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With the rrjinposition of ihr State of Emergency and the

suspension of key constitutional rights (hours after the signing-of the Constitutionhe Internal Opposition has becoae very active. The following aajor events took place in January:

rallies vere held in Nasayasteli and Managua.

copiesedro Joaquin Chaaorro poster vere confiscated by the Sandinistas.

slogans Mere painted on the wall in Managua.

--Several party leaders and rank-and-file aeabers were arrested and briefly jailed.

and PSC headquarters were harrassed by the police.

In February, opposition political leaders set.with EEC delegates in Guatemala City. Opposition leaders also net with their counterparts in the region.

arch, the Internal Opposition organised an event to celebrate International Uoaen's Day. *

Upconing Events:

--The seven political parties who are sponsoring the nine-point "National Coapronlse Plan" areally for early April to deaand an answer to the proposal froa the Sandinistas.

--Leaders of the PSC, PCN and PLI are scheduled to travel to Europe to neet with key governaent and European Parliaaeat leaders in early April.

--Theii "political parties,'and probably the Coordlnadora, are planning special activities for the IPU Congress to be held inpril.

seven political parties and COS are.planning special anti-Sandinista activities for the May Day celebration.

European Journalist will travel to Niceragua topecial report on huaan rights abuses, especially torture in the prisons. Plans are to release this report prior to the IPU Congress in April.


--Radiofforts are currently underwaythe war reporting in order to aake Radioprinciple voice of both the political andof the Nicaraguan Resistance. The firstwar correspondent is scheduled to arriveon iQ March. i

|The Radio Llbefaclon satellite link

win oe tony activated onarch. Signal strength tests have been excellent in the past week.

Support for the Nicaraiuan Resistance in Europe:.

Efforts to.expose tbe Sandinistaseaocratlc postur* in Nicaragua have been extensive and successful in Europe. Press placements and other written Material plus* several successful visits by Nicaraguan internal opposition figures have apparently helped change the attitude of soae European countries toward the Sandlnsitas. Sone countries have cut aid to the Nicaraguan governaent, while others have decided not to increase the aaount of assistance provided the ptrvious year. We haveubstantial change in European attitudes toward the Sandinistas In the past year. The following activities took place between January and March:

--COSt? leaders aade an extensive trip to Europe. They spoke strongly against the Sandlnista regtste. They got excellent Media coverage while there.

Exile Activities:

The Nicaraguan Social Christians in exile continue to workossible organlxatlonarty inlansoninar in March fell through but are now being arranged for April.


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