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) october 1sb6

-oaajid-jk Vic*John K. Polndeiler istidanl lo tha President foi

K*tic*si Meacitjf Kffalii



Director, BCl-Hostage Location Tail force


SUBJECTLocation Tag* Pole* Report

is sty report (or the wee*eiober Ills on the statu! of US hostage* In Lebanon. Key point* In cM* UttVl report are:

Cslno the nevi sw/dla lo appeal to tha American public, the hostage captor*Intensified their effort* to pressor* the US ctober,ued their second steteoeat.1than three weet*. This wasy videotaped appeal* by Bavld Jacobsen and Terry Anderson, contrastlne, their long captivity with that of Nicholas sanltoff, interpreting hi* speedy release a* evidence ot US negotiations withand jrqlng similar.

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by the Islamictgail tat ionJetoesan and. it:an international news agency in Beirut,and timed by tha? captors to tat* advantage ofby1 detention ol US rr.mn Nicholas Dsnlloff. andor

Jaeobser. videotape of IC Seplenbei, which]sst received. Jn its entirety (tett al Anno HI, tha newlycontrast,the hostages' continued captivity and plightif&iupaf^It ively rapid release and question ihe Unitedto negotiateimilar tii-.pi for their release. Allstrongly condemned the OS CO'ernoent for allegedly fallingtor the lelaaie of the hostages as well at Its allianceof the Arabs in the Middle East, we believe IMi new spateand hostage videotapeseneved at leapt by the captorsneiinum pressure on the US Oovernnent through media appeals topublic,

Tne eaptoci' statement reiterated that Its deoandi are clear andto 'everyone.* According to the statement, the release ofwill be the captors' ct of neccy. All future actionsthe hostage situation, they state, are In Presidentwith the ultimate reaponaibiIty for rectifying jniabelonging to the American >

hobetter onctober videotape than on previous tapes,ell-written brief questioning why the Administration had acted so quickly In the Ssniloff case and yet shovs 'little or no concern" for the hostages in Lebanon. Jacobsen Mentions that the President Bade his 'flrat mistake' in the hostage crisis and 'Buckley died* and he asks 'nr. "resident, are you going to make another nutate at the cost of oc: lives}* JJoot' of Jacobien's statement mi appeal to the American peoplef the hostages, I c >

Terry Anderson, naking his first videotaped atateient, also pleaded for the US Government and the American people to take steps to gain the release of the three hostages. Anderson blaredan actions In the Kiddle East on American Riddle last policies and lntiMted that the AasMlOM people were unaware of this linkage. U* believe the kidnapers oay have been able to persuade Anderson that there werebetween his captivity and that of Danlloff and thus convince hin to make



that head psychological nood vhen h* was dictating to whot>. he>-ev*i. latestt,alio attaos th*ov*fam*ftih* fianlloffm 'indifference* ovel theand claims that hit captors do not want to negotiate with tn*ecauavtt is allied with israel. f_ j

although th*u* by doth hostages appear to b*a reason to belirv* that th* basic substance was dialled or dictated by the captors- the ttatcnentt, however) may not have been delivered unvlnd anderson did not appear

1*bythe oonlloff



wflllAlt'^densj action,

wni happen tothen released. '

hq evid*nce of physical aauae on videotapes

to negotiate with hostago-ta.ocs. ftustij),a and


for the

libya beport*div involvedbggd.dnaplnos

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American falseness cemet to tke open. It la clear acre than it Reagan and his Ignorant government arc working (or thou own .joilngtha lives and interests of the American people.

Tedge to freedcn-fightera to persist in raartycdon until Hfth.ia^void and purified of corruption and the rule of justice and

established throughout the world.thus declare the following)

1. what the Reagan adsiaistratlea has done concerning the Damloff case dees not require any explanationonae-it, and is not alien to Reagan and his edaialstratlen.

ate clear and tnovn to everyone, and their realisation

neans setting the hostages free. Anything beyond thisirage.

