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NiltOftil Inicilifence Council

rtDORWflXK FOR: Df. Alton G. Kc-I

Acting Assistant to the President Cor National Security Affairs

E. Allen

National Intelligence Officer for Counterterrorisir Director, DCI-Hostage Location Task Force

Location Task Force Report

Attached is my report for the6 on the status of US hostages in Lebanon. Key points in this report are:

The Revolutionary Justice Organization has released Aurel Cornea, one of the fourelevision technicians taken hostage- by the Lebanese extremist group6 in-West Beirut. Tw of the four crewnss^bers had previously been freed.', with Cornea's release, Jean-Louis Normandin will be the onlymployee still in captivity. In addition to Normandin, three other French hostages are still held hostage Indiplomats and a

Me obtained no significant^information on th? location orof US hostages this



Departjrent nasbetsaoor flosgers addressuest to the highest levels of the French Governrent.


Terry.Waite,as planning to visit Beirut this Christvws inis continuing effort to obtain the release of theostages, vill not go doe to the security situation there.


Report As Stated




SUBJECT: XI Hosuge Location Task fc- &

Oisulbotio'nr. cpy.l -Alton CXKeel, NSC

< -








Director of Central Intelligence HOSTAGE LOCATION TASK FORCtf^ REPORT




3 6^




Terry waite will.Stay Home This Christmas

Anglican*-Church envoy Terry Waite will not visit Beirut prior to Christmas .this year, despite earlier press announcements to that effect. An Anglican Church statement released in London onecember said the security-situation in Beirut made it extremely unlikely that Waite could leave before Christinas. Waite appeared on ^television talk show on the saw day. and alluded to Beirut saying, "People are being kidnaped on every street

Tnisvvooldriiave.-been Waite's fourth Christmas trip in six years ai.?ed at tryingfor the captives. -fbT*

Khoreini Regime Attitudes Toward US Arms Sales to Iran

Rajjat al Islam Syed Peza Borghai, the personal representative of the tyatollah Khomeini in the Gulfeportedly stated chat the US arms sales to Iran and its subsequent revelation have brought-the United States "to its knees" and scored 'a great political victory* for Iran. Borghai made his statements in Dubai to leaders of the Iranian community residing in the Emirates following his. return from meetings with Iranian leaders, including Khomeini, in Tehran. According to Borghai, thishange; formerly, he claimed, many in the Iranian Government had believed taking Western hostages was-counterproductive. rre



Borghai isey decisionmaker and his opinions cannot bebe authoritative. Some in the Iranian leadership may haveas he claims, about Iran being.linked to hostage-taking,,regime has never publicly orfar as' For nearly two years Tehran has exploited Americanhostage situation to gain politlcal'and economic concessions/



e Cold the


US Ambassador in Riyahd that Hiiballah spiritual leaderhadlndicated the hostage captors might have droppedfor release of thea'waimplied he

wouldansom for them, if money were what the captors demanded.




The French'Government has successfully secured the release ofhostage. Tbe Lebanese extremist 'Revolutidnaryreleased French hostage Aurel Cornea today in Moslemafter more than nine months days of captivity.

Sack-jround on

The Revolutionary Justice Organization announced onecember that it wouldrench hostage before Christmas. In Baking this announce.'rent, ittatementestern nevs agency in West Beirut along with color photographs of two Frenchelevision technicians, Aurel Cornea and Jean Louis Nocmarsdin. The Revolutionary Justice Organization had earlier taken credit Cor the kidnaping of fourelevision technicians in Harchwo o* whom were released onune. The Organization also took responsibility for the release of French hostages Canille Sontag.and Marcel Coudari on In addition, it has claimed responsibility for kidnaping US citizens Joseph Cicippio and Edvard Tracy. isC* J

The release of Cornea follows intense efforts over the lastby the Chirac Co.vernrent to secure the celeass of .





The Revolutionary Justice Organization in its statement had demanded that Prance..stopr-its-assistance to Iraq saying the hostage issue had provided the opportunity for dialogue and now it was up to France to take advantage of."the situation.' The sucement--which credited Syrian, Algerian,'and Iranian-assistance in arranging the hostagethe actlonrvould be in" honor of "HolyW

Cornea is the fifth French hostage to be" released6






BRITISH HOSTAGES UK Acoeals For Release of Two Britons

Charge d'Affaires in Beirut has called for the immediate release of two Britons missing, believed Kidnaped, in Lebanon.

