Created: 12/5/1986

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Soviet* Trumpet Gorbachev Visit

Moscow launched an all-out public relations campaign tor General Secretary Gorbachev's visit to New Delhi last week by using Its extensive connections In the Indianby the Indiangenerate highly tavoreble media coverage.l

Moscowublic relations specialist to New Delhhr^eptember io coordinate propaganda activities lor the visit. |

the Soviets0 to eight major New Delhi newspapers lor advertising supplements highlighting the visit and also paid and entertained atozen journalists. One Soviet official toured lour northern Indian slates and urged editors to print articles on Indo-Soviel cooperation.

During visit.Soviets

virtually tookwrote

programs, vetted Indian scripts, and chose film footage to be transmitted on all news and special programming for the four-day visit. The Soviets also helped the Indian Press Information Bureau select journalists to attend Gorbachev's press conferences and used Indian employees of the Soviet Embassy to persuade these journalists not to ask embarrassing quest

Comment: Prime Minister Gandhi appears to have givenree propaganda hand. Gorbachev's well-received speechoint session of the Indian parliament, the joint communique on principlesuclear-weapons-free world, and Gandhi's glowing endorsement of Gorbachevcrusader for peace" put India firmly on the public record In support of Soviet foreign policy positions on arms control, SDI, and the UN. The Soviets will use the extensive publicity surrounding the visit as part of their propaganda on arms control and other foreign policy issues, especially in the Third World. I


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