J. Reagan and Ms administration shoulder responsibility for the delay and any negative action that nay take place. This Is because resolving this ease, after the release of rathe; Is la the hands of Megan and Ms administration.

What the hostages are saying so. concerning what happened is an eianple to the American people -ho are facing danger because of the policyy Reagan and his governnent towards opprtttrd peoples.

Rectifying this irregular situation Is the responsibility of the African peoplehole. Let the American people shoulder their responsibilities and recover their frardon and digaity.

6- Ta* vain belief of leagaa theBaWQ la his abortive power aad false proauses to the American people and to the Hostages' faiillea will oaly reap utter suffering and loss.

Islamic Jihad organization, October UBS


Text of DavidM,Ui on videotape Deliveredctober ISiJ to Internationa)gency in Beirut

TofcQJ'Opie on tha second day of October 1SSS.

our captivityy bad. They are farJenco -as -itn us, Truly they are bad. That is hovevery day, minute by Minul*earalf. oucsprovides no relief.

one of three American hostage* in Lebanon, and Ip.

captivityhe fact thai our government refuses to help us. Being ignored Is ths vorst pain. way does the go-err.nent increooe-out suffering by ignoring

ti * Sy our government and not

hurt by It. Deya, coiltis and years ate passing by and there is no end in sight for our situation.

our noc

This nonsensical situation la being continued by the Anerican Government. The Governnent has made no serious efforts to verify health treatment or Conditions of captlvt(y. Th, Government doe: know when they Might hear of Out death. They apparently don't care

nple, when they heard of the mirdcr of Buckley what did Hoc* quiet diplomacy and

When Oaniloff was arrested by the Russians his situation

ly ^OVn ty th" CoB*lnwl' in the Government and the press reacted to the situation justatural disaster or an eartnquale.

Everyone was interested. Oaniloff becaa* theone topicconversat.on. The African government reacted Isw-diately to free oaniloff because the respect and honor of the United States would b. damaged If the Governnent had not acted quickly.

an Mdtma* in lhe"isis and Buckley died. sr. President, are you going to cake another Mistake at the cost or out liv*s7

Ityou are continuing to make Mistakes In our situation. Don't

we also deserve the recognition, respect and honourable treatment by

3 ^cv


T*itretry Andersonon videetsp*o an InternationalAgervcy !r. Beirut

A^'cIlit*d mj thanks and those offaTlo-ll thos*rie* -ha at* praying andfor release.

tlal thanks ando my sister Peggy and rathert" tot their efforts.

Bust ailnd ny governnent he. long our suffering and thatcontinue. K* and our flPtlllea cannot fall to noticeIrltair treatment out situation Aat been given by the Merloana governnent that should be caring (or all its Citizens, prpiefvl-i^ the dignity, frecdoo and human right! Of all.

woalf year, of enpty talk and refusal to act on the part of th* Rtagan adnlnlsttation, it hurtshe propaganda and th* bonbast vlth which that adnlnlttratlonh*f Kr.itlronits, -ho was in prisonhort tin*.

can any official Justify th*nd attention and action gi.es to that cas* and th*er> cr.'

Do th* American people know vhy v* are i. capti.it/? why the raarlnet andtilled in th. bonolnoirport and th* -baasy beilding? Why w* can't move freely about In theH without al-ays in danger?

All this is tha result of Reagan'solicy against th*Of th* Kiddle East.

Our captivity isult of one pact of thii policy. William Buckley's murdtr and th* killing of nany, many Othera Is another part. Yovr lack of fr**dom to travel is another result of that policy.

W* at* not surprised thatV**jl* not paying attention to our ease, hor*mericans weren Beirut without causing hlnny responsibility or to change that policy.

w* are surprised that th* American government has pgt pressure on Arab and European governments not to ntgotiat*s outs, out surrendered lts*lf ln th* Danlloffeleasing th* Russian spy lacharov who was working against our people.

