Created: 6/23/1986

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IWRANDUH FOR: SIG-fCirtIng GroupSections, Draft Report

Herewith for comae nt are Sections VI. C. and E. They deal,onformity with the outline, with those counterintelligence tasks other than protection of national security Information.

Subject to the group'sropose to eliminate Section D. My analysis of -hat it was to cover led me to conclude that:

a. Analysis of Soviet Peceptlon/Qgnul wasounterintelligence task.

u^tiA5SP"ment/SUPPOrtInte1|lqgnce Collection was-primarlly

C. Control of Sensitive Technical Collection had to do mainly with compartmentation and/or deception; tnc first covered elsewhere and the second only peripherally involving counterintelligence.

d. State was unwilling to provide any relevant information relating to the 0jp1oir.atic Security Service.

am the first to admit that the drafts need considerableappreciate your comments by COBune. If you believelease include your draft thereof.


l2 Distribution ofw/atts):

Major, NSC

L. Britt Snider, OSD

Robert Krell, DSD

Daniel Carlin, State

Francis Corry, Slate

Paul LaBar, Oi a

A. R. Cinqutgrana, DoJ

Louis Ritchie, Dot

Steven Garfinkel, ISOO

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