hristmas Eve appeal, in the independent An^Sahar and leftist As-Safir dailies, the Charge called on the kidnapers to free Britons John McCarthy and Alec Collett. ho works for Worldwide Television tews, was kidnaped onwo daysS air raid on Libya. His abduction was claimedroup called Revolutionary Comrando Cells who claimed that they had executed McCarthy.C

J^Collett, $i, whoournalistic assignment tor the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugeesas seized on The Revolutionary Organization of Socialistover name for the Abu Nidal Organization, announced that Collett had been executed last April after the US'bomoing raid on Libya,



3 6cy




Turbulence In Christendom

The longstanding strains betvee Christian militia, leader JaJaiolence among Christians, an event repercussions on the US Enbassy per Beirut. According to the US Embassy meet witA Syrian President Asad deso

JaJa is

and that Cemayel'songt


resident Genayel and Lebaneseand nay lead to sore -Ity which could have serious

stationed at the Annex in East tl is proceeding with plans to strong opposition from JaJa.






) ^ are denied in toto citing FOIA exemptions

Annex 3

of the First ft?volutionary Justice Organization

In the Name of the Dear Almighty,

Afterseme serious steps by the French Government in thecxsesjpiirac, towards correcting what has been thwarted bywe have been assured that the French CoveuraSaepTfttends tcoreconsider its previoos pistakes, politically, econcmcaiiy and mUTlSrily; following various mediations by partiesespectSaod appreciate like the Islamic Republic and sane allies in the fr on czoKresi stance and confrontation such as Syria, Algeria and whoolttzjsj^his use.esult of seme occurring changes on the attitodSSc. the Frerxifiaw announce the following:

the French and American hostages is not aplans and activities. It is actuallyoff subjection and taming of sore governments andattention that we are still advising and alerting andcomprehension and understanding. Their'detention is oneaspects of the dark future of the definite struggle,criminal twisted policies continue to be practiced onpeoples. We are noturry to end this issue. the crisis of others gasp behind us and beg jToc the releasewhom we host. They are in an area burning with crisesbecause of some

2. We appeal to all mediators to end the hostages crisis to understand the following and payjttention to it:

You axe as pcogrcssive reroStions and vanguard movements for the liberation of pecs&eslfrcra imperialists. You areifficult choice-before the wounded people of Iraq, who is bleeding and onits wounds or easing its pain. YCXj are before -note than six million displaced persons and hundreds of thousands of martyrs as well as thousands of arrested persons^ They ask and demand you. France is supporting Iraqjw^isupporting Saddam with the most recent long-range pbincs^and weaponseople which has sufffered^Snrxecedented calamities. What have you offered? What we have asked from everybody is to make France understand that we want to stop the support to Saddam. We put this question before you and possibly before the French.

-- 3. What is needed from France is to abandon the American policy sphere. We ace still in the phase of "moving the stick." We



have not started with bloodshed and ve hope veerious study of foreign policy is the way to escape difficult dilemmas from which France is suffering in the Hiddle East.

Tbe. issue of the hostages end their release is not the end. For us it is to move from the phase of struggle and peaceful negotiationselentless war, in which there would be no rocrscs. The language of blood is what will prevail and weSprffirx^cSsly^ waiting to end the hostages issue. He will

efa^Se^cVppres^rs and tyrants, lessons with hot blood which no would sbopj^rcra this point, we draw the attention to the thatissueafety valve In the hands of French and others, even in our hands, ithance for ogue and discussions, after which there will be no other s. This^occortunity has to be seized to end this issue


tiling to release the regaining hostages quickly 'either to peace or to war.

Sr^TOejEfj&nch have started serious stepsolution and we urge them for furthero not fear America or Israel or others. (We urge) the French not to be ashamed of revoking mistakes for thisirtue we honor and which we shall mark for the present government.

Finally, on the occasion of the Bdly Christmas and to honor the occasion, and, according to the above, we announce that we will be releasing one of the French hostages soon,ew initiative. We hope that the French will do what would encourage the release of oie remaining. Otherwise the coming days will define what will happen.

Victory to the Oppressed Glory^arxL Eternity to Martyrs

The Organization of Pevolutionaxy^Justice.




Annex A

Text of Second Revolution Justice Organization Message

acco hostagesjtvir againr^KgSeet 'the We also-rasi Mr. (Jacques)

cxxrrnuniqve of this'morning, one of the French during the nextours. Thus, we ask France, ions she knows veil by answering our demands. Chirac to dispatch an envoy to Beirut. We also urge-President Hafez el-Assad and the Islamic Republic to send envoys as well.

The Organization of Revolutionary Justice.

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