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a bad had bi Anerig

iBi.^Oavld Jacobsin. tote my letter two day*as >Eychologicl]uT>oodat emotionally upset because Danlloff (changed tor the Russian spy who vas working against the lOple andasaptive. The second thing that jrn* feel bad it the interest President Reagan and his

ase but no interest in ny case. Thefa not doing anything in ay case to solve my ptoblen they respondetteretsage. The 'answer Is always we are doing sonething (or then,PSte. We will not renounce our position, why did Reagan surrender ln the Daniloft case? ead his statenent saying that we wish to negotiate with the captors, but that we will not renounce our position or accept their demands. Hr. President! If that Is your position, what have you done for us? My captors do not like to negotiate with the American Covcranent because it Is against their principles to negotiate with the allies of Israel which Is responsible for killing Innocent people In Lebanon, and especially ln the south. My captors want only to satisfy their demands that are known to the American Government. It would be easy to satisfy the denands if Reagan wants to. If as schuict said do not distinguish between Danlloff and our case then why is Danlloff free and we are not? Why art you not solving our caseickly as you solved Daniloffs case. Thia is unfair. Why all this talk aboutrote In my letter, that there were dictation mistakes,rote the latter, under stress and that the letter was not ny opinion. Everybody had to understand thatrote Is true and that It was ny Opinion and also the opinion of Tom Sutherland and Terry Anderson. This truthnown toWeir, rather Jenco and Mr. Levin. equest from ny friends who got their freedon, to continue their efforts to get our release and eiplaln to the American people that the Aa-rlcannt nust change its policies Jn the Middle East. My problem is the result of this unfair policy. President Reagan nust not* that w? are American citlxcns and thar^we^re working for the Anerican people. deserv* to be free and to IffiaEB In the benefits of freedom.



3 3'

R. Polad*it*r

to Ik* President fol Rational HWfUrllan

Intelligence Office:croi isn DCI/Hostage Location Talk force

and American Beitage Developoents (U)

? October

7h* nwghrilvah faction of kUzballeh vh'.ch holds American and rrenehi acceleratingeffort* to tnltal public opinion to wrest concession* frea th* OS and Pcanch Covertit hostage



Chirac Co'.-naent null fast

action*edefl |h<a'wa prisoners held In AUwait.

oust divorce itself free the policial of th* *blgeaning the United States.

Tha "tench public should "shoulderIn tt/.s j

The captors also alluded la th*t to thenth hostages In theirCsrton, "arcel Pontalne,n Paul laufvana. Theyl-ainuta videotape of th* thre* in which each aatcs an

Tealsti Oet.vere' on

* October* to anBeirut

you lone views of Frenchmen In oo: custodyj.'fMcr, Jlatccl Carton, ureal* of theeden and at their request to renind the French peopleheir case no- noreays old.

o esplain the following:


omic ted by the forme; ga-erna.ent,eturning theqr*WcVt*nTa, contains certain positive factors but isclent unless the Frenchreshapes its policy in the region.


2- re still awaiting effective action by the French jsWIBBsWalthe ITeld in Kuwait. French policy linkedof America and backing Israel (during and after the Israeli Invasion)win cause for the detentionnsontent o(

amee are fellythat France Is capable of aole.no this problec and achieving what it wants froo some countries in the reg.on, leading to the release of the three Pr.nchnen in our custody.

J. Ve cer.s'.da; Chirac- goveruent reipotll'.le for lejCClfvftM tSa serious alststes eosultted as' aimcommitted Mitterrandot of wees bad lei to the klll'ng Sir./nationals and soldiers In FBance. Leienci and ol-e: flatea.

and tr.e

7Ms viU remain act stand tatll h.l stovesftd interests. only se realoac'.

agpolicyUgdevil toward., an,

Oppressed peoples ia tha world.

4- We are not paoples'of the unjust policies towards humanity. Ve will contlnveand flgat.sheyast policy towards peoples In tha region. The Preachhould also shoulder responsltllity anj seek to regain their independence, freedor. and dignity.

Islasle ,'lhadctober Hit.

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