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Admiral John H. Poindei'.er Assistant to the President for national Security Affairs

Charles E. Allen

national Intelligence Officer for Counter-terrorism Director. DCI-HOstage Location Task Forte

OCI-Hostage Location Task Force Report

Attached is my report for theS6 on the status of US hostages In Lebanon. Key points in thiseport are:


f theostage Location Task Force'ccnd debriefing cf fenwrollet,ugust. Fatner^Jncor of additional insights tnclvding: if there is another hostage releasee. David Jacobsen likely nou'd Oe thr one: the captors believe Thooas SutherlandIA case officer and see Terry Andersonebellious captive; the captor knewi astated in early June that all of the Americans would soon be released, but later claimed that the vnited States hadn unspecified demand after agreeing to others. Father Jencc also provided additional information in south where he was held, but was unable to Identify the specific location.


President Assad of Syria metSrican delegation In Syria this week and vociferously condemned International terrorism and hostage-taking. We believe his real motivation Is to try to establish direct contact with President teagan, by wourajlno, the United Statei toigh-level emissary to to discuss the hostage issae.

The French-Iranian hostage negotiations appear temporarily stalled over French insistence that Its hosuj/es be freed all oncet"f*^[

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Report As Stated

Charles E. Allen

3 SC.

oirecwt ol central intelligence hostage location task force report

special access required


3 us Hosiers "Union Prao'in'r Hc-ro to

Two CIA sources TporjfQ ejrlng the put weekemaining US hostages have been moved from the Mint area to southern Lebanon, bere unable to confirm these reports, out have levied recufreoentsuman scurce and imagery collectors fo' collateral Information. JX*Wk^^

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US hostages wererelease of Father

davs of iheykn Fadlallah. The

atlon to distance them


ache oho has were being held in pproilraately three this Information eMah stronghold es uere moved there

The Offense Attache Office in Beirut reported onugust that a

rallabia source had learned fro* a

moved from Beirut tolebe'

Jenco. The hostages rvporteelydiscussions anong HilbaDah officii

hostages allegedly -ere transferre* fron the Syrian presence in West St

' On the saw day, another soure<

reported reliably in the past stal<

the village of Gnaflyeh (see photosfrom Si don. The source claii

from Syrian officials. Oaziyah li


and we cannot rule out the posslb

following Father Jenco's release.

Debriefing of Father

On It August. Hostage location Task Force members^accoopanied by the FBI.econd interna- Fathertt"Illinois. The team spent approximately eight hours with Fatherndo dose gaps and clarify discrepancies that arose from Jenco's Initial debriefing in "est

Significant points developed durlnj the sec.ogai Ir.te/vfew are:

An unidentified Kuwaiti dtlien was held briefly withand David Jacobsen in Beirut during the sumer ofwas eventually

i 3

. eres'ce! con!'Hon. but iw"t'

tC depression because of LVir continued detention.

the negotiator" 'or thetolaONwOule Be releasedrjfBontti Prio* ;craletlf hetold byh# apparent senior authority over the Cjuerdi holdingans--that tne US Got'rstm hadeed to all the conditions forhostage) release but had reneged on one. unspecified condition. Hajj slated that,j Fat'a- iv-co was to be raleaietl.

Also to June, ore of the guardsaid*I. "ho servedranslator for Kajj, tola Father JrVC they had changed thalrfrom the release of the al-Sa'va prisoners In Kuwait to the release of the Shi'4 he'd by Israel and theecked South Lebanese Arcy.

- (Father Jenco believes that, if there, is another release, David Jacobsan will be thehostage released. Ihe captors believe Thomas SutherlandCIA. officer' and perceive Tarry Andersonebellious captive.

One at the guards,not oentioned in the earlier debriefing! may be related to one of the al-Da'wa prisoners held In Kuwait according to Father Jenco. His belief is Based on_ Kahmjd'i regularal-Oa'wi prisoners. 1'. r.

r Fa'.k( furthtrreelieve hevotrier Africans were held. Heunable to pinpoint significant landmarks that would assist usspecific buildings. FromareneJenco probably was heldblocks south or southwestBaseln tne Bu'J al-iarajlrar.of iout*corresponds with earlier infomeUon provided by Je-eo such assoundircraft taking off and the seell of jet eahaust. of this area, Jencc Indicated an area aporoilMtely one-halfof the noso.ue as where he believed ha was held.ulyAmerican hostages were awvedev location, believed to badistance west of his previous location. Jenco stated It was

alnute walk to this location and that he believed he wasy fro* the Beirut International Airport. He also stated he could not hear the 'calls to prayer' fron the ncsQue as clearly here as at hit previous location, 0 minute walk west of his previous location would put hin further away from both theTiasul al-Adhem mosque and the main north-sooth runway of the airport. The last location where Jenco was held, two five-story buildings very cloie together which were dlractlv across the streetine-story building, probably Is In the Sir 1

is) ^








ol thel-Qj



is cei

V} ci

in Kuwait for terrorist pre are still being held In the

Kail to and fron

ie fanll, wsbers are permitted ivel from Lebanon to visit and,Nliballah ato


of theart/ nettters were sentenced to death Inhile the remainingre serving from five years to life. Only the Amir, ShiyH Jablr al-Ahmad al-Jabir al-Sabah. has the authority to commute their sentences and we have no evidence he is considering this action. Under rum-lit la- and without the tolr's

l&LTS^fmfi1 HrllWt wr of thearty members could be releasedfl. rTCT

Assad Maneuvers to Upgrade Contacts with the United States

neconsents regarding Syrian efforts on behalf of the US hostages, made this weekisiting US Arab-Ar-orican delegation that included former US Senator James ADcurfj*tandard reiteration of Syrian rhetoric and policy j


Nin i



Eagleton believes Foreign Hmuier Sra-a is We oHnicipal Syrian official promoting the idea that the US Administration has been remiss In not comunicatlng directly at high level wit* Assad on the American hostages, although he suspects SharV would not have pushed the idea with the oedia and the Arab-American delegation withoutpproval. The Ambassador intendst witheit week and, based on this meeting, will assess whether it would be usefulresidential emissaryt again with Assad on the hostages.




Lebanese Interior MinisterStatements on hjstage Locations

Lebanese Interior Minister AQdallah al-Rasiugust was quoted by the Associated Press as saying:

Frevh oiUge*. KSKith




The French Itlll appear lffetly to free lARF leaderaroa prltqn by mld-Septerflrropes of securing th- release of Weremainingelevisionmerceri. The Eeoassj has coaflrmrd that the prosecuting Judge tit the case can let Abdalla* go at any time without obtaining the Justice Minister's approval and this could male the releasepolitically palatable for Chirac. Bombings of French banks fn East Beirut onugust Claimed by the Aif- Imperialist International Brigadea cover nan* used by LARFwere Intended to remind Paris that it ay retuw? attacks on French soil If Abdallah remains in prison.

Voiceebanonugust announced that the kidnapers nay soonrench hostage








Syrian forces Extent" Control in West Beirut

The security situation In West Beirut -here we believe American hostages ire held remains precarious, at least 'or rnv. Irplementation of the Syrian security plan continues slowly and cautiously. The Inner neighborhoods of northhe southern suburbs remain free from any direct Syrian control Isee map at The Syrian forces appear to content themselves with policing major arteries adjacent to militia-controlled neighborhoods. Any major attempt to penetrate Into these neighborhoods willrastic addlt'on of Syrian military personnelyrian-Iranian agreement.!






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