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Terrorism Review^9

Maintains Ties to International Terrorist Activity

Libya continues to maintain the infrastructure and state institutions to support terrorism, despite its efforts to appear to be distancing itself from international tearoristo to gain reprieve from the UN sanctions imposedhe External Security Organization, which is Libya's primary intelligence body and is linked to dissident abductions and aswsinatjons, continued its active monitoring of Libyan dissidents worldwide. Libya still maintains ties to Palestinian rejectionists and other radical groups. In addition, Libya continues to refuse to cooperate with ravestigauons into past terrorist acc-some dating back moreecade. On the positive side, we have seen no ii>dicttion in the past several years that Libya has been involved directly in terrorism against the West!

Libya Maintains Ties to International Terrorist Activity

Libya continues to maintain the Infrastructure and state Institutions to support terrorism, despite Its efforts to appear to be distancing itself fromterrorism to gain reprieve from the UN sanctions imposedhe External Security Organisation, which is Libya's primary tatelu-gence body and Is linked to dissident abductions and assassinations, continued its active monitoring of Libyan dissidents worldwide. Ubya sdllties to Palestinian rejecttorttsts and othergroups. In addition, Libya continues to refuse to cooperate with investigations into past terroristdating back moreecade. Ou tbe positive side, we have seen no indication In the past several years tbat Libya has beennvolved In terrorism against the Wcstj

Terrorism Infrastructure Remains Active!

moves by the Libyan Oovernment to reduce its terrorism profile, significant elements of Libya's terrorism infrastructure remain in place. Most notable are the state institutions that have provided cover for terrorist activity in the past. Inibyan leader Muammar al-Oadhafi publicly promised to close die World Antj-Jrnperialism Center (Mathaba) and the World Islamic Call Societyused as cover organizations for past terroristtheir offices remain open and arcactive.

The Mathaba. an organization created to provide covert support to various rebels and' uberanon" movements, continues to disseminate pro-Libyan and anti-Western propaganda and forge ties toopposition groups and syrrjoarhetic foreign

The WICS functions primarilyonduit for financial and other support to Islamic groups and institutions abroad, and various reports suggest thai

Ja tfUnans ofiXM. mjstQtatbus, mstfXattfil

Islamic Cat Society |

Ubya is using tne organization to increase Ubyan influence in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Tbe External Security Organization (ESO) isoverseas intelligence organizationto monitor actively Ubyan phottly after the two

Ubyan suspects in the bombing of Pan Am


indicted inadhafi piomiscdeform the ESO, which hai been responsible for the surveillance, abduction, and assassination of Libyan dissidents abroad. We believe that given theas well as the potential internationalassociated with anti-dissident operations, Qadhafi probably is Wormedcontinues toactivities.

groups, to include the Islamic Resistance Movementhe Palestine Isuunic Jihadnd tbe Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command (PFLP-OC).

Although some information indicates Libya isto shut down tne ANO's offices and

Libyan Government continues to providesafe-haven, and financial and logisticaladhafi remainsto the Middle East peace processpublicly has condemned the Wye accord,terrorism would continue until Israel leaves

Qadhafi has continued to give financial support to groups that oppose the MEPPJ

]He also hits

endoiscd publicly the terrorist activities of various

1 Libyahe -rainJin Abu Nidi] objuh union (ANO)im7 unolreoMtyl

Libya also supports extremist groups outside the Middle east.

The Abu Sayyaf Grouphifippine Muslim terrorist organization and separatist group, receives funds, arms, and other assistance from Libyaf


also is funding (he Philippines-based Mora Islamic Ubciaticn Organization (MILO)-

}fJtbougb flat group has no direct links

to terrorist activity, its membership has expressed admiration for Palestinian groups such as HAMAS and the terrorist activities it engages in.

Ttt MotoUlnmic Ute-ailw OrpEHarwn is orear.mMn d'tiintf Ctvnstimic Eib-Mioa Ami. I I

Avoiding Accountability for Terrorist Acts

Tripoli docs not coopcraio fully with authoritiesbombings thai implicate Libya, lea years after tbe bombing of Pan Am, for example, Qadhafi continues to provide refuge to the two Libyan suspects and has not af tinned he will allow their, to be tried ia the Netherlands as the United Stales and tbe United Kingdom have proposed

Libya has cooperated somewhat with the French investigation into me bombing9 of UTA. but Qadhafi has not turned over die six Libyan suspects lo Preach authorities. One suspect is Abdallahigh-ranking Libyanofficial and Qadhafl'a brother-in-law. French

authorities have agreed to try Use Libyans in. aad recently informed the United Stales that Use trial wQl begin in

Qadhafi has not followed through on his promise to support the German icwjUgeOon off La Belle discotheque in Berlin, which tailed two US servicemen and wounded more. He cooanuea to shelter several former Libyan officials who allegedly participated In that attack.

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