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nicaraguan air defense units

ha'^-apqiiai emnpment ior niohfc operation*;. |

__Tsomenits have infrared sights tor'mwninim could permit candlnista antiaircraft units to better track ano tire at resistance resupply aircraft, virtually all ot which drop at night.

--During the reporting period, nine air suasionsound* ot cargo to resistancetotals thus tar are iu/ alesione, deliveringot

. reporter who was with PDN torces during the fightlnq at san Andres de Bocay essentially confirms resistance accounts of the action, acct>rdinn. Embassy reporting. The reporter who weis an. Array otClcer and weet Point graduate wxtoiled the valor of the FDN troops, their high morale and the quality ot theic leadership. Be indicated that the resistance la naraesing the Sandinistas and is not concerned with holding territory. The reporter also noted chat, during the battle, Sandinlsta helicopters kept their distance, probably in reaction to the shootdown of thev an fdh Heoeye

During the Bocay lighting, the fdn renamed Duay elsewhere inside Nicaragua, ulvert on the Rama Road near Huelle deOueyes was blown upay, resulting ln the disruption of ail vehicle traUlo. onay, the fdn bleuridge in Matagaipa

Accordingeport trom. Embassy in Tegucigalpa, the fdn unit that. citizen Benjamin Under waa aeorieted on ils May at Ite base camp along the Nlcaraguan-Honduran border. The coabatante claim that Linear was armed and ln unitorn when killed, and they thought he was Cunan. Tne coabatanto took some documents oft Llnder's body which the emnacoy hopes to obtain.

nB*' n students mi*

uune framingiMTT)

thirty completed the Combat Nedlcal Technical (CUT) course.

*orty-tive additional etudenta graduated trom training I

ay> fifteen atudenta compWa*

ATE: 4

notner order ofedeye missiles has been pieced with the Amy, This latest order brings to 1SU the number of Redeyes which win sipport the air defense efforts of the resistance.

There are liv* resupply flights acheduled for the weeae otMayune. These flights will carryuartermaster ordnance and general cargo.

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