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CriaractartolicaCaasabHItles of the IMlwuiiw

ThentfkMp era/a* mltalle ecqulnad -by /ran, affhough based on fMOa faohnofogy,stf/sfr/e, ettectlte entlthlp weapon. ff property launched at on unprofactad aMp of meCium-to large ilte, therooebff net aa rnuefipercertf chance of hitting the target. Bftfpe protected fry ecfhre or electronic detente tjttemt may ba afrfa fom of a butcouttlng aga/nat Iwo or fflon mietllee approaching at one*.

i la houiIoq completion of Itaull battery of four launchera and associated equipment, fl has an elevated radarraded missl'o-reedy stapport area, and tour launch pcettWa.the capability to launch as many as four mtsaflessaJvo.f

Two otherelated aHee have alreedy been completed, but one probably was used for test purposes only and theneer .to have been abandoned. Theowever.ob Be system; the missile can be launched from virtually any flat. roadjSefvec^oaslal location as long as targeting requirements are

System Capabilities

Theopy of the Soviettyx missile; It has been lengthened to add fuel for Increased range. China produces three versions of the missile, theY-2a, and HY-2g. Thean cruiseeet, enabling It to avoid early detection by the terget ship. Theinfrared-igher attttude but ba leas susceptible ioe*ecWor>icecHjntermeasures lhan the radar-guided models <

In comparison with other antiship missiles currently used In the Quit war. thearhead three times larger than Exocet'a and seven times larger than See Killer's, rruskingthecapable of severely damaplng oranker. Theelivers thla warhead to Its maximum range ofiles [OS kilometers) In Ave minutes and toore llkery ts In the strait. In about threealt ml null



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