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The overall coals for th* procrar. ; to:

hriving insurgency with three active fronts aole to conduct sustained operations in Nicaragua, including in uraan areas, which threater. Sandir.iste control in limited areas;

develop endoherent resistance political program through active psyops and civic action programs aiaed at increasing popular support and atovert support network in Nicaragua;

support existing and newly formed civic opposition croups and strengtaea their ties to and support iron European and latin Aaericen counterparts;

gain increased support for tne resistance and civic opposition froa European and ^atin /userican countries.

3- Ka?or New Programs

The major new programs to be iBpleoentec in FY-Sc are:.

expanded psyops effort;

civic action programs conducted by resistance forces in Kiceregua;

the possibilityonth fundiag;

introduction of newowitzers, erred boats, cratnc sumncrtt various levels of military fending.

C. KEJor Accompli shper.ts in FY-E7

Tbe major accomplishments ir. ri'-E7 were:

establishaantogistical support structure;

training of resistance leadership and specialists;

supporting0 fighters in Nicaragua; upgraded air defense;

overcoming difficult political proaieias end forming an expended, more representative Directorate;


the TTTcrano unite Atlantic coasi croups;



cf tbe Nlcarag-an Association for Hunan Sicat*.

Ka"-o-r. ry-B"

?:ie na;;or shortcomings in FV-ot -ere:

failure to activatesouthern front;

failure to develop alternatives- to aeriai suppiy;

inability to increase support for the resistance in Nicaragua anfi asroac by development of an effective political campaign to complement the military effort.

Overt Political Budget: illion Objectives

The overt political nudget is designed to fund certain activities wbicn assist the civic opposition in Nicaragua and the armed resistance, in general, it complements covert assistance anc military assistance programs. The objectives of the overt funding are tp:

exploit DSIS and kZD capabilities in support of the civic opposition in Nicaragua;

ivic action effort by all elements of the resistance forces in the field;

provide essential support for families cf resistance



3. of Other Agencies Toward

a* oeer. cooperez-vt ;r. providing oooks anc crner materials. veroposed speakers procrarey feelrocrar wouic conflict w'tr. existingr. as Ampart.

nave discussed vizk. hZZ tne possirility of supporting various civic exposition activities- With few exceptions, nonech nave seer, conauctec because of proolems in Nicaragua, AI- nas not jnciudeci the opposition in its programs. is priuarily dueear tbat granting the needed exception to Nicaragua (exceptions ere needed tc provide aid to countries in default toouldash of defaults followed oy requests for exceptions. ;

Procrans to Oe funded, amounts

DSIS Support: rnousanc

Overt political support would include an increase in funding for certain CSIA programs iffclcb provide valuable support to the civic opposition, we would seek to increase the funding for prefects supplying books, videotapes, speakers and sports instructors. The DSIS section at the Emoassy is currently the only source of western publications in tbe country, and

speakers and educational programs give tae civic opposition an important resource tbat would helps compensate for tae severe restrictions tbey operate under. These projectsrucial role in countering Sancinista control oi tbe media anc Soviet disinformation.

Publications vould include non-fiction works releretr to tbe situation in Central America or tbe development of marxist regimes, while vicoes would include news programs (preferably inocmentaries and popular films. Tae provision of an alternative to tbe official culture and propaganda plays an essential role in strengthening the civic opposition.

An enlarged program. speakers and instructors would provide similar benefits. VSZS already plan* toumser of speakers and instructors come to Nicaragua. Addditional funding would be usee to expand sections of this existing program. Tbe number of baseball instructors, for example, would De expanded from tbe two currently planned for by CSIA. American baseball instructors ere suroects of considerable pumiic interest in Nicaragua, anc would prove useful in attracting young people to tbe civic opposition.

Aid to si trillion

There are nur.erous Indian families in Honduras and Costa Ricer. do not receive assistance from unijcr. in addition, it hes been reported that vr:-terminates aid to families in its campsamily member joins the resistance.

To remedy tsis situation and thusignificant detriment to rtorale, we propose to provide assistance to those families not supported oy DKfaXS or toose ONE CP. assistance. This support would include food, simple housing materials, and basic medical care. It would be similar to tbat provided to tne families of NR fighters, but snoulc not exceed that provided by tbe ONHCR in order to prevent families in camps leaving to receive the higher amount of assistance available outside the camps.

AID should as consideredource of this support. civic Action tlCO thousand

While Civic Action programs by-the -Resistance constrained by logistics. Resistance forces need to cake efforts to provide assistance to civilians in taeir operational areas. These efforts would oe designed in part to giia support oy providing needed cr desired items to tte populace. =or example. Resistance ccrpsmen can treat simple maladies, cell attention to medical problems, and pass on information on cleanliness and sanitation. To sone extent. Resistance forces can dispense medicines to treat the illnesses common to the region; thet effort will depend on whether Resistance forces can carry wi tn them medical supplies in excess of their own needs. imilar effort might be cade in the veterinary area. Supply drops should include medical supplies fo: Civic Action objectives.

It may also be worthwhile to considerentist to Resistance forces operating in the areas most sympathetic to tbe Resistance. Anotner possibility would beeterianarian to such forces, to treat sinple aninal diseases and to check for diseases which can be transmitted to man.

AID -ptppsrt: jsanc

Overt political funding would alao include cne provision of funds to AID for specific use in procrans currentlv unavailable to Nicaraguans. certain regional"activites, usually involving training co-rses or seminars, are currently denied to participants trot, -he Nicarecuan private sector oecause of standing legal restrictions. If such restrictions could ne waived, it would ne nossiole to incluoe jiicaracuens in these recional activites. Tnia would outtress tne civic oopo.ition by providing it another resource while ci the same time offering an attractive alternative to Sandimsta or soviet procrans.

rn addition, AID should be consideredource of support for the aie to families program in paragraph b, aDove.



support operations of Radio liberacion;

support existing civic opposition groups in Nicaragua;

support formation of additional civic opposition groups in Nicaragua;

strengthen ties of civic opposition vitb European and ^atin'taerican counterparts;

support resistance political operations;

improve resistance contacts and image in Europe and Latin America.

object iyes

the objectives of the human rignts program are to:

support operations of the nicaraguan association forr.ts;

support organization and operations of an atlantic coast human rights organization;

assist in the establishmentystem of military justice.

programs, amounts

the human rights program consists of training of resistance forces in proper conductombatant end of investigations into allegations of misconduct conducted by anpde. int is planned to continue these activities as veil as to organize an atlantic coast human rights organization and to assist in the creation in the establishmentilitary justice system for the resistance.

the creationystem of justice is seeney

step in strengthening tbe chain of command so that it say enforce discipline in its forces.. this effort will consist of promulgationode of conductode of military justice, and estaolishment of an investigative and prosecutorial branch in tie resistance. the desired result is fair investigations into alleged improper conduct and prosecution and punishaeat of those responsible for these acts.

s3 million is retired to achieve tbe above objectives.

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