apparently interpret the action by the Administration on the Daniloff case as being in direct contradiction to its statements regarding refusal to negotiate with hostage-takers. Frustrated and angry, Jacobsen and Anderson may believe thac, unless theytrong case for the


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will happen to get then released.

Ho Evidence of Physical Abuse on Videotapes


Libya Reportedly Involved in Reed, CI cloplo Kidnaping!







Ambassador to Syria told US Embassy officials that Paris DellV^sJSyria iso curb LARF activities. Be noted that Syrian military Intelligence chief In Lebanon Chazl fcan'an had organised the Abdallah."brothers' press conference In Lebanon, where they denied being in .FrancSgfigthebombings. Oneptember, Xan'an promised that Syrlarf?Hrxa^wTAfld,Ba*1te every effort to find th* foreign hostages held Inyr^an Comnander Promises All-out Effort To Free Hostages' in the OS Bos^gaa-aetSien for an assessment of xan'an's statement.) Accordingairly reliable source, Joseph Abdallah Is concerned that France wineal vlth Syria to crack down on LAST members living in Syrian-controlled territory.

Apparent Frenchictim In Beirut fttt

Man-Hai rench freelance television cameramen reportedly kidnaped or^^Ty^ep^eaber In West Beirut'* southern suburbs, escaped Mt _jnd returned to the Christian sector of th* city, inis* Christian television station that heroa "which^M* Captors had Imprisoned him byoi* ln It* 'a brick, STooaji said h* was 'ninety percent" certainure his were froa SilbaUah, but h* was not positive, (tl)

Aspect* of sroussl's abduction and escape remain clouded. Including tbe basUaflujitlon of whaler this waspolitical act. Ho terrorist group

Uh*Foreign nini.uy inpcowidr any detalli <iSogt Srousslcaptivityelease. Fresin unnaaed diplcisrtt aa aipteaaing doubta about Srouaal'a story,ln Beirut told reporter* that Sroussl wa* set free after bis Syrian Christian assistant, who wask before, had been liberated by uu militia.


Fighting between the Lebanese Army and Christian militiamen loyal to Sasir Ja'Ja waa violent this week, but occurred in areas of Beirut well away frost places wherebellev* the hostagesbeing held. f*orb 3

A-f incidents occurred tbl* wtth that deoonstrat* security ln Beirutrecarious matter for OS citizens or Lebanes* associated with


OS Embassy ln Beirut reportedroup of somembassy employees were detained at anAAki. checkpoint whll* crossing IntoBeirut after work. The group waa briefly questioned before being released. P)

Twoo the Aabassadoc's detail wereby th* Lebanese Army Inhe site of recent clashes between the Army andty^at'a renegade forces. The two bodyguards wereof their7 magnum handguns, questioned about their employment, and releas*^. Tb* Embassy ls Investigating the incident and attempting to recover th* confiscated sldearms. r)



A Lebanese security assigned to the Embassy Annex was roughed up by unknown assailants. F)

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are denial initing FQIA oanpUons

Knntt 8

American falseness coats to the open, it isnore thanndhla ignorant government are working for their own ends aftda/Zposing tofflrTc/gf the lives and interests of the American people.

Agafnyweo frttdon-fighters to persist in martyrdomth,is(voidand purified of corruption and tht rule of justice and equality--Cod'sestablished throughout the world. He thus declare the following:

What the Reagan administration has done concerning the Daniloff case does not require any explanation or comment, and Is not alien to Reagan and his administration.

Our demands are clear and known to everyone, and their realization means setting the hostages free. Anything beyond thisirage.

Reagan and his administration shoulder responsibility for the delay and any negative action that may take place. This Is because resolving this case, after the release of rather Jenco, is in the hands of Reagan and his administration.

*. What thc hostages are saying now concerning what happened is an example to the American people who are facing danger because of the policy followed by Reagan and his government towards oppressed peoples.

5. Rectifying this irregular situation is the responsibility of tht Aaeriean peopleholt. let the American people shoulder their responsibilities and recover their freedoa and dignity.

fi. The vain belief of Reaganin his abortive power and false promises to tht American people and to the hostages' families will only reap utter sufftring and loss.

