Created: 6/2/1987

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in Militaryas being reterred by senior

there is growing opposition to tne Sandinista regime.

Inecision on wnother toilitary Ri Nlcaraguan commander >.

pdn torces continued to strike at itgntly detended mtrastructure targets, blowing up electrical towers near Sebaco and Ocotai onay. Power was expected to be out tor several days.

In addition to attacking tntrastructure targets, resistance torces are engaging nuccesstully Sandinista tie id units and garrisons, j

frpN troops baaiyLl company on it naj

Hilltary "Region 6. Other reports indicate successful amousnes against sandinista patrols and attacks against armeand garrisons throughout the country.

Fighting between Sandinista and FDH troops in tne San Andres de Bocay area has been occurring sinceay. Elements ot at least one sandinista BLI are involved in tne lighting, and tne pdn air torce has tlown at least one combat sortie trying to takek-zi rocket launcnecocket tired tromircratt.

has about combatants inside Nicaragua, uut nut ailsupplied or armed. This represents an Increase ot

JUU over the tigure reported in April. However, their

activity, thus tar, has been minimal.


During tn- period, tnree ot our tour drop aircraft were in. tor maintenance. Six aerial resupply missions were tlown, deliveringu pounds ot combatnd oneatiet arop was conducted at La Rostta. Two ot these missions reported observing ground tire. Tnu3 tar, lib tiight3 nave been tlown,ounds ot2 tons).

Tne DC-d,ndircraft purchased tor the PDN are undergoing retlt, and should be available tor operation around lt> June.

During tne month ot May,esupply tiignts were tlown into Honduras,ounas ot ordnance, demolitions and quartermaster supplies.

Trancne III ordnance and ammunition requirements tor approximately S9 million worth ot equipment were received tcom tne tleid onay. Meanwhile, Tranche III quartermaster supplies nave begun arriving at Midwest Depot. Tnree resupply tiights are scheduled to ship these itemsune.


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