Created: 5/30/1986

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clearly provides authority to proceed criminally against publications which reveal classified information ceneerning or derived from communications Intelligence activities. In accordance with my duty to protect intelligence sources andave served notice recentlyurfcer of media outlets thatntend to urge the Justice Depart/rent to enforce the law against them if they persist in their practice of publishing highly classified information ccnceming communications intelligence activities.

The disclosures cited in your letter are symptomaticar broader problemerious breakdown in discipline on the part of those in Government who have been entrusted with classified Information. Miile there is no single explanation for this breakdown inelieve that the Congress can play an important role in reducing the risk of unauthorised disclosure of classified intelligence information, for instance, your Ccmittee has been helpful to us in the past in servingroker or intermediary in instances when non-oversight committees and members have sought access to sensitive intelligence data. ould like to see this practice continued and, if possible, expanded in the future so as to minimize the amount of intelligence disseminated outside of the existing oversight mechanisms. Furthermore,eneralould like to see increased emphasis placed on the necessity for treating with the utmost degree of confidentiality all matters discussed at closed hearings. If the oversight process is to be effective, both sides must be able to engageull and candid exchange of views with the confidence that they will not ultimately find their way into the media.

Another step that can be taken to restore discipline in the Executive Branch and the Congress is to tighten up on security procedures. For its part, the Intelligence Community has recently stepped up use of the polygraph to determine the suitability of employees to protect classified information and increased conpartmentation in order to restrict the dissemination of sensitive intelligence. sk that you give serious consideration to steps that the Committee can take to conform more closely to the personnel security practices followed by the Intelligence Community.

Inelieve the time has core for taking decisive action against leakers by tightening up our security procedures, and by letting individuals both inside and outside the Government know in no uncertain terms that unauthorized disclosures of classified information is wrong and will be dealt with to the fullest extent allowed by law. Onceery much appreciate your concern with this problem,opean count on your support In my efforts to address it effectively.

A similar letter is being sent to Senator Leahy.

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