Islamic Jihad organization,

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inner 9

Text of David Jacobsen Remarks on videotape DeliveredInternational Mews Agency jn Beirut

one of three American hostages in Lebanon,lp.

tions of our captivity are very bad. They are far worse rather Jenco was with us. Truly they are bad. That is how wt ivjng every day, minute by minuteearalf. The and evefxprerentay. Sleep provides no relief.

To the ^er^an people on the second day of October

captivity Is the fact thai our government refuses to help us. Being ignored is the worst pain. Why does the government'Increase-bur suffering by ignoring us?

I thought Americans were to be protected by our government and not hurt by it. Days, months and years are passing by and there is no end In slgbt for our situation.

This nonsensical situation Is being continued by the American Government. The Government has made no serious efforts to verify our health, treatment or conditions of captivity. The Government does not know when they might hear of our death. They apparently don't care.

For example, when they heard of the murder of Buckley what did they do? More quiet diplomacy and silence.

When Daniloff was arrested by the Russians his situation was immediately known by the Government. Everyone in the Government and the press reacted to the situation justatural disaster or an earthquake.

Everyone was interested. Daniloff becaae the number one topic of conversation. Th- American government reacted immediately to free Daniloff because the respect and honor of the United States would be damaged if the Government had not acted quickly.

President Reagan made his first mistake in the hostage crisis and Buckley died. nr. President, are you going to make another mistake at the cost of our lives?

It seems you are continuing to make mistakes ln our situation. Don't we also deserve the recognition, respect and honourable treatment by the US Covernnent?




Don't v* deserve the same attention and protection that you gave DanDoff? oC Che only Journalist taken prlaoner. KMt about Terryournalist vith the Associated Press? Re was taken captiveearalf ago.

better treatment than Terry Anderson7 Rejr better consideration from his government than

Bo^auch longer dohave to suffer? Kov much longer are ve to be

thi'only Ontil what time Wil v* be

our loved ones and friends?

deT^ If the answer is yes that veuididauk in the Unltedjtajes history and It vouldhird hurt.

believe that you will not accept that

Annei 10

of Terry Anderson Remarks on videotape6 to an InternationalAgency in Beirut

Ky lk*thanks and those

of my fe"lov>fisdnefs**to all chose in America who are praying and -orUng for our release.

Hy-special thanks and love to ray sister Peggy and rather Martinalso to Ben Heir and Jeremy Levin for their efforts.

'fflyBTl'lao^ernment how long our suffering andviil "ntinue. We and our fannies cannot fall to. noticeiHtalr. treataent ourt been given by the Americanovernment that should be caring for all its citizens,g" the dignity, freedom and human rights of all.

After twoalf years of empty talk and refusal to act on the part of the Reagan administration, it hurts to see the propaganda and the bombast with which that administration aolved the problem of Mr.itizen like us, who was In prisonhort time.

flow can any official Justify the interest and attention and action given to that case and the inattention given ours?

Do the American people know why we are In captivity? Why the marines and others were killed in the bombing of Beirut airport and the embassy building? Why we can't move freely about in the Kiddle East without always in danger?

All this is the result of Reagan'solicy against the people of the Kiddle East.

Our captivity is the result of one part of this policy. William Buckley's murder and the killing of many, many others Is another part, rocr lack of freedom to travel is another result of that policy.

we are not surprised thatpaying attention to our

case. Moremericansijt3 In Beirut without causing him to.feel any responsibility or to change that policy.

*a *T


We are surprised that the American government has put pressure on Arab and European governments not to negotiate in such cases as ours, but surrendered itself in the Daniloff case, releasing the Russian spy Zacharov who was working against out people.

