Created: 12/2/1986

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1. are directed the Inspector General toull-scale, fact-finding investigation to document the role of this agency la, or its knowledge of, the sale of military hardware to Iran and the subsequent diversion of associated funda.-to the Contra foreea In Central America. xpect every agency eajployeejgo cooperate fully with' tfiia fact-finding investigation.

Attcirney.Ceneral.has requested any and all material oforncludinj, but not liaUtod* to^NIUmaterials, jdniitea,W^diuiaajV telephoneor other electronic records, files, and Other documents1S to the present, concerning the following:

a. a activitiee Involving Iran.

b-. All hostage negotiations off similar comotralcations as an

financial aid activities Involving themovement which are related to Iran or Iaraal.

activities of Robert C. licParlaaa, DonCol. Oliver L. North, Vice Admiral John H. Folndezter,Adolfo Celero, and Richardecord relatingbove.

Agency enployM^roceaaloge^ttng toshould contact oM-Of-the foUowiagce of inspector

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