Created: 4/23/1987

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SUBJECT: Brooklyn Rivera'spril Press Conference on Autonomy 1.

-At *conference in San Jose onrooklyn Rivera ottered to return to Managua "immediately" toeace proposal to the Government of Nicaragua (GON). Entitled "Yaptireehe proposal calla for the GON to grant the MisKxtoa, Raraas and the Sumus an autonomous part of Nicaragua determined by the traditional territories belonging to the Miaklto, Sumu, Rama, and areas presently inhabited by Creoles, Garifuno, and Ladinos (along the Atlantic Coast). The autonomous area is to be governed under its own constitution and have Its own police and security apparatus. The indigenous people will have the right to determine use and development of all ita own national resources. In addition, the languages of the Miskitos, Ramas, and Sumua would be recognized by Managua as official languages, in exchange, Misurasata will recognize the central government of the Sandinistas, and accept the power of Managua to rule in order to provide for the "defense of the autonomous region from external aggression."

3. The central government will also have responsibilityrelations, jurisdiction in certain cases of civilprosecution, control of moneyecognition ofas the nationalnd the right to grant orfor all Nicaraguana. GON military bases will beto exist in Yapti Taaba only upon agreement withregional leaders. Misurasata will immediatelySandinista Popular Army (EPS) as the national army. However,of the autonomous region will be exempt from

Rivera proposes to setudiciary board with representatives of the FSLN and Misurasata, to work out the legalities of the autonomy plan. Tha GON is to provide economic assistance for establishing the autonomous region, and undertake repatriation of indigenoua peoples wishing to reside in Yapti Tasba. Rivera also proposes to setrovisional government, with himself at the head, until such time as the communities of the autonomous region can elect their leaders.q


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