We are more surprised that the American people still listen toeegan says, Ro- long must v. atay In captivity? lo- len, will th, American government not pay attention?

paid waseS people

when our captors released one of ui. appiness and much attempt to make the Americandoing something.

work anymore.


idis notm sure trhacyy knows

missed many chances to

" t0 "nd

ut our fa.ili.,. for this, ve thank them.


j b3


Annex 11

{changed for the Russian spy who was working against the sple andasaptive. The second thing that alsofeel bad is the interest President Reagan andyon in tl*ie^ganlloff case but no interest in my case. TheliTnot* doing anything in my case to solve my problem exceptrespondetteressage. The

American Government'.'avariswer is always we are doing something for them, we will not. He will not renounce our position. Hhy did Reagan surrender In the Daniloff case? ead his statement saying that we wish to negotiate with theut that we will not renounce our position or accept their demands. Kr. President, If that ls your position, what have you done for us? Hy captors do not like to negotiate with the American Government because it is against their principles to negotiate with the allies of Israel which Is responsible foe killing Innocent people in Lebanon, and especially In the south. Hy captors want only to satisfy their demands that are known to the American Government. It would be easy to- satisfy the demands if Reagan wants to. If as Schultz said do not distinguish between Daniloff and our case then why Is Daniloff free and we are not? Hhy ar? you not solving our case as ouickly as you solved Daniloff's case. This is unfair. Why all 'this talk aboutrote in my letter, that there were dictation mistakes,rote the letter under stress and that the letter was not my opinion. Everybody had to understand thatrote is true and that it was my opinion and also the oplnion'of Ton Sutherland and Terry Anderson. This truth is known to Reverend Weir, father Jenco and Hr. Levin, equest from my friends who got their freedom, to continue their efforts to get our release and explain to the American people that the American Government must change Its policies in the Kiddle East. My problem is the result of this unfair policy. President Reagan must note that we are American citizens and Cfn^We^sre working for the American people. We deserve to be free and to SouSc In the benefits of freedom.

3 3'

J 43

TV >rcn af CcmiiI hut Ikftatr

7 Octoberi

! FOR: VADM John M. Poindenter

Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs

. Allen

Intelligence Officer for counterterrorism r, DCI/Hostage Location Task Force

ench and American.Bostage Developments (U)

i. The Mughnlyah faction of BIzballah vhich holds Americanhostages is accelerating its efforts to enlist public opinionconcessions from the OS and French Governments on the i i

must divorce itself fron the policies of the 'bigeaning the Onlted States.

The French public should "shoulder responsibilitytfc'l matter." J


The captors also alluded in the statement to the three French hostageshe.r custody-Marcel Carton, Marcel Fontaine, and Jean Paul laufmann. Theynut* videotape of the three In which each makes an

3 13


J? ill


Test of Islamic Jlhait Delivered6n Interfs Agency in Beirut

you some views of Frenchmen in our custody Jauf fmann,arton, xarcel Pontaine) explaining much of the ull freedom and at their request tohe French peopleheir case now moreays old.

qnTtKlse">ish to explain the following:

'de; what the new Chirac government has done regarding the reciif icaft^%f're|roc>'copjaitted by the former government,eturning the tvots, contains certain positive factors but is not sufficient unless the French government reshapes its policy in the region.

2. We are still awaiting effective action by the French government on releasing thereedom-fightersn Kuwait. French policy linked to that of America and backing Israel (during and after the Israeli invasion)in cause for the detention and imprisonment of our freecoa-fights.

At the samee are fullyhat France Is capable of solving this problem and achieving what it wanes from some countries in the

leading to the release of the three Frenchman in our custody.

3. we cornice: Chi;a: and- the rev goverr.sentiile forcjs tfstaias cor.-itr.ee1till being committeeitterrand andhichots an: lei ee the killing ofh nationals ami soldiers ir. France, Lebanon ani ot-er places.

This win :eeain oc:tll he IChiracl prc/ei his concern accue the French people and interests that can only ie realized through keeping away fron the policy of the biggest devil towards the region and the oppressed" peoples In the world.

4. We are not peoples' enemies

tnenies of the unjust policies towards humanity. We w'll continue tc^rVsf'st and fight all these governmentstheyust policy towards peoples In the region. The French people should also shoulder responsibility and seek to regain thels Independence, freedoc and dignity.

islamic JihadS.


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